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The fourth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on March 26, 2014. It deals with Accelerator and Esther confronting the killers of Hitokawa Hasami.


Resting after Accelerator's little episode, Esther is amazed on how Accelerator suddenly touched Hasami's memories. Suddenly there is a flash, and the charm that was rested on Hasami's bosom floats up. Esther says that it has worked and that once the Huotou is attached, she can close the circuit. As Esther tries to do so, Accelerator contemplates what just happened, and compares seeing Hasami's memories as a mind-reading type esper ability that only works on corpses. He then remembers the face of Hasami's killer.

Then the door opens to which two Anti-Skill appear, the same ones that Accelerator noticed before in the halls. The two orders Accelerator and Esther to get out, saying that it isn't a date spot. Knowing who they are, Accelerator tries to confront them, but Esther stays his wrath. There, the two begin to check for anything left behind.

After shutting the door of the morgue, Accelerator remarks that the situation is strange. Then Esther speaks up that things aren't good. She says that since her Huotou has already attached to Hasami, she might begin to move in front of the men. Accelerator then hushes, saying that the two guards have let their guard down.

Meanwhile, the two guards have laid down Hasami's naked body to the floor and begin to pour a protein solvent on her body. Suddenly Accelerator kicks the door down with his ability. Noticing Hasami's body, Accelerator mocks them for playing around with a corpse. One of them says that they'd rather have them not see what they're doing. He then says that the #1 can only protect himself, and that if they destroy the corpse and the girl (Esther), they can cut all ties to them. He then says that they have plenty of chemicals to destroy corpses. The other agrees and activates his backpack. Out comes out a bladed weapon equipped on his right arm. He calls it a Random Number Ultrasonic Blade and it cuts through the metal bed and the floor tiles. As he approaches, the other one notices something, as do Accelerator and Esther. It is Hasami's body rising unnaturally from the floor. In a robotic-like speech, Hasami declares herself to be a Huotou of Esther. Seeing that her master (Esther) to under threat, she begins to move, quickly closing the gap between her and the man with the blade. With a kick, she destroys much of the floor tiles of the room and the man's weapon, breaking his right arm. As the man cries out in pain, Hasami turns her sights towards. In fear, the man steps back and tries to get his gun, calling her a monster.

Seeing that the man is gonna try to fire on Hasami, Esther tries to go to her. Hasami tries to defend the charm that keeps her moving, allowing for her to be damaged by the bullets. But then Accelerator swiftly goes in front of her, deflecting the bullets with his power. With that, Accelerator says that they should not be so quick to call someone a monster, and that he'll show them what a true monster looks like.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Hitokawa Hasami's body is revived and is made use of by Esther.


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No new characters were introduced this chapter.


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No new abilities were introduced this chapter.


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No new locations were introduced during this chapter.



  • The corpse being used by Esther is similar to that of Othinus' Einherjar, though apparently more rigid in its thought and speech patterns, like a robot.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

No references to culture were introduced during this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Is the spirit inside Hasami preeminent?


  • DA personnel: "It's time for justice!"
  • Accelerator: "Oh, c'mon. Don't be so quick to call someone a monster. I'll show you... what a true monster looks like!!―to the DA operatives.


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