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The 45th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on April 27th 2018.


Despite being captured by Anti-Skill, the girl is more worried about the hooded figure below her. As she struggles, the Anti-Skill forces her to stop moving. The stylish girl, pressed for time, tells the Anti-Skill to look into her back pocket, and to gain their trust say that she won't resist. Although the Anti-Skill think its a trap, they proceed with caution and look into her pockets. There they find a student handbook and a Judgment armband. The girl reveals that she is with Judgment. Hearing this, the Anti-Skill demand to who she is, to which she responds that she is Tobio Yumi, 2nd year student Shizuna High School of Judgment 105 Branch Office. The Anti-Skill search their database and confirms her story. The Anti-Skill finally let her go, but before she can say anything, a large flash engulfs the area. Yumi and the Anti-Skill look down to see the source, while Himegi is in her room as there is commotion afoot.

Himegi hears Anti-Skill causing a ruckus outside as there is apparently an explosion that is strong enough to register on the seismometer. As the Anti-Skill prepare for battle, Himegi becomes anxious but tries convincing herself that it will be okay since she trusted the people and the cage she is in. Meanwhile, the Anti-Skill try to gather at the front gate as the entere is there. When they get there they find smoke and the gate destroyed. As the smoke clears, the Anti-Skill find their man.  The Anti-Skill on the rooftop with Yumi reassures themselves that the Anti-Skill below will be able to suppress the threat.

The Anti-Skill try to surround the intruder and order a surrender, but the intruder simply smiles. The intruder gathers a strange power in his or her hand and the Anti-Skill responds by opening fire. But the intruder simply holds out his or hand and the bullets miss as the intruder properls themselves with the power to the side, and then propelling them swiftly away from the Anti-Skill. The Anti-Skiill tries firing a grenade at the intruder but again the intruder uses their power to propel themselves, but this time it is up, and directly toward the Anti-Skill. With the momentum, the intruder easily takes out two of them. Another two try to rush at the intruder but they are quickly dispatched. Another one tosses his rifle to take the intruder head-on but is simply kicked through the wall as a result. The Anti-Skill on the roof meanwhile is horrified at what had happened, speculating if the intruder knows some martial arts. Suddenly, they realize that Yumi had slipped away from them unawares. But then they notice that Yumi is already below, and is confronting the intruder.

Yumi approaches the intruder, apparently expecting her, and as the wind billows, the hood reveals a girl with a face similar to Yumi's but with an eyepatch.

Major Events[]


By order of appearance:


New Abilities[]

  • Unnamed wind ability


New Locations[]


  • On page 9 of the chapter, after Himegi's juicebox falls, the perspective switches to the top above Himegi's head. However, the food and the juicebox that was on the stand is not seen.
  • Nearly all scenes where the Anti-Skill are holding rifles have the rifles being simply 3D models of the same rifle shown in different angles and filtered to fit the manga's artstyle.


  • The chapter reveals that the Tobio Himegi was referencing in the previous chapter is the POV character of this chapter: Tobio Yumi.
  • Shizuna High School, a location that was first referenced in Volume 3 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels, is referenced here.

Cultural References[]

No references to culture were made this chapter.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why does the intruder look like Yumi but with an eyepatch?
  • Why did Yumi try to hide her identity?


  • Tobio Yumi: "I was waiting." - to her look-alike.



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