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The sixteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on May 27, 2015.


Seeing Accelerator's expression, the girl with the flu mask asks Accelerator to join Scavenger, much to her teammates' chagrin. Accelerator just ignores them and looks towards Esther, Hasami, and Aiho. Esther thanks Accelerator for coming and saving them. Seeing their condition, Accelerator gets mad, and uses his powers to destroy the ground that the girl in the flu mask stood on as she demands for him to say something. By the time the girl collects herself, she finds Accelerator standing over her and mockingly replies to her question by saying "something".

Using his powers, Accelerator tosses the Tarantula mobile weapon towards her, forcing Nau, Seike, and Ya to come and rescue her. The girl is scared by Accelerator's power, but Naru tells the other girls that they should work together to beat him. Here, the girl in the flu mask believes that no one will be able to overcome Scavenger's combination attack.

The girl in the flu mask uses her Predator to locate Accelerator's location, at which point, Naru catapults Seike towards him and removes Accelerator's friction coefficient. Naru then uses her paper to cover Accelerator in a iron maiden. From there, Ya uses her chemicals to create liquid thermite and tosses it into the iron maiden. There is an explosion but it is muffled by the iron maiden. Esther can only fear for the worst a the sight of Accelerator's apparent demise.

Believing that Accelerator is dead, Naru says that she wants to use the paper as clothes again. As the iron maiden disperses the girl in the flu mask notices something--he is still alive and unharmed, much to the Scavenger's horror. Esther is relieved to see him all right and actually uses his name--Accelerator. Hearing this, the girl in the flu mask's worst fears has been realized as they are up against the strongest esper in Academy City.

Adapted ToEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Through teamwork, Scavenger tries to kill Accelerator but fails in doing so.






There were no references to previous chapters or media during this chapter.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Naru creates a stereotypical iron maiden made out of paper to trap Accelerator.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Despite being from the Dark Side of Academy City why did it take so long for the Scavengers to recognize Accelerator?


  • Girl in the flu mask: "Nice. I like that expression. A mixture of murder and madness in the eyes and twist of the mouth that shows you couldn't care less what happens to the world. That's pretty cool."―regarding Accelerator.
  • Girl in the flu mask: "Did that blonde... just say 'Accelerator'? A pale face, white hair, red eyes. I-It can't be... He's the Number 1!!?"―after realizing Accelerator's true identity.


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