The thirty-seventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on June 27th, 2017.


Still recovering from his injuries, Accelerator asks a passing hospital worker where he is supposed to go for his spect scan. She says she will get back to him after she's done with what she's doing. Seeing it as a bother however, Accelerator skips the scan altogether when she comes back. Last Order receives the news and is angry that he skipped it.

Meanwhile, in an unfinished building, Accelerator is relaxing and drinking his coffee, wondering when he'll be able to get out of the hospital and continue becoming a proper villain. From out of nowhere he sees three drones coming toward the building, and one of them crashing into it and loses the suitcase it is carrying. As the drones try to retrieve the suitcase, Accelerator chooses to ignore it as it is none of his business. However, a drone accidentally hits Accelerator's coffee and spills it on his hand as it tried retrieving the suitcase. Seeing this as enough of a reason, Accelerator attacks and destroys all the drones as well as destroying part of the unfinished building.

As thing settle down, the suitcase however begins opening itself and from out of it comes a girl in a dress with a clock on her chest. Seeing this, Accelerator can only remark on how there is never a dull moment in Academy City.

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  • Accelerator meets a mysterious girl in a suitcase.


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  • The story of this chapter still takes place prior to Accelerator being released from the hospital on September 30 of the timeline.

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  • Why were the drones carryiing the girl in the suitcase? And who is she?


  • Accelerator: "Man, never a dull moment in this city."
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