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Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out (とある科学の心理掌握メンタルアウト Toaru Kagaku no Mentaru Auto?, lit. "A Certain Scientific Mental Out"), formally known as Toaru Majutsu no Index Gaiden: Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out (とある魔術の禁書目録インデックス外伝 とある科学の心理掌握メンタルアウト? lit. "A Certain Magical Index Side Story: A Certain Scientific Mental Out"), is the 11th manga series that is based off the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise. The series is a sequel to Astral Buddy and is an original story written by Kamachi Kazuma with artwork done by Nogi Yasuhito; the series is edited by Ogino Kentarou.

The series began serialization on July 27, 2021 online on Comic Newtype and is scheduled to release on the last Tuesday of each month.


On October 18th 2020, Ogino Kentarou, editor of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Astral Buddy, stated that he wanted to do Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out for a future spin-off.[1] On December 31st 2020, Ogino Kentarou was looking for a partner to work for the serialization of Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out (tentative) which will be carried over to next year.[2]


The Tokiwadai student council election is approaching. Shokuhou Misaki, one of the leading candidates, is in the midst of an election campaign in spite of her own expectations due to the people around her and the fate of being the head of the largest clique...!!


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Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out Manga Volume 01
Release Date 日本語 February 25, 2022[3]
ISBN-13 日本語 ISBN 978-4-04-112179-5
Number of Pages 194 pages

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