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The twentieth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on October 27, 2015.


As Esther and Accelerator watch in horror, Hishigata unleashes Hundun and Taotie alongside Qiong Qi. Hundun tries to leave, taking Misaka 10046 with it, while Qiong Qi and Taotie deal with Accelerator. Esther is horrified, but Hishigata speaks through Qiong Qi and say that he will leave a little payment at her grave, more than enough for a used clone.

Suddenly, the earth cracks around an angered Accelerator, and in his rage black wings surround him, but they quickly dissipate. Accelerator then tells Esther and Hasami to leave, for their likes are not suited for a battlefield that is only for villains. Accelerator then leaps on top of Qiong Qi, then toward Hundun, getting both Qiong Qi and Taotie's attention. Hishigata is surprised but not shaken, for he believes he is the hunter, not Accelerator.

Adapted ToEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Qiong Qi tries to escapes the battlefield with Misaka 10046, while Hundun and Taotie are unleashed to battle with Accelerator.
  • Accelerator momentarily manifests his Black Wings.



  • Accelerator - Accelerator, Level 5
    • Black Wings



  • The chapter marks the first time Accelerator's Black Wings manifests, albeit, briefly. Accelerator will later able to manifest it again and use it by September 30 of the timeline as shown in the 13th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.


There were no referbacks to previously released media this chapter.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

There were no references to culture this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why did the Black Wings appear?


  • Accelerator: "It's a waste of time for good people like you to hang around a villain who will never change his ways, so leave before you get hurt. This battlefield is for villains only." ―to Esther and Hasami.
  • Hishigata: "But don't think you're the hunter here, boy." ―regarding Accelerator.


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