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The sixth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on May 27, 2014. It details the mysterious Academy City Board of Directors member Nakimoto Rizou and his relation to DA.


The Sister clone appears and advises mother and daughter to run away. The DA member, annoyed, tries to seize her as he sees that she will do as a hostage as well. The Sister dodges and manages to use her powers on him, but discovers that his clothes insulate him. Seizing this chance he uses one of the tentacles of his Random Number Ultrasonic Blade to grab her. The Sister notices that it is mechanical and tries to hack it. In the meanwhile, the DA man notices that she is from Tokiwadai through her uniform, and seeing that she may be a high level esper, punches her and knocks her out.

Suddenly, other members of DA arrive in a van, and tells the man to get in, to which he obliges, carrying the Sister with him. Esther and Hasami finally arrive, but they are too late as the van speeds away. Hasami asks if she can pursue, to which Esther asks if she can do safely. Hasami points out that she can catch up if she sacrifices 70% of her muscle fibers. Hearing this, Esther says that they should pursue them without sacrificing anything, as she doesn't want to create an even more unfortunate existence.

Back in the hospital, Aiho remarks on how the van was registered to Anti-Skill but sees that it was supposedly out on another mission. Seeing this, she can only conclude it is DA's doing once again. At the same time as this, Accelerator is wheeled into the operating room, much to Heaven Canceller's chagrin. As he complains about his patients not staying put, he begins his operation on Accelerator, remarking on how it is his job to save those patients as well.

Meanwhile, in the subway station, two girls who wear flowers on their hair discuss on how there is another urban legend in Academy City. The urban legend is that there are so many subways running underneath Academy City that the city can't keep track of them all. Moreover, one of the subway trains is said to continue on forever without stopping at any stations.

In the shadowy tunnels underneath Academy City runs a subway train with queer markings on its side. There are men in suits working there. One of them complains on how their boss needs to stop the train running at all times. He mentions that the purpose of that is to prevent anyone from knowing his exact location, though he questions who exactly he is afraid of. His colleague hushes him, saying that if their boss hears him, he will turn him into one of his disgusting meals. Realizing this, the man quiets up in fear. Inside, the train there is a grand room lavished in fine decorations, and at the center, sits a man before his table. The man is eating a fine meal, which is then however interrupted by his blonde assistant with a call from a satellite phone. This stern looking man is Nakimoto Rizou, one of the Academy City Board of Directors.

Rizou communicates with the person over the phone. Apparently, the person over the other line believes that DA has now gone too far with what had happened in the hospital earlier. He comments on how DA must've been bad food to make them overboard. Regardless, Rizou accepts the person over the phone's opinion, seeing as they too are a member of the Board of Directors. Rizou contemplates on how he took control of DA thinking an organization with technology and mobility would be useful. However, seeing that they have now become difficult to control, it may be time to get rid of them. The man then glances on a device on his table, and thinks that it could be a good chance to test the "Scavengers". Rizou gestures to his assistant that the medical chef's work was satisfactory and tells her to bring the next dish in. The assistant says that they've brought whale shark fin that can be used for the dish, which greatly pleases Rizou. And thus the train keeps on chugging on.

Scavengers awaken

The Scavengers awaken

As a researcher girl who looks down from an elevated control room, into a lab where four capsules are placed. She then receives a call, to which she then pushes four buttons. At that moment, the four capsule's doors open, with smoke billowing from it. There inside are four girls wearing stitched-like bodysuits. The researcher announces to via an intercom to them that they have a job to do. The girls narrow their eyes on the researcher, who gives a small grin.

Major EventsEdit

  • Misaka 10046 is abducted by DA.
  • Board member Nakimoto Rizou orders the destruction of DA.


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New AbilitiesEdit

No new abilities were introduced in this chapter.


New LocationsEdit

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.



No references to previous material were shown in this chapter.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Rizou references Yi Yin as a legendary medical chef.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What happened to Misaka 10046?
  • Does Rizou really eat humans?
  • Who are those four girls in the laboratory? Were they the so called "scavengers"?


  • Esther: "Let's pursue without sacrificing anything. I don't want to create an even more unfortunate existence."―to Hasami.
  • Heaven Canceller: "Honestly, who do our patients never stay put? You should expect your injuries to get worse if you move around before they're healed. But even so... it's my job to save those patients."―to Accelerator.
  • Rizou: "The food made for everyone at a buffet is never any good. The idea that interaction with others is the greatest spice is nothing but a lie. Food should always be specialized for the specific person who will eat it. The food one eats become's one's flesh, blood, and soul, so controlling one's food can turn one into a beast or god."


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