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The ninth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on August 27, 2014. It continues Anti-Skill and Yomikawa Aiho's efforts against DA and their mecha Tarantula.


Continuing with the battle, despair overtakes Anti-Skill as they face the Tarantula. However, one of them tells them not to give up as there are those behind them that cannot even use shields to protect themselves. Seeing this, Yomikawa Aiho and the others once again continue firing against the machine. They then find out however that DA have climbed on top of the Tarantula and began firing on them. With the advantage of the high-ground, the Anti-Skill are pinned down by heavy fire from DA. With the situation dire, Aiho volunteers to go up the Tarantula and take the DA members above, and asks for someone to give her covering fire.

At the start of their maneuver, the Anti-Skill fire their rifles on DA, freeing Aiho to run towards a comrade of hers. Seeing her run to him, the man immediately picks up what she intends to do, and gives her a boost as she jumps on top of him and onto the Tarantula. The DA are surprised by this as Aiho says that she can go all out on them as they are not kids. DA starts firing at her but her shield gives her adequate protection. Aiho continues to push forward and manages to get in range of a DA gunman, smashing her shield on him and throwing him off the Tarantula and to the ground. Despite this, the other DA gunman carrying Misaka 10046's body bag attacks her with her rifle, but Aiho simply shields herself. In the end however the DA gunman runs out of ammo and throws the body bag in frustration. The force of it however is enough to open the bag and reveal to Aiho that there is a human inside of it, angering Aiho.

Down on the ground the Tarantula begins attacking again, forcing the Anti-Skill to take cover behind the trucks. With DA's superior firepower one of them asks if they have gotten hold of the reinforcements yet, to which the Anti-Skill with the phone is trying to do so. He connects to someone on the other line, reporting that they are up against a large machine and in need of reinforcements with rocket launchers. However, the answer he gets is not what he anticipated. On the other line there is a girl wondering about who the people who they killed were and it is showed that they are Scavenger and that they have killed the reinforcements, further dooming Anti-Skill's engagement against DA. What is worse is that Scavenger has killed the reinforcements because they don't want anyone to see their operations, and now they are after DA and will kill the Anti-Skill present because they were simply there.

Meanwhile, Accelerator is charging his calculation assistance device, and recalls that Misaka 10046 has been kidnapped. After the charging finishes, he takes it out and puts it back on his collar. He begins walking away from his room with the intent to kill.

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Major Events[]

  • Continuing with Anti-Skill's first engagement with DA, the bloody battle makes a turn for the worst when their reinforcements are attacked by Scavenger.


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New Characters[]


New Abilities[]

No new abilities were introduced this chapter.


New Locations[]

No new locations were introduced this chapter.



No referbacks were introduced this chapter.

Cultural References[]

No notable references to culture were shown this chapter.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Where is Accelerator going?


  • "Adults need no reason or ability to protect children."―chapter image margin quote.
  • Aiho: "You aren't kids, so I can go all out!"―to DA gunmen.
  • Accelerator: "My brain may be a piece of junk that can't even use words without right without the Misaka Network... But you don't need words to kill."―to himself.



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