The 43rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on February 27th 2018.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Through Accelerator's suggestion, Last Order returns to the location where Accelerator first met Himegi Matsuri but tells her prior that she should just give up as it may have already been wiped of any evidence. Last Order is disappointed as she cannot find any way to find Matsuri. Suddenly, a stylish girl enters the gates of the abandoned construction site, seemingly also investigating the seen. She sees Last Order, and tells her that little kids like her shouldn't be here. She approaches Last Order, grabs her, and starts playing around with her, much to Last Order's chagrin. Still being lifted up, Last Order notices that the girl smells of something, like oil. The girl says that she it's because she's a cook, and that Last Order may be smelling some kind of her. Last Order is amazed by this, but then the girl notes that she can also cook things that little kids would enjoy. With that, the girl continues to lift Last Order up while spinning her.

After the girl is satisfied, Last Order tells her that if she follows her she will report her to Anti-Skill. Much to Last Order's indignation, the girl says the authorities can't stop love.

Last Order later meets up with Yomikawa Aiho in an Anti-Skill office, and asks her about Himegi Matsuri. Hearing this, Aiho quickly takes Last Order into a private room away from prying eyes, covering her mouth on the way as so she would not say anything more. Aiho asks Last Order where she got the name Himegi Matsuri. After Last Order recalls Aiho what had happened. Hearing what had happened, Aiho becomes frustrated by Accelerator getting into trouble again. Last Order then where Matsuri is, to which Aiho says she can't tell her because she doesn't know who might be listening in. Last Order says that Accelerator have predicted this may have happened.  Aiho asks Last Order what Accelerator was on about. Last Order then says that he said that Matsuri is a person of interest being pursued by Anti-Skill and that they are trying to keep it secret even within the organization itself. She said that he believed that he might have something to do with the Board of Directors that it may have caused discord within Anti-Skill. Aiho's expression says it all, confirming Last Order's suspicions and Accelerator's preditions. Last Order states that Accelerator worked it out after seeing the drone and the conversation he had with Aiho on the phone.

Aiho is at the end of her rope and finally gives in to Last Order. Aiho tells Last Order that Matsuri is a person of interest because she once helped a suspect escape. Aiho says that during the confusion, Matsuri started doubting Anti-Skill, and that she had to take measures to regarin her trust. Much to Last Order's relief, Aiho confirms that they have Aiho and that she is safe. But Aiho denies Last Order's request to see her. Finally, Aiho gives one more warning: Matsuri is being pursued by an organization from the Dark Side of Academy City called Full Course; she then instructs Last Order to return to Accelerator.

As Last Order walks back to the hospital as so to report what had happened to Accelerator. All of a sudden, the stylish girl from the adjacent street sees Last Order and begins playing with Last Order again, saying it is destiny, much to Last Order's shock.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

  • Last Order finds out Himegi Matsuri is under Anti-Skill protection for a case involving the Board of Directors, and is being pursued by the group Full Course.

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Unanswered Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Which one of the Board of Directors is involved in the case?
  • Who was the person that Matsuri helped escape?
  • Who is the girl that keeps bumping into Last Order?
  • Where is Himegi Matsuri?

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Stylish girl: "Don't be silly! The authorities can't stop love!" -to Last Order before leaving.

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