This article provides a translated version of the leak of what's currently known from the Quick and Answer portion of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - Misaka Mikoto Maniax artbook, containing the sent questions by fans and answered by "Mikoto" herself.

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Legend: denotes Japanese-Chinese-English translations, and as such may not wholly be accurate.

  1. When is your birthday? Her birthday is May 2.[Notes 1]
  2. When are you going to confess to Kamijou-san? Wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about!? Y-you need to have those kinds of feelings for someone to confess to them. I don't have any of those kinds of feelings for that idiot. In fact, it's rude to even mistakenly think I do. It's ridiculous. It's just out of the question. It's (*The answer was too long, so the rest was cut.)
  3. To be blunt, do you like Kamijou-san in a romantic way? I already said no!!!! (Zap zap)
  4. What's the name of the guy you like? Why are all the questions about this!? This isn't Kuroko, is it?
  5. † What are strong and weak points? My strong point is never giving up easily. Weak point…being impatient I think….yeah, I think so….
  6. † What are the subjects that you are good at? And what subjects are you bad at? Well there isn’t any subjects to be bad at, everyone can do as long as they review and study~
  7. How many languages do you speak? French, English, Italian, Russian...oh, and Japanese of course. I think I could manage a few others too.
  8. † What are your favourite sports? Kicking cans….oh wait, that isn’t a sport. I like swimming.
  9. † You can play the violin very well, how long have you been learning to play a violin?? Well, I practice hard even though I practice it at home. I have learned to play it for a year after joining Tokiwadai.
  10. † Favourite colour? Green!!
  11. † What are your interest?? Reading manga! Especially those about solving mysteries!
  12. † In Railgun S Ep 1, what book were you reading? What types of books do you like? Well I was reading about economics and also classics because I need it for my studies. Favorite types of books? Eh…M-Manga?
  13. How much is your monthly allowance? It isn't really an allowance, but I get paid for helping with research. I don't know the exact amount though.
  14. How much do you have saved up? I've never really paid attention. I just take out as much as I need to use.
  15. † Favourite food? I like any food as long as it is delicious.
  16. † Do you have breakfast everyday? Although not everyday, but I had my breakfast! Thanks for the concern.
  17. Do you prefer mushrooms or bamboo shoots? Bamboo shoots I suppose.
  18. † What do you do during your free time? Free time, eh? I usually loiter around… and go look for Touma
  19. How many pairs of Tokiwadai uniforms do you own? I think 7. I send them to the cleaners after wearing them once, so I don't really know.
  20. You wear cute pajamas and underwear, but what kind of personal clothes do you wear? Do you wear dresses and girly clothes? I'm curious because you always wear your uniform! My clothes are perfectly normal. K-Kuroko may call them childish, but those kinds of things are cute, right? Although I don't get many opportunities to wear them because of Tokiwadai's rule about wearing the uniform when going out.
  21. Where do you buy your shorts? I buy them at a normal store. I think they're 5000 yen each.
  22. How many pairs of your trademark shorts do you own!? I've never counted them and they're not my trademark!
  23. I always wear shorts under my skirt too, but my friends say it's lame. Do people say that about you too? This girl called Shirai Kuroko does all the time.
  24. † Misaka looks good with her short hair, do you ever thought of having long hair? If you do, what type of hair style do you prefer? Since using electric attacks causes spark, I think short hair is more convenient…. But sometimes, I also envy people with long hair, like Kuroko… really admire their long hair…
  25. † What is your favourite hair shampoo fragrance? I don't really pay attention since I always change it. But I prefer a floral scent.
  26. † Do you know how to do makeup? A little….but very mild makeup. We are forbidden to makeup.
  27. † Do you know how to use perfume? Erm…not really…
  28. How old were you when you entered Academy City? When I entered elementary school.
  29. † Why did you entered Academy City? I didn’t really think of it when I first came, if I were to think now, to achieve my dreams? I’m not very sure myself…
  30. How old were you when you reached Level 5? It was after I entered Tokiwadai at age 12.
  31. What kind of work did you do to reach Level 5? The basic method is practicing over and over again.
  32. † Are there any advantages and disadvantages becoming a Level 5? Becoming a Level 5 didn’t really change me, I’m still the way I used to be!
  33. † Do you think you are strong? Although I’m a Level 5, but I think people who strive for the best are the strongest. Why don’t you try it out?
  34. † Any plans after graduating from Tokiwadai? Well, I wanted to be a normal high school student. And if it is possible, I would like to travel overseas for a year or two. But I don’t think it's possible to leave Academy City for such a long period of time…
  35. † Do you have dreams or wishes for the future? I haven't really thought of it…. Protecting the world everyone lives in I guess…
  36. † Would you prefer going to the past or the future? I thought of going back to the past to stop my DNA from being…Oh wait, if I do that, then they (Misaka clones) won’t exist anymore… *sigh*
  37. † Misaka Mikoto is known for being strong and admirable character, but sometimes Misaka also faces problems. So how do you motivate yourself to move forward when you encountered problems? I’ll think of a best solution myself, and make my own decisions.
  38. † Where will you go when you’re feeling down? Somewhere windy I guess. Like the bridge, the roof or the park.
  39. † How could a user control electricity properly (become an electromaster)? First of all, its by Academy City’s Power Curriculum Program, secondly, it is based on the person’s personality. I think that is how you become an electromaster.
  40. How much electricity do you produce in a day? Is it as much as a single thermal power station? I can rival one in voltage but not in total amount of power.
  41. † Have you used your ability to charge dry cells?Nope.
  42. † Favourite electronic appliances (home use)? I don't really have a favourite electronic appliances, but I think a PDA is more convenient, Ara? does a PDA count as a home electronic appliance?
  43. How did you come up with your special move, the Railgun? I was playing at the arcade and it hit me when I just so happened to flick a coin up with my finger... At least I think that's how it happened.
  44. How did you feel when you first fired the Railgun? It was like "I did it!" It was dangerous because I almost destroyed a nearby building.
  45. † Will your fingers feel painful when you fire your railgun with a coin? The Railgun is fired using the concept of electromagnetism, is there anything do to with fingers?
  46. † Other than coins, what are the other objects you could shoot Railgun with? As long as I’m able to accelerate the electromagnetic fields, all metal objects could be used, but I haven’t found anything good yet.
  47. † What is the distance of the Railgun shot you made in the last episode of the first season? Distance eh? Hm, I’m unable to change the initial velocity and friction of whatever I shoot with, so does the melting or evaporation of the object before it reaches the target. My ability can’t really determine the distance.
  48. † How many Railgun coins do you carry around with you? I don’t have a set amount, but I carry about 10 in my pocket.
  49. † How many Railgun shots can you fire in a row? It depends on my mood, but I can manage about 10.
  50. † Can you really fire a Railgun shotgun? The neighboring electromagnetic fields would interfere with each other, so it would be a bit difficult.
  51. † Can you handle being shot at with a gun from a distance? I can detect things in the space around me with electromagnetic waves, so I can handle it to a certain extent, even if it is a sneak attack.
  52. † If a spirit (or ghost?) appears before you and attacks you, would you run? Or fight? Spirit? As in a real spirit? Eh? But this is Academy City… But if I really were to see one face to face…..impossible x4.
  53. † Until today, have any girls confessed (their love) to you? C-confess? There isn’t any confession like that! Even Kuroko is only joking around….I think.
  54. † What are the qualities you like about Kuroko? Well there is a lot if I have to say it all, in short, she is really a good person. Although she is a bit *cough* per…..vert.
  55. † Do you feel lonely when you don’t have body contact with Kuroko for some time? OF COURSE NOT!
  56. † When was the first time you met Gekota? Are there any secrets regarding Gekota that you can share? I saw it in a gifts list, and always thought that it was adorable~ Gekota’s secrets? Erm, Gekota is not an just ordinary frog… is that okay?
  57. † Among all the Gekota merchandise, which one is your favourite? Gekota Phone, I won’t change it even a new phone model is out.
  58. † What kind of Gekota merchandise you wish they would manufacture? A Gekota that is able to move? ….that would be exciting, maybe.
  59. † Since Gekota is your favourite, do you like frogs? GEKOTA IS NOT A FROG!
  60. It seems there are other characters you like other than Gekota, so what are your favorites of those? I quite like the Kill Bear series. But Gekota is still the best!
  61. † Tokiwadai doesn’t seem like to have any place to hide your own private items, do Misaka have prohibited items? Hm, I think I have a few, even Kuroko have some.
  62. † How many times have Misaka kicked the vending machine? Have you gotten your 10,000 yen back? (laughs) I haven’t got my money back!
  63. † What are your measurements? (bust/waist/hip measurement) I don’t think you should ask girls about these things!
  64. † Do you mind having a smaller chest? I-I don’t think they are small!! They are just no-normal.
  65. † Thoughts about Shoukuhou? Being a cheater, yeah…cheater. I’m quite sure she uses her powers a lot.
  66. † Where would you go on your first date? Eh? Ah…hm… Places like a trestle when it snows or other romantic places should be okay…
  67. † So you DO wanted to go to these places with Kamijou-kun? I’ve already told you it's none of that idiot’s business!!!
  68. † Who do you want to marry? And how will your wedding ceremony be? Eh? M-Marry?? Haven’t actually thought of it… Maybe a church that is has a beautiful ocean scenery outside…and also gets blessing from the Gekota priest?….hehehehehe….
  69. † Have you thought of a child’s name? Maybe it would also have an instrument’s name like yours? What about Mikotan?[Notes 2] Ah! Thats a nice idea, I will consider it!
  70. Who is important to you? All my friends and family are important to me.
  71. † Do you have anyone you longed for? My mother.
  72. † Is there anyone that you are not good at dealing with? The dorm supervisor, no doubt.
  73. † Do you ever feel homesick when you are staying in your dorm? If so, what would you do? I would make a phone call to my mother.
  74. † How long since you last seen your father? Do you want to meet him? Ara? I haven’t seen my father for almost a year, really do miss him. As for my mother, I still get to see her sometimes. Really wanted to see him after such a long time.
  75. † What do you think of the Level 5’s you’ve met? You seem to have a poor impression of them in both the anime and the manga (laughs) I’m not really sure, but, the first one is the one who did those horrible things to my sisters, and there is also that fraud with huge busts, she has an amazingly bad personality and attitude, although she may think of me as the same way. Oh, and there is also this old hag who wouldn’t stop shooting light beams. I guess impressions from the first meeting really are important.
  76. † Do you think you are one of the few female protagonists that has a relationship with Kamijou-kun’s family? Eh? "A few" female protagonists? What’s going on?
  77. † Why do you always address Kamijou-kun as "that guy" or "baka"? I called him that because he always addresses me as "Biri-biri"!!
  78. † Do you hate the name "Biri-biri"? I have a name, it's Misaka Mikoto!
  79. † Say Misaka, since you’ve gave Kamijou-kun so many electrical attacks, why don’t you use your Railgun instead? I don’t want to kill that guy! I just doesn’t like it when he purposely loses to me!
  80. † What kind of guy do you like? I guess someone who's kind and has a strong sense of justice. Ahh that was a secret! A secret!


  1. Same birthday as her seiyuu, Satou Rina.
  2. Of the name, the asker refers to Mikoto's name, which is composed of the characters 美 and 琴, which means beauty and harp respectively, as like an instrument. The asker's suggestion is similar though adds an extra character to it: It is composed of 美, which is taken from her name, 鼓 which means drum, playing along with the theme of instruments, and the last one, 碳, carbon.

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