Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Manga Volume 10 is the tenth volume for the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Manga that was released on June 26th, 2019.[1]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Once things begin moving, no one can stop it anymore!

The twin sisters who clashed. Waiting at the end of their fight was the irreparable darkness of academy City... And then, in order to get rid of that darkness, Academy City's greatest evil, Accelerator, begins to move! The TV animation begins broadcasting in July! The latest issue of the super popular comic!!


Additional ContentEdit


  • A Certain Other Hospital's Last Order 5 (とある病院ほかのらすとおーだー その5 Toaru Byōin hoka no Rasuto Ōdā Sono 5?)


Localized ReleasesEdit


A Certain Scientific Accelerator Volume 10
A Certain Scientific Accelerator Manga v10 Cover
Release Date en-US April 28, 2020[2]
ISBN-13 en-US ISBN 978-1-642757-33-0
Number of Pages 180 pages

Now that the dust has settled after the explosive clash between Tobio Yumi and Tobio Mami, the twins must face the abysmal gloom still clinging to the city. But only someone steeped in darkness could possibly confront such evil. Is Accelerator up to the task?


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