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The twenty-third chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on February 27, 2016.


As expected, Accelerator nearly catches up to Hundun while Hishigata was talking to Esther. Seeing this problem, Hirumi points out to Hishigata to use the high muzzle velocity cannon to buy them some time. Meanwhile, Seiin High School is barricaded by Anti-Skill, preventing students from going in. Suddenly an explosion occurs, then a shadow looms above them and Accelerator is in hot pursuit of Hundun with Qionq Qi close behind.

Qiong Qi sees a building in its path and decides to use its high muzzle velocity cannon on it, not minding the people nearby. Qiong Qi shoots, and Accelerator is forced to rescue the people below the collapsing building by using his powers on the collapsing building itself, destroying it. The bystanders thank him, but Accelerator tells them not to trust people so readily, ordering the Anti-Skill present to evacuate the civilians. Then Qiong Qi appears before Accelerator, and he attacks it.

Meanwhile, back with Hishigata, Hundun arrives with the package: Misaka 10046, with only a few seconds left to compile the data from her. It would seem the Taowu would finally attain her desire, but suddenly the wall behind Hishigata explodes to reveal Accelerator with the Qiong Qi having defeated it. Seeing Misaka 10046 on the Hundun, Accelerator approaches and damages the machine allowing Misaka 10046 to be free from its grasp. Misaka 10046 wakes to find that it was Accelerator that saved her. Their meeting is interrupted by Hishigata who declares that the data transfer has been completed.

Angered by his words, Accelerator finally faces the man who has been annoying him, proclaiming that it is the end for him.

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Major Events

  • Accelerator defeats Qiong Qi and destroys Hundun
  • Misaka 10046 is saved but Hishigata is successful in acquiring data from her.
  • Accelerator meets Hishigata and Hirumi face-to-face.






There were no referbacks to previously released media this chapter.

Cultural References

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Unanswered Questions

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  • Accelerator: "They have no taste at all!"―Accelerator upon seeing Qiong Qi attack bystanders.
  • Accelerator: "Don't trust people so readily."―Accelerator to the bystanders.
  • Misaka 10046: ""It was... you?" asks Misaka while feeling slight surprise at the identity of the person who saved her."―said to Accelerator.
  • Accelerator: "Your voiced pissed me off from the moment I first heard it, but your face is even worse. It doesn't matter if you finished. It's all over for you."―said to Hishigata.