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The 47th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on July 27th 2018.


Yumi is amazed by Mami's power despite having similar abilities, a variation of Aero Hand. Yumi analyzes her power and believes that Mami is accelerating the wind at incredible speed inside the spheres. She believes that it takes an incredible amount of calculations and Mami is doing two of them. Yumi recalls how Mami said her life was abnormal and wonders how much she has trained. Yumi says that she can create the acceleration sphere but can't create the original wind unlike her sister. As Mami prepares her final attack, it will be her last chance to stop her.

With Mami, she is angry that Yumi will still struggle against her. But she is confident with her power as it can pierce through anything, a drill of wind that can break through any barrier. With this, she throws her wind spheres at Yumi. But Yumi will not take this lying down. She was waiting for her attack. Yumi opens up her hand and catches the wind. She turns the wind into a sphere and it whirls and twirls in the palm of her hands, threatening to break her fingers. And with that, she hijacks Mami's attack and makes it her own. Mami is shocked at Yumi stealing her wind. Wanting to get it back, Mami tries to do the same as Yumi did. She holds out her hands... and then her arms break, flopping about in the wind. With her arms broken and incapable of stopping the sphere. Mami can only gawk at the giant sphere of wind that was once her own, and believe Yumi will kill her.

And then an explosion occurs, and a building is left with a large circular hole running down its side.

However, Mami is alive as Yumi stayed her hand. Mami asks why she didn't kill her. And as Yumi collapses next to her she simply says that it's because they are sisters.

Yumi tries to stifle her tears and Yumi says that it has been a while since she saw her make that face when she cries. Then Mami sees that a rebar is sticking out of Yumi, making her bleed. Mami wonders if there is something that could plug up her wound. Suddenly, someone calls out to her, calling aperitif. The person known as Chef says that what Mami has done was a little much for a distraction. Mami apologizes, and is actually afraid of the person. The Chef, however, says he forgives her, and from the shadows, comes three people who has captured Himegi. One of them, a girl with twintails says that the Chef is so kind, and the one carrying Himegi nods. The Chef says that is a different matter, and tells Mami not to "leave any food in her plate," referencing Yumi. Mami is hesitant, and says that she has already delivered the finishing blow on Yumi, as she bleeds out. Mami says that they could wait for her until she has finished her off, though they don't have much time, and says the main dish can't be late. The Chef agrees as they can't leave their customer waiting, and orders Mami to retreat, and Mami leaves Yumi.

Major Events[]

  • Yumi is defeated by Mami but spares her life.
  • Full Course successfully kidnaps Himegi.


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New Characters[]





Cultural References[]

  • Mami is referred by Chef as aperitif, an alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Who is Full Course's customer?




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