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"Tokiwadai is Targeted" (ねらわれた常磐台 Nerawareta Tokiwadai?) is the third episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. The episode was first aired on October 17, 2009.


In a strange skyline early in the day in that certain city, Kongou Mitsuko walks alone upon an empty sett-stone path of the magnificent homage to European architecture, School Garden. Suddenly, she feels something about and turns around, but only finds the empty streets and the facades of the many-storied buildings before her. Not seeing anybody, she continues onwards on the cobblestone path, however, it is but a fleeting thing, as she turns again, and asks if someone is there. There are no responses, to which Kongou pulls out her fan and gives a warning not to do anything fishy since she is of Tokiwadai Middle School. But still, the silence persists in that lonesome street. Kongou walks backwards, expecting someone to appear and answer her warnings, but suddenly, she bumps into something. She turns around to see nothing that could have bumped into her - just empty space. She becomes concerned, until an electric and clicking sound is heard, interposed by her shrieks of pain. Her fan flies into the air, and she falls into the ground, defenseless of any at all things that people might do to her delicate and fair form. Above her, apparently out of nowhere, looking down, is a girl, smiling, and then something pops. What horrors could a girl do to another fellow girl? Surely not something one would be expecting?

Rain pours upon the clear windows of a moving bus, as Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari ride upon it. Apparently, they are going to the School Garden, and Uiharu, as usual, could not help but feel enamored the glorious lifestyle of the ojou-sama. Saten however, has a different opinion, and tells her that the School Garden is simply a "town," with a bunch of schools. Uiharu tells her that they are not normal schools. She exposits that Tokiwadai Middle School is there, as well as all the other high-class rich girl schools. Uiharu points out that they can only visit the area today because Kuroko invited them. Saten however, haughtily states that Uiharu is too humble, however, before she can finish her next statement, Uiharu notices something within her bag. It is a magazine owned by Saten that is about cake shops that they would visit inside the area today. Saten tries to defend herself, saying it's the Pasticceria Manicagni, which she explains that their pastry is apparently a work of art, and that she must visit them since the only store in the entirety of Japan is in the School Garden. Of course, Uiharu uses this opportunity to comment on Saten's fanaticism. Before an embarrassed Saten can reply, the PA tells that they have arrived at the School Garden stop. At the bus stop, Uiharu counts down exactly to when the rain will stop, a prime example of Academy City's technological prowess, though Saten is impressed, she liked that if the city made a mistake once in a while. Walking, they come upon the entrance of the School Garden, a magnificent portico, which has cubic rocks make up the pillars. Electronic gates are affixed at the egresses, where the denizens use their cards to enter or exit the aperture. Saten and Uiharu stop by a security checkpoint, and tells of Kuroko's invitation, and from there, they are allowed to enter the gardens of education, the School Garden. And from there, are awed by the magnificence of the gardens of education. At the back of them was the glorious exitway of that portico, which uses Doric columns. Reliefs flank the colonnades, and for each egress made from the columns, archivolts are formed from its arches. It's entablatures sporting fine moldings upon its friezes, and supported by many cornices. At the front of them are many-storied buildings with awned windows sporting balconies line finely wrought black metal and whither their shrubs and small gardens of flowers hung, supported by brackets and corbels. At the top of its the buildings gables, are dormers for the lofts and garrets, that seem to rest upon its eaves, with the smokestacks towering above. The buildings made from large bricks, some uncovered by paint or plaster, showing a seemingly authentic European flavor. Upon their feet are cobblestones of dark colors for their thoroughfares, which were lined by lighter colored footpaths, whither the gaily wrought metal furnished lampposts stood as well as metal car barriers to protect the buildings that showed its facade to the world, as well as traffic lights and signs of a completely different language stood there. A stone fountain can be found, where ladies of refined tastes, denizens of this antiquarian-like city, sat upon its edges. Surely, it would seem, for a moment, that they were in another country? Uiharu and Saten walked around the place, amazed at the elaborate world that the secluded School Garden offered, but then notice the gaze of the ladies there, indicating they are out of place. Suddenly, Saten notices the time is now 3 in the afternoon, upon a marvelously made clock house, where the clock was affixed up on a curved pediment that was rested upon by statues. Its pilasters flanking blind arches where statues and high reliefs resided. Finally, ornamental balustrades flanked the central arch, and protecting the two lesser arches. With much haste, Saten tells to Uiharu to make haste, but is not careful enough for her own person, as it rained, and when it rains upon the uneven surfaces of that cobblestone road, it is only natural for water to pool together, and for feet to traverse, Saten slipped on a puddle and fell upon the ground.

In the erstwhile, Mikoto tells Kuroko that they are late, referring to Saten and Uiharu. Apparently, they were supposed to meet at the Tokiwadai Middle School gates. As Kuroko begins to complain, however, Mikoto notices that they have arrived, and much to their surprise, disconcerted about Saten's wet appearance. They take them to the Tokiwadai shower room, where Saten tries on Kuroko's spare uniform, whilst hers dry-off, much to Uiharu's frustration, as she too wants to feel what it's like to wear a Tokiwadai uniform. Coming out of the stall, Saten says that the uniform is just right, though the skirt is a little short. Uiharu shows her displeasure and immediately tells her that they should swap uniforms, invading her private space, though Saten points out that her uniform is too small. While queer ideas fill Uiharu's head in order to get a change of uniform, Mikoto just smiles at her two lively friends, and gives a knowing look to Kuroko.

While walking on the footpaths, Mikoto tells Saten that she sent her uniform to the cleaners and that she should pick it up later. Kuroko tells her that if it is a hassle, then the uniform would be delivered to their dorms. Uiharu becomes crazy again, asking if a maid will do it, to which Saten responds that she should come down. Meanwhile, their conversation was not noticed by prodding eyes. A girl, seemingly out of place with long bangs covering her left eye, looks at them. Later, they have finally arrived at Pasticceria Manicagni, where they ponder on what pastry to eat, while they talk and drink tea. Uiharu gets confusticated, unable to decide which cake to choose, much to others' frustration. Suddenly, a call comes from Uiharu's mobile phone. It is apparently from their work, and much to their chagrin, they are forced to go answer its call. Alone, Mikoto tries to talk to Saten, but she tells Mikoto that she needs to use the washroom first.

Arriving at the 177th Judgment Branch Office, Kuroko and Uiharu complain about being called out to the office, but is scolded by their senpai, Konori Mii. After apologizing, Kuroko asks what's going down. Konori states that between the time schooltime ended and nighttime yesterday, six Tokiwadai students were attacked consecutively. Mii shows them the students that were attacked consecutively. Hearing this, Kuroko and Uiharu become serious. Mii then states that it all happened within the School Garden. Back with Saten, she has already finished freshening up and is washing her hands, having her handkerchief cutely hang from her dainty mouth. She notices the door open, but no one seems to enter it, and it magically closes itself, like a spectral anomaly. Back with Mii, she states that those who were attacked are Level 3 or higher espers, and through this, one can conclude that the attacker(s) have considerable power enough to defeat a level 3 or higher esper. Mii says that the power is still unknown, and all the victims were incapacitated by a stun gun. At the same time as this, a familiar electric and clicking sound is heard, and Saten is somehow struck. It was a stun gun, and slowly, Saten could no longer control her legs and falls, drawing close to unconsciousness. Back with Mii, Kuroko asks what happens to the victims while they're unconscious. Mii states that she has photographs, but tells them that they are not "pretty," warning them to prepare themselves if they wish to look. With stern looks, Kuroko and Uiharu could only steel themselves. Back in the confectionery store, Mikoto is concerned as the tea is getting cold, and begins to stand up to look for Saten. Back with Kuroko, she and Uiharu tell Mii that she made that decision long ago, they have prepared themselves. Hearing this convinces Mii, she turns her laptop that contained the aforementioned photographs, and the two girls flinch at what they see. Back with Mikoto, she turns the door to the lavatory, calling for her friend. She finds her, much to her shock, crouching, apparently having lost her consciousness. She rushes to her side, and then takes a look upon her face. What horrors have befallen our pure maiden?

In Tokiwadai Middle School's Judgment room, Mikoto is briefed regarding the recent attacks on Tokiwadai Middle Schoolers, whilst Saten is resting. Apparently, Saten was only attacked because she was wearing her a Tokiwadai Middle School uniform. A brief moment of remorse falls upon Uiharu after asking about her condition. Mikoto then asks if they know the culprit's objective, to which Kuroko says they don't know, not yet anyway. Kuroko tells Mikoto that the culprit's power is troublesome, to which Uiharu fills in that the attacker is invisible to the eyes. In a recorded testimony by Anti-Skill, an enraged Kongou, who is apparently alive and covering her forehead, tells the beleaguered and bespectacled Anti-Skill interrogator present that what she is saying is the truth, and that she hasn't seen the culprit. The Anti-Skill shows footage of Kongou walking side by side a girl in that lone street where she was attacked, but she loudly insists that she didn't see anything, Kuroko then turns off the recording, much to Uiharu's surprise. Kuroko says that they suspected the esper to have optical manipulation powers, to which Uiharu notes that there are 47 people in the whole of Academy City that can make themselves completely invisible, but says that all of them have alibis. Mikoto says that the camera has recorded the culprit, implying that her power is not optical manipulation. Suddenly, a pigeon flies by the window, which Uiharu notices, but Kuroko doesn't, saying she didn't notice anything. Suddenly, Mikoto gets an idea and asks Kuroko if she can check something for her. Uiharu checks the esper ability bank, and sees Dummy Check, an ability that allows the user to erase someone's awareness of an object, and that only one person is known to have this person. Uiharu shows the person who has that power, a timid looking girl who has very long bangs that reach up to her eyes. Kuroko shouts that she must be the culprit, but Uiharu points out that she is merely a level 2, and is incapable yet of completely erasing her presence, disappointing Mikoto. Then, they heard a stir, Saten has awakened, though feeling woozy. The others become concerned, but suddenly utter out a chortle, trying to stop it. Apparently, they found something funny with her, and are trying to suppress their laughter. Saten is confused, until she discovers the awful truth, large black brows upon her countenance. Oh, the humanity. Uiharu tries to console her, but of course, since she is a friend, she laughs anyway, while Mikoto utters the obvious. Kuroko comments that if she were to have bangs like the girl in the photo having Dummy Check, then she may be able to hide it. Saten becomes curious about this, and discovers that the girl in the archives is actually the culprit. Kuroko asks her if she saw the girl, to which Saten explains that just before she fell unconscious, she saw the girl's reflection in the mirror. Hearing this, Mikoto concludes that her power is only limited to erasing the awareness of the things that are looking at her. Suddenly, they hear an ominous giggle from Saten, who has machinations of revenge, and demands Uiharu into action, much to her confusion.

With the seemingly random tappings of the keyboard, the scrolling of seemingly non-sense information upon the GUI in the computer screens, and her humming, Uiharu is in full throttle. Mikoto is amazed by this, to which Uiharu says that if she didn't do it, the processing might slow down. Uiharu however, states that their Judgment branch has no jurisdiction over School Garden, but Kuroko tells them that she got a call from the higher-ups approving of their little operation. Saten cheers and tells Uiharu to give it all she got. With a push of a button, the computer screens show several new windows pop-up, apparently security cameras all over the School Garden, 2458 of them. They are awestruck by this, and Saten is excited that she will finally get her vengeance, but Uiharu reminds her of the promise she made. To which Saten responds that she doesn't care if she gets three or four after this. Then, Mikoto says it is too many, but both Saten and Uiharu says it is all right. Kuroko interjects, saying that they are not talking about cake. Kuroko points out to Uiharu to get rid of the monitors in areas E through H, and areas J and N, where they are the farthest away from Tokiwadai. Uiharu acquiesces and the scope of the cameras she can see is reduced, an unlikely target long-banged culprit. Mikoto then suggest to remove the areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic, the others ask why, to which Mikoto indicates that the culprit's uniform, which stands out too much in School Garden. Kuroko points out that she would need to constantly use her powers, to which Mikoto says that she can't use her powers all the time, which should mean that she would lie low in places where she will not be seen. Uiharu follows their advice and narrows down the cameras that they will use.

Back in the streets of the bustling School Garden, Kinuho says goodbye to her dear friend Maaya, and enters one of those lonesome cobblestone alleyways. She passes by another corridor, and there, awaits the girl with long bangs, preparing to shock her with her stun gun. However, she hears a familiar voice. It is Saten with a cap. She has caught up with Miho and threatens her regarding her eyebrows, of course, Miho does not stick for long. She seemingly disappears before Saten's very eyes. Uiharu tells her on her earpiece to go after her, to which Saten does. Miho runs into a crowded street, and bumps into a girl and her friends. The girl is perturbed by this, though she is all right. Suddenly, Saten passes by and bumps her too, spilling the girl's crepe on her uniform, carelessly, much to their annoyance. Miho runs into another alleyway, still using her powers, but Kuroko waits there for her. Using only her ears, she pinpoints where she will pass, and gives a quick kick to her. She becomes visible, and Kuroko tells of her status, Judgment. However, she doesn't wait and get herself arrested, and immediately uses her powers and runs away. Kuroko predicted this, and asks Uiharu for more info. Her patterns are predictable, as she refuses to go out of the range she was wanted. Wherever Miho goes, Uiharu's electronic eyes follow, and Rukio and Kuroko follow suit. She comes to a park, and her powers have lost their effects. Tired, she then hears the creaking of a metal swing—someone is there. She is then surrounded by Kuroko and Saten, as the girl stands up—it is Misaka Mikoto, telling her it's over. Her Dummy Check is not working, and angered, takes her stun gun and tries to attack Mikoto. Yet, it has no effect on her. Mikoto smiles, and shows to her on how she is an Electromaster. With a touch of her skin, Mikoto mercilessly shocks Miho, while Kuroko and Saten do nothing. She falls to the ground, to which Mikoto callously replies that she went easy on her. With that over, Kuroko asks Uiharu to contact the Anti-Skill. With the girl resting on a bench, unconscious. Saten plans to exact her revenge, and takes out a marker, laughing evilly as she does it. She lifts up the fringes of the girl's hair, wondering what kind of eyebrows she should draw. However, there is not a need for it, as she discovers that she already has thick and noticeable eyebrows. The girl wakes up, and tries to cover her shameful forehead, from their gaze. The girl asks rhetorically if her eyebrows are weird. She tells them to laugh at her already, just like that "guy" did. Confused, the girls ask who that "guy" is.

The girl tells of a sweet springtime story of youth and romance. She tells of a dreamy spring, where she thought would never end, and that songs will play forevermore, and that she could sleep in the peaceful sunlight, drunk with innocence and love. But all springs must end, and tigers' voices are as soft as thunder. The girl tells of her broken heart, where her lover has left for another, a Tokiwadai girl. She confronts him one day under a tree of spring, and asks if Tokiwadai girls are so great for her to leave her. With tears in her eyes, and skin flushed red, the boy tells her the naked truth—her eyebrows are weird. Like a piano piece moving its final movement, Miho swears to hate the man who had dumped her, and swears to hate the Tokiwadai girl who stole him from her. But above all, and with much melodrama, she swears that she hates all the eyebrows in the world. That is her Freudian excuse; that is her reason why she is giving girls from Tokiwadai weird eyebrows. Of course, the girls have a hard time swallowing this absolutely ridiculous story. The girl notices Saten's dumbfounded gaze, and urges to laugh her weird eyebrows. The still confused Saten, tries to calm the situation down, and consoles the girl by saying that the eyebrows are not really weird, but is a charm point, and that she likes it. This has worked for her too well, much to Saten's surprise, and to Kuroko's teasing. Saten shouts at the sky at her realization.

With the sky painted by the colors of Afternoon, Anti-Skill has finally arrived to pick up Miho. Without restraints, Miho willingly goes into the Anti-Skill truck, however, before doing so, she turns her gaze back to Saten. She asks if she can write to her, and Saten responds to her that she could, much to Miho's glee. She then enters the truck, and it leaves, and the two part ways. Meanwhile, Mikoto says to Kuroko on how queer it is that Miho can disappear completely despite being a Level 2. Mikoto asks if the databanks are wrong, to which Kuroko scoffs it off. Sometime later, Saten is still on about something. Uiharu has a call from Mii, and tells her that the ink is apparently made from District 10, and won't come off for at least a week. Saten is devastated. Uiharu suggests that she should use a hat again. Saten does not listen, enraged at Miho and laments on how she should have scribbled on her, destroying her pillow in her tantrum.

Adapted From

This is an anime-original, as such this not based on any pre-existing material.

Major Events

  • Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten, stops Juufuku Miho's eyebrow scribbling reign of terror in School Garden.


New Characters


New Abilities


New Locations


  • The episode shows for the first time, the weather predicting powers of Tree Diagram, the satellite that would be destroyed in the near future by Index, as show in episode 6 of the Index anime.
  • Despite Tokiwadai Middle School being featured in the past several times both in Index and in Railgun, this would be the first time that the surrounding premises, School Garden, is shown.
  • Despite Pasticceria Manicagni being Italian, everything else in the School Garden is French.
  • When Uiharu and the rest were checking out the Bank listing of esper powers, both Psychokinesis and Attention Power are listed, despite being both actually Telekinesis. Attention Power is the direct translation of Telekinesis' kanji (念動力).

Cultural References

  • Several scenes featured in the School Garden comes directly from locales found in Paris, France.


  • There are no referbacks during this episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Despite saying not noticing the pigeon, Kuroko is the first one to turn her head towards the window before Uiharu, though it could mean that Kuroko was only looking at another part of the sky where her gaze could not catch the pigeon.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why isn't Tokiwadai or School Garden's Judgment branch leading or at least helping with the operation that is occuring within their jurisdiction?
  • Who was the Tokiwadai girl Miho's lover fell in love with? Where are they now?
  • Was Miho able to get revenge on the Tokiwadai girl who stole her lover from her?
  • Why was Miho able to completely disappear despite being a Level 2?


  • Uiharu: "What a cute town."―understatement.
  • Saten: "There's no way I'm letting this eyebrow grudge go! Let's go Uiharu."
  • Saten: "Just you wait, bangs-girl. We're coming to flush you out."
  • Mikoto: "That must be a shock."―to Saten after she discovers the large eyebrows drawn upon her head, while mouth agape and eyes wide open.
  • Saten: "Found you. I'm going to exact sweet revenge for my cute eyebrows."―said to Miho.
  • Mikoto: "Our little game of tag... ends here."―said to Miho.
  • Miho: "It was during the Spring... I was enjoying the warm sun. I was so innocent then. I thought that those happy times could last forever... But... Spring ended."―regarding her backstory.
  • Miho: "I hate the guy who dumped me. And I hate the Tokiwadai girl who stole him from me. But above all... I hate all the eyebrows in this world! That's why! I decided to give everyone weird eyebrows!"
  • Kuroko: "Such a sinful woman!"―said to the queer situation regarding Miho blushing at Saten's compliments.


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