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The thirteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on January 27, 2015.


Aiho orders Hasami and Esther to get behind her as Naru and her paper armor show its power before them. The others call out to her to complain as she is not holding back, she apologizes. Naru shows her excitement again in killing teachers and wonder how she will do it to Aiho. Naru takes Ya and plays around with her to demonstrate the ways she can kill Aiho, much to her chagrin. Aiho however asks why they hate educators so much. The girls are all in agreement to this question: teachers are the source of evil in the city. Ya explains as the city is a giant school then it is the teachers' fault they are unable to control it. Naru then says that they will eventually reach the principal of the "school" we crush teachers one at a time, believing that the city will truly become better if they are gone. Aiho becomes angry and tells them that they are doing their best to protect the city, though they fall in deaf ears.

Meanwhile, the DA operative that drove the Tarantula escapes the downed machine. He fires his gun at them but Naru's power over paper creates a shield, leaving everyone unharmed by the attack. Naru uses the attack by the DA operative as an example of teachers being evil and scolds Seike for not having made sure to finish him. Seike then suggests that they could use the chance to enjoy killing a teacher twice. Naru however turns her down as she would rather deal with Aiho and has Ya deal with the DA operative. Though annoyed, Ya does what she is told and pours liquid upon the man. It is a coolant. Aiho's warnings are too late and the liquid begins freezing and eventually covering his entire body. To the last of his breath his thoughts was on bringing "justice". Aiho tries to run over to him but Naru anticipates her and destroys the frozen body of the man into pieces.

Naru tells Ya that she should finish them off, though she tries to defend her position by saying that when someone's heart and brain are frozen then they are already dead. However, the girl with the flu mask lectures on her, telling her to do it right. Ya is compelled to agree, though Seike tells her not to worry about it. Ya however gets mad as Naru tells her to watch and learn on how to properly crush "vermin". In an instant Naru closes the distance with her armor and strikes at Aiho, sending her into the air, her shield of no use. Naru tries to press on her attack but Hasami attacks and kicks Naru back. Seeing her, Naru calls Hasami a teacher's pet. Here, Esther tells Hasami not to let them kill Aiho.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Esther, Hasami, and Aiho continue to engage Scavenger.


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New charactersEdit

No new characters were introduced this chapter.


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No new abilities were introduced in this chapter.


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No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


  • It is unknown if Ya has any other ability, but she uses coolant of her modified from the one being used by Academy City to kill enemies.


No references to past media are shown in this chapter.

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No references to culture are shown in this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why do the Scavengers think it is the teachers' fault for not being able to control the city?


  • Ya: "I'll cool that teacher down."―chapter image.
  • Scavenger girl with the flu mask: "Like roaches, you can't know a teacher's dead until you crush it, so do it right. Got it?"―said to Ya.
  • Naru: "Oh? The teacher's pet is up first? But a teacher's pet is supposed to wait her turn."―said to Hasami.


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