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The seventeenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on July 27, 2015.


Accelerator mocks the Scavengers just before attacking Seike first. Smashing her into a truck and then manipulating her bioelectricity. Accelerator does so and blood spills from Seike's nose as his body twitches uncontrollably, seemingly dead. Seeing this, Naru becomes angry and charges at Accelerator. Yakumaru asks Leader what to do but she is lost for words. Predictably, Naru's attack has no effect on Accelerator, and with a single hand on the ground propels Naru and her bunny suit into the air as spikes of earth spring up and impale it. With her bunny suit destroyed, she likes prone on the ground seemingly traumatized.

Yakumaru seeing her comrades fallen tries to snap their leader out of her stupor, but in an instant, Accelerator is already next to them. She jumps back and tries to get her chemicals but it is too late, and with a flick of his finger, Yakumaru is knocked back and unconscious. With all but one defeated, Accelerator approaches the Leader and taunts her, leading her to pee herself before fainting. And thus the Scavengers have been defeated.

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  • Accelerator: "Come on now. What's that look for? I'm only getting warmed up. I'm gonna lose interest... If you don't look more like you're enjoying this. Got that?"―said to the Scavengers.
  • Accelerator: Rejoice. I found a nice bed for you.―to Seike as he attacks him.



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