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Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter Manga Volume 1 is the first and only volume for the Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter manga. It was released on March 26th, 2020.[1]

Publisher's Summary

The story of a hero who has fallen into the darkness, Kakine Teitoku is now revealed.

Academy City gathers the best of science and technology and promotes development of esper abilities.

Among them, Kakine Teitoku, the second-ranked of the seven Level 5 espers with incredible power, encounters a young girl named Yuzuriha Ringo. His objective is to obtain data on the first-ranked Accelerator's thought patterns from Ringo, a test subject in the Dark May Project.

However, elements of the Dark Side of Academy City, such as DA, Kuroyoru Umidori, and the Kihara Family, are also targeting the girl's power?!




  1. Dark Matter Volume 1: (Japanese) Kadokawa


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