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The nineteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on September 27, 2015.


Qiong Qi appears before Accelerator and the others. He prepares the fight determined to settle the score, using a wall of wind to surround them. Meanwhile, as Hishigata monitors the events Hirumi appears to watch as well. Hishigata determines that Accelerator is using the wind as a medium so that Qiong Qi won't get away, though questions how he'll defeat it if Accelerator doesn't have any weapons. Accelerator simply charges and says he will uses his bare hands. But Hishigata is confident that the general purpose Psychokinesis power that Qiong Qi has will able to repel and it does, sending Accelerator into the air and injuring him.

With the wall of wind gone, Hishigata believes the Coffin can now move freely. However, it is revealed that Accelerator had manage to damage the Qiong Qi in turn. Esther tries to check on Accelerator's injuries but he is too busy focusing on the machine who had managed to injure him, comparing to a certain Level 0. Meanwhile, as Esther and Hasami tend to Accelerator, Hishigata becomes excited and wants Accelerator to be in a Coffin. However, Hirumi comes along and reminds him of something, forcing Hishigata to focus on their initial goal. Suddenly, the Coffin moves again with hexagonal honeycomb patterns appearing around it and grabbing Misaka 10046, much to Accelerator's shock.

Adapted ToEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Accelerator does battle with Hishigata and his Coffin Qiong Qi but is injured.
  • Misaka 10046 is captured again.





  • Touma's full name in kanji is used during Accelerator's referencing of him but the kana used has it read as "that bastard" instead.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

No references to culture were introduced in this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How was Qiong Qi's Pyschokinesis able to harm Accelerator and get through his Redirection?
  • What exactly is Hishigata and Hirumi's plans with Misaka 10045?


  • Accelerator: "I'll destroy it with my bare hands!" -To Hishigata regarding the Qiong Qi.


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