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The fourteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on March 27, 2015.


Seeing Naru as dangerous, Hasami the Huotou prepares to use more strength to defeat her. The ground beneath her feet is crushed by the power she has released and attacks Naru's paper bunny suit and taking out the top of its head. However, Naru is able to make a counter attack that Naru could not dodge. Trying to steel herself from the hit makes her too distracted to see that it was a trap by Naru. She uses paper to create several darts. Although she survives she becomes riddled with holes. Esther is worried that Hasami might be defeated and even if she increases her power her body may be lost. She then notices that the ground from where Naru smashed the ground before with her paper bunny suit has turned into sand and believes she can make use of it.

Meanwhile, Naru taunts Hasami. The others note on how Naru uses Pyschokinesis to control paper and that with her natural combat instincts make her very dangerous, claiming that though she is Level 3 her skill is that of a Level 4. The girl with the flu mask then tells her to finish the job already. Naru attacks the injured Hasami. But after stomping her, Naru becomes numb and falls over. It is revealed that Hasami has used her magic to turn the sand into Hasami's armor: the Armor of the Dead. Esther also reveals that the armor not only increases defense but attack as well.

The girl in the flu mask assumes that Esther's powers is Pyschokinesis but through the use of the dirt and demands Naru to take the battle seriously. She suggests for Naru to use a hammer but it is of no use. As Esther tells them to give up, the girl in the flu mask sees debris scatter before her. She grabs it but it only falls apart between her fingers. Seeing this, the girl in the flu mask tells Esther not to get carried away as she now knows how to beat her. The girl in the flu mask tells Naru to carve into Hasami as if she was dirt and she would be able to reach flesh. Hearing this, Naru uses her paper to create an excavator.

Adapted To

Major Events

  • Naru's power and level are revealed.


New characters

No new characters were introduced this chapter.


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced in this chapter.


New Locations

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


  • This is the first chapter of the manga without a double pagespread.


  • The crater comes from the attack done by Naru with her bunny suit made of paper on the ground in the previous chapter.

Cultural References

  • Esther references gnomes when using the Armor of the Dead on Hasami.

Unanswered Questions

  • How did the girl in the flu mask find out that Esther could only use twenty kilograms of dirt at once just by looking at the dirt debris that was scattered during the battle?


  • "Naru, carve into her. It's just dirt and mankind has dug holes into even the hardest dirt."―Scavenger girl with flu mask to Naru, regarding Hasami and Esther.



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