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Queen of Tokiwadai (常盤台の女王 Tokiwadai no Jo'ō?) is the first chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out manga, released on July 27th 2021 in Comic Newtype. The chapter was released in 2 parts when serialized in Comic Newtype and combined together when compiled for the tankōbon version.


Part 1[]

After swiftly dealing with three attackers (and being watched doing so), Shokuhou Misaki, the Queen of Tokiwadai, and her #2 Hokaze Junko meet clique members Asato Kisa and Kobayashi Satori who talk about Asato's first experience about overindulging herself in Smile Pancakes. This carefree mood is then broken by an explosion nearby, caused by a launcher intended to carry fliers for Tokiwadai's incumbent student council vice president Gaouin Tsukasa's intention to run for presidency. The conversation between the two soon becomes heated as Shokuhou is irritated by her interrupted teatime and it escalates from an exchange of sarcasm into Gaouin challenging Shokuhou to a "duel" for the student council presidency. Gaouin then promises to dismantle the cliques in Tokiwadai if she wins.

Part 2[]

Shokuhou and Hokaze soon make their stroll across the School Garden later that day, with the same stalker from earlier (who is also currently infiltrating the clique) following their path using a Homing Camera. Then, they are surrounded by four persons in suits and another person wearing the same shirt as the attacker from earlier. Although not remembering much about the other encounter, Shokuhou decides to fight back with Hokaze, winning over them by unleashing a "flash of lightning". Shokuhou then offers the fallen enemies the opportunity to work for her.

The next day, Shokuhou finally decides to accept Gaouin's challenge. The spy from earlier then witnesses the loyalty of the entire clique to Shokuhou herself (and not to her ability alone).

Major Events[]

  • Gaouin Tsukasa, the currently student council vice president, challenged Shokuhou Misaki to run as student council president in the upcoming elections. Shokuhou accepted the challenge the day after in the presence of her loyal clique members.


By order of appearance:

New Characters[]


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  • The Yamashiro mentioned in this chapter (山白) is a different spelling of Yamashiro from Yamashiro Shoubu (山城 府昭).
  • Shokuhou imitates Mikoto's pose in the only my railgun opening sequence in this chapter.


Cultural References[]

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Who sent the spy?


  • Shokuhou Misaki: "Level 5? Mental Out? Those titles stand out... but they are only... a certain part... of... my... charm.☆"



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