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The eleventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on November 27, 2014.


Aiho recognize the person in the bag, and in her despair wonders why she is there of all places. Meanwhile, the girl with the flu mask uses her Predator to spot Misaka 10046 from afar. Confirming her to be the one that was in the ruined DA base, she gives Seike a gun and to start chasing the mobile weapon that's trying to escape. Seike complains that it is too far away, though her colleagues will have none of it. The girl in the maid outfit says that it would not be a problem using her friction coefficient manipulating powers as it would allow her to as she can transform all her thrust into speed. Seike continues to say that using the gun really hurts, though the others are still adamant in her doing so. Annoyed, Seike gives in and fires the gun. In an explosion, Seike propels herself towards the fleeing vehicle. She catches up to it and using her powers on the ground to turn its friction coefficient to zero in order to make the vehicle spin.

Meanwhile, Aiho holds on for dear life as she clings on the spinning vehicle. She notices the body bag where Misaka 10046 and quickly goes for it. She grabs her hand but they are near the very edge of the vehicle. As she tries to slowly pull her up, debris rolls toward and upon the bag. It was a close call for Aiho and Misaka 10046. Aiho tries to drag Misaka 10046 back up again but a corpse of a DA gunmen slides down and falls, taking the body bag and Misaka 10046 with it. Aiho tries to desperately grab her but it is too late and she falls.

All of a sudden, Esther Rosenthal charge towards the falling Misaka 10046. With a piece of paper with a magic circle on it, Esther makes a chant and throws the paper forward. As magic circles appear before her, she jumps on it, propelling her high enough to catch Misaka 10046 midair. However, she has no plan to land as she sees that they are about to collide with a parked truck. At that moment, Hitokawa Hasami intercepts their fall. She asks Esther if she is all right, much to Esther's relief. She checks up on Misaka 10046, and finds out that she is still breathing. However, her attention turns to the four girls of Scavenger. They relate that the girl on the bag was the one that was being mentioned on the radio. Esther and Hasami can only stare as the girls say that they are about to get back to work.

Adapted To[]

Major Events[]

  • Esther Rosenthal meets Scavenger.


By order of appearance:


  • Predator - Leader, unknown level
  • Unnamed ability to control the friction coefficient - Seike, unknown level
  • Necromancy - Esther Rosenthal

New Abilities[]

  • Unnamed magic spell that allows to jump high - Esther Rosenthal


New Locations[]

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.



No references to previous material were shown in this chapter.

Cultural References[]

No references to culture are shown in this chapter.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What happened to Aiho?


  • "Okay, how about we get back to work?"― "*Leader" to her comrades.



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