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The tenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on October 27, 2014. It features Scavenger's arrival at the battlefield and its assault on both Anti-Skill and DA.


As the battle between Anti-Skill and DA continues, the Tarantula operator whine and rants about the Anti-Skill's determination. Enraged at their continual vehemence, the DA uses the Tarantula's String Juicer. The machine deploys several disks toward the Anti-Skill, which easily hews down their shields, not to mention their bodies. As he savors his victory, there is an alert from his monitors, telling him one of the String Juicers as been taken out. This news surprises him as it is supposed to cut through even reinforced ceramic.

Suddenly, several paper airplanes above them, and as soon as they land, they explode, killing both DA and Anti-Skill indiscriminately. One of the paper airplanes pass by Aiho, still on top of the Tarantula, which soon explodes. though she is able to protect herself with her shield. When her sight clears, she sees, much to her horror, the carnage that has been wrought. Meanwhile, one of the DA spots girls nearby. He contacts the Tarantula operator, telling of it, to which he himself checks it out using the Tarantula's monitors. One of the girls holds out her tongue on the camera, where a tattoo can be seen. Much to his horror, he discovers that they are Nakimoto Rizou's "cleaners". The masked DA tells the Tarantula operator that they need to retreat as their weapon can only run for so long, and that they should continue with the plan and retreat to Seiin High School's Sixth Chemistry Building. The operator, though agreeing with the assessment, attacks anyway, enraged at the "Darkness" that has appeared before them. One of the Scavenger girls that is simply observing the slaughter says that Seike is making a mess out of things, and that it is going to be problematic for the "DA guy". Indeed, despite ordering his Tarantula move forward, and doesn't move onwards at all. It is stopped by the girl named Seike. The operator shouts over for them to hear that even if the girl has Psychokinesis, she shouldn't be able to stop the 120 ton machine. Seike hears and says that her power isn't Psychokinesis but the ability to control the coefficient of friction within a meter of herself. She states that the machine can't break a wall of air with the coefficient of friction set at max, and that any material that hit it will melt as the energy is converted to heat. The masked DA then tells him that since the girl is blocking the forward path then he should use another route. The operator then backs up and then has the Tarantula run on the incline of the highway. The masked DA remarks on how that it is a crazy way of escaping the "Darkness". Little did he know however that a large slab of debris is hurtling towards him. It hits and kills the man. Meanwhile, Aiho tries to lift herself back on top of the mecha, worried about the person in the bag. The outside forces, however, is sufficient enough to open up the bag, and much to Aiho's horror finds that the a child, a young girl, is inside it, recognizing Misaka Mikoto's figure in her.

Adapted To[]

Major Events[]

  • The engagement between the DA and Anti-Skill forces is interrupted by the arrival of Scavenger, which attacks both of them.


By order of appearance:

New Characters[]

No new characters were introduced this chapter.


New Abilities[]

  • Psychokinesis to control paper - Naru, Level 3
  • Unnamed ability to control the friction coefficient - Seike, unknown level


  • Academy City
    • Seiin High School (referenced-only)
      • Sixth Chemistry Building (referenced-only)

New Locations[]

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.



No references to previous material were shown in this chapter.

Cultural References[]

No references to culture are shown in this chapter.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Which one of the Scavenger girls had the ability to make paper airplanes explode?


  • "They devour even corpses."―chapter image margin quote.



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