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Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out: The Queen's Play (とある科学の心理掌握メンタルアウト 『じょおうのおしばい』 Toaru Kagaku no Mentaru Auto: Jo'ō no Oshibai?) is a short light novel written by Kamachi Kazuma and illustrated by Nogi Yasuhito for the third manga volume of Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out, released on January 10th 2024.[1]

Publisher's Summary[]

Short Summary[]

A newly written novel, a must-have for fans, is included! It is a memory of a holiday she spent. A special edition of the book comes with a 100-page novel booklet containing a gem of a newly written episode by Kamachi Kazuma!

Full Summary[]

In a joint class at Tokiwadai Middle School, Shokuhou Misaki is assigned to perform Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream with Misaka Mikoto. In order to learn about the psychology of men, she approached a boy with spiky hair.....

This 100-page special edition is a must-read for fans of the Toaru series. Please pay attention to it together with the main story of the manga where the number of intrigues deepens!


Major Events[]

  • Shokuhou Misaki and Misaka Mikoto are put in the same group during a joint drama class for Tokiwadai's second years. Their group is assigned to perform Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with Shokuhou to play Oberon and Mikoto to play Titania.
  • With the excuse of learning how the male mind thinks for her masculine role, Shokuhou decides to visit a certain boy, though her clique expresses consternation at the idea of seeing a boy. Cornered by Kobayashi Satori, Shokuhou agrees to let Kobayashi disguise herself as her for the meeting, testing a slim possibility regarding Kamijou Touma's memory loss (with Kobayashi made to forget about it afterwards).
  • Otonari Hibiku, a health committee member whose has been causing incidents of ability-induced internal bleeding in a misguided effort to relieve her victim's stress, targets Shokuhou based on her own assumptions, and ends up falling for the decoy. In the ensuing clash of Telepathy, Kobayashi and Otonari bring each other down, while Otonari's final attack towards Shokuhou is neutralized by the oblivious Touma's Imagine Breaker.


By order of appearance:

New Characters[]


New Abilities[]




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Multiple cases
  • When Otonari's final attack against Shokuhou is stopped by the oblivious Touma's Imagine Breaker, something she is familiar with and was confident in, the past case where Touma suffered brain damage that prevents him from remembering her is once again referenced.[4][5]

Cultural References[]

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Shakespeare (General expansion - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth and Hamlet)
Other (Frankenstein, Vampires etc)
  • Shokuhou and Mikoto's group are assigned William Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream to perform.[6]
  • While pouting about the comedic play they were assigned, Shokuhou mentions two of Shakespeare's tragedies, Hamlet and Macbeth, which would have had the opportunity to dramatically kill Mikoto on stage.[6]

Unanswered Questions[]

No unanswered questions currently recorded for this chapter/episode.



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