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The 44th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on March 27th 2018.


In a dock somewhere, there is a ship where Nakimoto Rizou inspects the empty banquet hall for a party that has apparently been cancelled. Rizou asks a man kneeling how he makes up for it, to which he says Full Course is already collecting an "ingredient". The courier who will deliver this "ingredient" is apparently a girl, who will apparently provide a wonderful flavoring for the party. Hearing this, Rizou warns the man that he hopes it goes well for the sake of his survival as he leaves alone in the empty banquet hall.

Back with Last Order, she is in a restaurant with the girl from before who is cooking something up for her. Last Order is calling Accelerator where she finds out that the hospital has a nurse watch over him so he won't go wandering around again. After the call, the girl later arrives with fried rice for Last Order to eat. The girl says that the restaurant they are in ran out of business and is in the process of remodeling, though she hopes she owns a place like it someday where she can make kids under ten years old happy with her cooking. After eating it, Last Order is amazed with its taste, proving to her that the girl is actually a good cook. Last Order then asks her why she is acting all suspicious, to which the girl says that she is looking for something, excitedly saying that she likes rescuing little kids. Last Order tells her that if she tells her who she is looking for then she could use the Misaka Network to find her. The girl asks her to find her true love, Last Order promptly denies her request. The girl however says she knows where to find it but that she just needs to wait for nightfall. Last Order then asks if she will go away forever, which she confirms. The girl then teases that Last Order seems sad with her response, to which she denies. Outside, the girl hugs Last Order, to which she tells her not to follow her. As they part ways, Last Order tells the girl that she should be grateful for her not telling her for her suspicious, but forgives her for her tasty food. However, as Last Order leaves she is clearly worried.

Night falls and in a building run and observed by Anti-Skill is Himegi Matsuri alone in a cell. She laments how she has been captured and in a room again, but believes that the Anti-Skill could help her. As she looks at her meal, she wonders to Tobio if she did the right thing and to wait a little while longer.

Meanwhile, in a nearby building's roof, the girl determines that with that much security surrounding the building then she must be right on the money. As approaching the building from below would be too hard, then she would do it from above. Using her powers, she creates a sphere of energy in the palm of her hand and propels herself to the adjacent building, though landing poorly. However, she finds that Anti-Skill has already noticed her and has already pinned her down, telling her to surrender. As she raises up her hand, she finds someone  below in a hood waiting besides a gate.

Major Events[]

  • The girl tries to infiltrate the Anti-Skill building to get Matsuri out but is detected and held down by Anti-Skill.


By order of appearance:

New Characters[]

  • Hooded person


New Abilities[]



  • In Matsuri's room in Page 18 has food appear on her stand from out of nowhere in the second panel despite the previous panel having no food at all or any indication that the food was "teleported" there.


Cultural References[]

  • The girl creating a sphere of energy and propelling herself with it may be a reference to Naruto and his signature attack the Rasengan.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What was Rizou's failed party for anyway?
  • Was the girl hired by the Rizou's lackey to get the so-called "ingredient"?
  • Is the thing the girl is looking for Matsuri?
  • Who is the person in the hood and is the stylish girl familiar with her?




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