Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Spectrum Story (とある科学の超電磁砲 (レールガン) 通心物語 (スペクトルストーリー) Toaru Kagaku no Reerugan: Tsuushin Monogatari?, lit. "A Certain Scientific Railgun: Heart-to-Heart Communication Story") is an upcoming mobile adventure game for iOS and Android devices.[1]





"...B-Be sure to contact me often!"

At Academy City, even summer vacation began approaching its final stages. Calling itself an "experiment", students are given one Device each. These Devices, equipped with a mysterious system, opened applications on its own...

Then, Tokiwadai's Railgun Misaka Mikoto started a video call——[2]

Scenario IntroductionEdit

Summer in Academy City is hot.

This city's academic environment and research institutions have gathered the best of the world's technology. And the cooling systems that were designed to protect the lifestyle of the students, with such unforgiving efficiency that promotes heat exchange the size of one-third of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, filled the city's air with heat.

"Such misfortune..."

A sigh melted into the scorching heat.

The Curriculum for Power Development is so merciless that even I, who had been labeled a Level 0, for some reason, have to spend the entire summer vacation at school for supplementary lessons.

That day, far from what we expected, students from each school aside from those undergoing supplementary lessons were gathered and were given what's called "Devices" for an experiment.






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