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The seventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on June 27, 2014. It details the beginning of Nakimoto Rizou's extermination of DA through his Scavengers.


Accelerator wakes up to a ceiling, and finds out that he is in a hospital bed. Shocked, he immediately tries to get up. Looking around, the hospital and sounds fine as the hospital address system asks for some doctor. Accelerator thinks the thugs ran off when he collapsed. Looking around the room, he finds Esther's clothes hung upon a rack and wonders if she went off to purse the thugs, and wonders if she remembers that she is the one being pursued. Then he hears a noise to his side and finds out that Last Order has been waiting on him. Last Order wakes up and is visibly angry that she fell asleep at the most important moment (Accelerator waking up) as she stayed up for him because she was worried. Last Order touches his hand and asks him if he is okay, to which Accelerator confirms. Last Order then asks if he wants something to eat. Accelerator tells her that he doesn't need anything but notices that a clone is waiting outside. Seeing this, Accelerator tells Last Order to get him a can of black coffee that can be found in a vending machine in the first floor. Last Order agrees and as she leaves notices that she has no money, prompting Accelerator to give him his credit or debit card.

After Last Order leaves, the clone enters the room. Accelerator asks what she wants, and wonders if she is there to laugh at this pathetic state. The clone says that Accelerator is too painful to look at to even call pathetic, though references that she is talking to someone who was injured to save a Misaka. Accelerator says that he didn't do it to save her, but because he wanted to, though the clone smiles with a knowing look. The clone says that she is temporarily refusing to share her memories so that Last Order will not notice, though it is only a matter of time. With that, the clone takes out a piece of paper from her pocket and gives it to Accelerator, saying that it is a letter from the blonde foreigner (Esther). The note says that a normal person has been abducted and that she will retrieve them. Accelerator is more preoccupied with the childish writing, to which the clone reveals that it is hers as Esther doesn't know how to write Japanese and had the clone write for her. Hearing Accelerator calling her writing childish gives her confidence as cute writing makes for an effective love letter based off her knowledge in shoujo manga. Accelerator can only look on in silence. Reading the note, the clone reveals that the normal person that was abducted was Misaka 10046, and says that she hasn't revealed the information yet to Last Order. This shocks Accelerator and the clone's expresses sadness. As the room is filled with an awkward silence, Accelerator's phone rings.

Accelerator answers his phone and on the other side is Kikyou. She casually teases him for causing trouble for the Frog-faced doctor, to which Accelerator tells her to shut-up and tell him what she wants as he is busy. Kikyou says that he should be treating her better as she is calling because of something that he asked her to do, to which Accelerator tells her to hurry up as Last Order may become suspicious soon, though hearing that Last Order is involved gives Kikyou a regretful look in her eyes. She divulges the origins of DA, and says that the organization has many sympathizers, from Anti-Skill members themselves to people from the higher-ups, funding them and giving them technology. Lastly, Kikyou says that dangerous neuroscientists are also involved. Kikyou however says that these sympathizers start opposing them when they are fed up with their actions, and references that one (Nakimoto Rizou) has begun eliminating them not too long ago. Kikyou says that everything around DA is dangerous right now and says that the higher-up may change his mind in keeping Anti-Skill from getting involved. She warns that if Accelerator wants to get involved then he needs to be careful. Accelerator however states that it doesn't matter, saying that he doesn't care who it is as long as he doesn't like them then he will crush them.

In the streets, Esther is with Hasami, apologizing for what she is having her do. Hasami, having allotted 60% to her brain's processing power allowing her to increase her sense of smell, is saying to her not to worry as she sniffs for the scent of the abductors. Having completed it, Hasami tells Esther to follow her.

In an unknown location, Hishigata enjoys his sucker, as his colleagues and/or superiors are dismayed by Rizou's backing away his support for them and are now trying to hunt them down. The voice conference makes no secret that they are willing to challenge the Board of Directors themselves if they are to get in the way of their ideals. One of them says that they have enough equipment to oppose the Board of Directors, and says that the time has come to use it against all evil, and then says that they show them the power of their justice and bring true justice to Academy City. Hishigata can only comment on how the people in the voice conference seem to have a lot of time in their hands. Then a tone comes from his computer. He goes to check it and is surprised to what he sees, a clone bound and gagged. Hishigata asks a man with a ring that is part of the conference if he can have the hostage that one of their thugs captured during a botched up mission. The man with the ring allows it, but asks for what purpose. Hishigata replies that he is doing it for justice as he dramatically crushes his sucker.

Back in the Anti-Skill station where Aiho works, she finds that information on DA can now be accessed despite being hard to find not too long ago. Aiho comments on how DA technology surpasses their own, and reflects on how she still doesn't know what's behind the machine with a corpse (Hasami) inside that uses a Level 4 power. Then she is shocked as she looks into the information — familiar former Anti-Skill members that have been accused of committing actions that are against the rules. Aiho notes that DA is like the entire Anti-Skill's darkness gathered into one place. Suddenly, one of the Anti-Skill present there shouts that there has been an explosion in one of sector 3's warehouse district, and as Aiho looks, those are one of the places that DA apparently uses.

In the ruins of that place, girls unperturbed by the destruction stand about. One of them with wearing cufflinks and carrying an umbrella concludes that they have finished earning their money, though the girl wearing the flu mask asks if she truly counted the bodies. The girl replies and asks if the job is normally over if the place has been destroyed thoroughly. The girl in the sailor school uniform says that the place they destroyed is not the only target location. She comments that there is enough for everyone and asks if they saw the person carrying a bag big enough to carry a girl inside. As the girl with the flu mask and the girl with the cufflinks banter about, the girl with the hat and gloves says, as they know, that there were ordered to eliminate the organization known as DA, and says that if they let them escape not only will not get any money but they will be charged for breach of contract. The girl with the cufflinks then asks what they should do, to which the girl with the flu mask says that they shouldn't worry as no mere human can escape her Predator. With a knowing look the girls watch as their comrade begins using her mysterious ability. She clutches the air and as if the sky is covered with countless eyes, she finds what they were looking for as the eyes move. Thus begins the scavenging of the Scavengers.

Major EventsEdit

  • Extermination of DA by the Scavengers begins and data regarding them that was secret before are finally released.


In order of appearance:

New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced during this chapter.


New AbilitiesEdit


New LocationsEdit

  • Sector 3's Warehouse District


  • This chapter marks the first time in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe that Accelerator and a clone aside from Last Order and Misaka Worst interact with each other after the Level 6 Shift Project.
  • The clone Accelerator talked with was most likely Misaka 19090 due to the fact that Nunotaba Shinobu sucessfully uploaded more emotions in her than the other Sisters, and the clone interacting with him was showing more emotions than the rest, even giving him a smile.


  • Accelerator asks Last Order to fetch him some black coffee from a vending machine, a likely reference to Accelerator getting tons of black coffee in cans in episode 19 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation.
  • The Sister clone and Accelerator talking about saving her is likely a reference to the events of volume 5 of Toaru Majutsu no Index, where he prevents the clones from being infected with a virus, which later leads to him being crippled.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • When Hishigata speaks to his colleagues and higher-ups in DA, the computer screen only uses a "SOUND ONLY" indicator. This is likely a reference to SEELE of Neon Genesis Evangelion, where the members' later appearances have them not appear physically and instead use the "SOUND ONLY" indicators.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who is the man with the ring that gave Hishigata the authority to have Misaka 10046 brought to him?
  • What does Hishigata intend to do with Misaka 10046?


  • Accelerator: "I don't care who it is. If I don't like them, I'll crush them. That's all there is to it."―to Kikyou regarding her advice in being careful when getting involved in the darkness.
  • DA members: "Purge the cowardly defeatist!"―to their colleague that was wary of challenging the Board of Directors.
  • Aiho: "It's as if all of Anti-Skill's darkness has been gathered in one place."―regarding DA.
  • "Leader": "Not to worry, not to worry. Do you think a mere human can escape my Predator?"―to her comrades.


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