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"A Certain Pair of New Trainees" (とある二人の新人研修 Toaru Futari no Shinjin Kenkyū?) is the fifth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series. The episode was first broadcasted on October 31, 2009.


It was a year ago, back in autumn, and in that clear skies of that white city, a young girl with hair in twin tails, Shirai Kuroko is training with prospective Judgment recruits in a barren field in School District 2. Saying prospective, as she is different, for she is already a member of Judgment, and a great displeasure passes over her mind as she continues doing drills. One of the recruits next to her, is a girl with flowers in her hair, who collapses after barely making one push up. Her name is Uiharu Kazari. Later, in a shadowy corner of the facility, Uiharu Kazari pants, apparently tired of the drills a while ago. However, Kuroko comes over, smiling and allowing Uiharu to use her water bottle. She later tells Uiharu on how she is already a full-fledged member of Judgment for over a year, much to Uiharu's amazement. Uiharu assumes that Kuroko is already working on crime scenes, to which Kuroko reluctantly confirms. However, sadness passes by Uiharu, as she states that it is impossible for her, as she is slow, but believes that if she joined Judgment, that slow part of her would change, though she knows that she cannot even keep up with the training. Kuroko says to Uiharu that she should follow her convictions and take actions you deem right, one of the tenets of Judgment. Kuroko says that if one has the will to follow through with your beliefs, the results will follow naturally.

Back in the present, Kuroko and Uiharu are scouring a school for places to install security cameras. Kuroko is dismayed by the school's lack of vigilance over this, and insults the Judgment branch that presides over the school. Uiharu says that she is glad however, that they did it before anything bad would occur. Of course, she tempted fate with this, and a car alarm rings out nearby, prompting them into action. They find the culprit rummaging through a car, which has been obviously broken into, in broad daylight, which Kuroko cannot help but point out. Kuroko tries to charge forward, but Uiharu tells her to wait for back-up. Kuroko ignores her advise, and tells her to wait on standby, as she charges towards the culprit. Kuroko goes on with the usual routine, surprising the man, but Uiharu came near and tells her that she should be wary of other culprits. However, Kuroko tells her that how many does not matter to her, as it is simply a car burglary. She walks casually towards the culprit, telling him to come with her quietly. However, the car door that was being stolen into, opens suddenly and hits Kuroko, flinging her middle schooler body back. The man that did it, tells his accomplice that they need to beat it. Uiharu sees them escaping but asks them to stop. But they obviously did not heed her pleads, as the man who hit Kuroko, also hits Uiharu with a shock of electricity from his stun gun. Uiharu falls to the ground, and as Kuroko comes to, discovers what had happened, and comes towards her. Kuroko tells Uiharu to get a grip, and she slowly comes to, and sits up, telling Kuroko that she is fine, much to Kuroko's relief. She then asks what happened to the culprits, to which says that they got away, and notes that Uiharu still doesn't have enough experience, as if she forgot that she fell first. Kuroko then tells her that she should just be her backup from the branch. Feeling belittled, Uiharu says to Kuroko that she told her, nay, warned her that there may be more than one culprit, and reminds Kuroko that she was the one who ignored her warnings. Uiharu doesn't let Kuroko defend herself, and says that Kuroko is always like that, always acting on her own, and the reason why she has to write apology letters. Kuroko has had enough, and asks when she acts on her own, to which Uiharu replies all the time. Uiharu says that they could've waited for backup, but Kuroko says that if they don't act fast the criminals can get away. But Uiharu says that Kuroko should reflect on her actions more, and reminds her of the promise they made. Kuroko tries to reply, but then remembers that she has forgotten the "promise." Uiharu asks if she doesn't remember, to which her hesitating actions reflect on the answer. She has forgotten. Uiharu yells at Kuroko, saying that if that's how it is, then she doesn't care anymore, and that she can do whatever she wants.

It's after class, and Saten once again pays a visit to the Uiharu's Judgment branch, much to Mii's chagrin, saying that the branch isn't some meeting place. Saten says she understands with a carefree smile on her face. She says that there is an important reason why she came here today, and shows her remedial homework, and hopes that Uiharu could help her. Mii gives up and points Saten towards Uiharu, who is reading a book, but warns her that she is not in the mood. Regardless, Saten flips her skirt, again, and comments on her panties, but is strangely unperturbed by this. Saten asks what happened, to which Mii says that it's because something happened between her and Kuroko, and later explains it to her. Mii says that she should leave her be for a while, pouting, Saten asks why Uiharu couldn't just quit Judgment, surprising Mii. She states the importance of Judgment in Academy City, and tells Saten that is not something that just can easily be thrown aside. Saten asks if it's all right if they let them be, to which Mii states that they can't do that as well, but believes that it will be all right. Saten asks if there is something between Kuroko and Uiharu that Mii knows, to which Mii smiles, and asks her if she wants to know about it.

Back in Tokiwadai Dormitory, Kuroko is restless, and very noisy. Mikoto tells her off, and tells her that if it bothers her so much, then she should just apologize. Kuroko can't reply, but stops with her noisy tossing and turning. Mikoto says that at this rate, Uiharu is really going to get fed up with her and end their partnership. Kuroko says that if what had happened is enough to end it, there wasn't much at all to begin with. Mikoto says that Kuroko is just acting tough, to which she denies. Mikoto then asks why Uiharu and Kuroko are partners despite having completely different personalities. Kuroko says, for her, that she didn't plan to in the first place as Uiharu was a slow and useless girl, but...

Autumn has come and made the trees bare from their leaves, as she makes way for the coming of Winter. A young girl with the flowers of Spring, Uiharu Kazari, walks upon the lanes of School District 7. At the same time as this, a younger, pre-growth spurt Kuroko has just finished her patrol with her senpai, Konori Mii. However, she then asks something from her senpai: she's been in Judgment for over a year, so why is she still relegated to odd jobs and patrol duties with her? Mii tells her that maybe that she's only angry because her high grades don't warrant their half-baked jobs. Kuroko becomes surprised but tells her that is not the reason. Kuroko asks if it's because she is still in elementary school, and shows off a really disappointed face. While rubbing her head, Mii says that it isn't just a matter of age, but it is because of her desire become more independent due to her great potential, but tells her that if she doesn't rely more on others then she'll be in real trouble. Kuroko pulls off an unbelieving face, to which Mii asks not to do it, and tells her that she will buy Kuroko something sweet as a reward for all her hardwork. Mii leaves and tells Kuroko to wait as she will withdraw some cash, much to her frustration as she believes that Mii is still treating her like a child.

Mii is apparently fine with Kuroko waiting in the lobby of the bank, despite saying she should wait behind. Looking around, Kuroko finds it sparsely populated, with some sitting on the benches. Then a familiar girl enters the building, it is Uiharu, for some reason. Kuroko asks her what she is doing in the 7th district, to which she states that since middle school is coming up she is looking for schools and dorms here. Kuroko asks for whom is she looking for, to which Uiharu naturally replies that it is for her, much to Kuroko's surprise, believing her to be a year or two lower than her. On the subject of middle schools, Uiharu asks what middle school she's going to, to which Kuroko replies that she's going to attend Tokiwadai Middles School. Hearing this, Uiharu becomes estatic after hearing this, noting the school's prestigiousness. Kuroko however, takes Uiharu out of dreamland, while a man with a big bag enters. She tells that that it's not all pretty. In Tokiwadai Middle School, level 3 or higher rich girls with no real world experience attend, as a result, it's full of people who think they're superior to everyone else. And also, in contempt, tells of the Level 5 Railgun attending there as well, and refers to her as a girl with terrible personality. Some distance away, a certain scientific railgun, sneezes. Uiharu comments on how Kuroko has no problem in badmouthing people she doesn't even know. Kuroko tries to ask what Uiharu is doing in the post office, but is distracted by Mii's strange behavior. Excusing herself from Uiharu, she comes towards her senpai, and asks if there is some problem. Mii gestures Kuroko to be silent, and points to the man who entered with a bag earlier. According to Mii, he is apparently checking the locations of the workers and what they're working on. Mii comes close towards Kuroko, and says that she doesn't like spying on people's belongings without permission, but would make an exception this time. Mii uses her Clairvoyance, and checks out the man's belongings, and much to her horror discovers a pistol in his grasp. Kuroko asks if it would become a robbery, and Mii says that she will try to warn the employees and tells Kuroko to prepare to lead the customers in the worst case scenario. Kuroko asks why she would not arrest him, to which Mii replies that Kuroko should not make stupid ideas at this crucial moment and tells her to leave the arresting to the Anti-Skill. Kuroko understands but is disappointed, and asks why they could be so passive. Mii goes to one of the employees and tells that she should contact Anti-Skill immediately, but it is already too late. A gunshot is fired into the air, and everyone falls into silence. The robber demands not to make any movements, and not to make the fuss. With fear over the populace, Mii is frustrated that the robber made the first move. Suddenly, Kuroko runs forward with great speed, and with the force her kick, and the leverage of the man's own weight, manages to topple the robber swiftly. The man does not see it coming, and is quickly taken down, as his gun slides away. Kuroko is panting, probably because more of nervousness rather than exhaustion. Kuroko tempts fate, and believe that it was simple. However, she hears a short cry, it is Uiharu being grabbed by some guy with a poor choice of jackets, and what's more he has a knife, making this a hostage situation. The man complains about how the guy with the gun was easily taken down by a child, believing him to be pathetic. Kuroko screams Uiharu's name as the knife comes closer towards her. Realizing Kuroko's mistake, the man takes advantage of him having a hostage that is close to the only person that could take him down, and smiles.

Uiharu squirms as the man pushes the knife nearer towards her. The man asks if Kuroko is part of Judgment, and asks if he is correct in his assumption that Judgment doesn't abandon hostages, much less people they know, much to Kuroko's consternation. While the man taunts Kuroko, the manager presses the alarm under the counter, closing down the shutters, and trapping everyone inside, exacerbating the situation, much to Mii's frustration. However, help comes in the form of the Security Robot, warning the intruder. The man stands back, and goes to his pockets, which Mii notices. As the robot uses its legs to make itself more intimidating, and opens itself up, preparing to take down the man. The robot runs towards the man, closely followed by Kuroko, surprising Mii. Suddenly, the man throws something and the robot explodes, but at the nick of time, Mii manages to save Kuroko, but at the cost of her own welfare. Uiharu squirms, but the man still clamps her down. He smiles, glad that he took out the robot, though a little bit surprised that he hit someone else. Kuroko tries to find her bearings, and discovers that Mii is injured, with shrapnel lodged into her and it bleeding. This is the result of Kuroko's blockheaded recklessness. As Mii flickers into the threshold of unconsciousness, she reminds her not to charge towards an enemy without Intel, a sound advice that future Kuroko has forgotten. Before she can do anything, Kuroko is kicked in the face by the robber, still grabbing Uiharu. With Kuroko down, he steps on her feet, as a form of torture. Seeing this, Uiharu cannot help but become tearful. However, Kuroko has not fallen, figuratively, yet. As she lies on the floor, Kuroko blames herself, for being so reckless and charging into the heat, that Uiharu Kazari and Konori Mii are in this situation. Kuroko manages to stand up as the man is distracted by Uiharu's cries. Kuroko tries to reach towards Uiharu, but her hand is pounded by the man's feet. Uiharu asks for the man to stop, but she and the man suddenly realizes that Kuroko's other hand has reached Uiharu, and intending to save her. With one touch, Uiharu Kazari is no more in the post office, but on the outside. Realizing that Kuroko is a teleporter, Uiharu asks why was she the only one teleported. It is then revealed that Kuroko is unable to teleport herself, but what's more, even if he could, the incident isn't resolved yet. Angered by this, the man hits Kuroko again, and Uiharu could still hear it. Desperate, Uiharu screams for help. At the same time as this, a certain girl from a prestigious school happens to notice her.

Back in the post office, the robber tries to guess what Kuroko is thinking: It has been a while since the alarm rang. Anti-Skill will be coming soon, if Kuroko keeps him busy long enough as so he won't be able to take hostages, then she wins. The man is correct as Kuroko becomes frustrated. The robber says that he isn't actually at all trapped just as she believed. He takes from his pocket a small lead ball, and throws it to the side. The ball, slowly but constantly, moves at the same speed as well as the fact that it is somehow unaffected by gravity. The lead ball cracks the windows, and then rips apart the metal shutters before falling straight into the ground. Kuroko is horrified by this, as the man explains his power. It is Equal Speed, anything he throws will continue to at the same speed until it breaks or he stops it. The man continues to throw several lead balls as he gloats, and finally manages to make a hole large enough for him to escape to. As Kuroko stares at the man's power, the man calls out to him as apparently there is no time left. He demands Kuroko to use her power to extract money from the ATM machines, with a promise that if she does it, he'll let everyone go. Kuroko however is surprised by this, and ponders for a while, as the man continues speaking. He says that she should join him, and that if they worked together then they'd be invincible. Kuroko looks upon her injury, and concludes to herself that this was her worst "real" first job ever. She acted rashfully and impatiently, and got everyone caught up. However... Kuroko clenches her fist and stands up again. She tells him that she absolutely refuses, and calls the man out on his cowardice for attacking a post office. Meanwhile, Uiharu is still pleading for help from the apathetic masses, but hears Kuroko yelling. It is of her determination for her justice to never waver. The man is not amused by her blustering, and is apparently disappointed. Meanwhile, Kuroko prepares for an attack, and determines that his ability may have power but is not very fast. She determines that as long as her legs work, then she could triumph. All of a sudden, the man throws several lead balls towards her with considerable speed, destroying Kuroko's predictions. Just as the balls close in around her, time seems to slow down, and at that moment, something queer happens. Suddenly, a powerful and hot beam of light comes from the outside, completely melting the balls of lead. Surprised, Kuroko however, is alert enough to not be distracted by theatrics, and closes the distance between her and the man. And with her training, taker him down to the floor, but not before he takes another lead ball directed towards her puny head. However, Kuroko boasts on how they could test whether his lead balls are faster than her teleportation, forcing the man to concede to being defeated.

With that, the crowd sighs a heavily with relief, and begins to cheer, while Uiharu faints as the sirens of the Anti-Skill fill the air. Mikoto however, smiles and later leaves, not taking any credit for her deed that day. While information is getting collated, and Mii and Kuroko are getting treated, Uiharu compliments Kuroko for his work on that day, though Kuroko still wonders what has happened when she happened upon that beam of light. Uiharu says to Kuroko, that she promises to follow what she said to her on that day they met back in School District 2, and that her justice too, will never waver, and that she will never lose heart. And one day, that she will be a Judgment member just like her. Kuroko sighs, but smiles, and says that she will make that promise too. Kuroko says that she thought she could do anything on her own, but that was just her illusion that was now broken. So for now on, she promises and asks Uiharu to have them work together in growing competent. She lets out her hand towards Uiharu, and she accepts. It was a promise of growing up, on that day whither Autumn has already visited, in that white city in a marvelous yellow sunset.

Back in the present day, the framing device has finished its duty. It was not at all that long after Kuroko has told the story to Misaka Mikoto. She says that it was a nice story, though then wonders what's wrong. Apparently, Kuroko has just remembered their promise, and asks herself how she is able to apologize to Uiharu now. Suddenly, there is a call for Kuroko, and much to her surprise it's about Uiharu Kazari. Konori Mii says that she had just ran out after identifying the vehicular burglars, and that she has been searching for them ever since their failure. Konori the asks what Kuroko intends to do now, as Saten sips on her drink. Kuroko tries to reply, but Mikoto answers her questions for her: "Follow your convictions and take actions you deem right. Mikoto says that it's all right as long as she can take her face to face and keep on going.

And that's how it is... Uiharu continues running in some part of town, and is later joined up by Kuroko, who teleports in. Kuroko asks what Uiharu is complaining about, a terrible attempt on an apology. While blushing, she keeps running forward and tells that at this rate, they'll never become professionals, to which Uiharu could only smile as she follows closely behind. Back with Mikoto, she comments on how the two of them seem restless, while with Mii and Saten, both comment on how their restlessness is part of their youthfulness.

The both of them keep on running on that seemingly endless colored horizon. Of course, Uiharu ruins this prose, by complaining on how Kuroko is running too fast, to which Kuroko comments on how she is too soft. She states that she will overtake her, using teleportation, much to Uiharu's chagrin.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko's partnership remains strong.



New abilities


New Locations


  • Episode marks the first appearance of the Tokiwadai winter uniform.
  • This marks the first time the security robot are capable of taking down a grown man, though it is not shown.
  • Yanagisako Aomi's role as a member of Judgment, and the one who later treats Mii is replaced by Tessou Tsuzuri in this episode, she will not appear until the 15th episode of Railgun.

Cultural References


Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • When Clairvoyance is used and is seen in Mii's perspective, the central colors are inverted.
  • Amour de Pierres, a sign that appears in School Garden in the 3rd episode during Mikoto sneezing after being badmouthed by Kuroko.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How could Mikoto know that there wasn't any people in the way of her Railgun when she fired it into the gloomy lit post office?


  • Kuroko: "Follow your convictions and take the actions you deem right. That's one of the tenets of Judgment. If you have the will to follow through with your beliefs, the results will follow naturally."―Young Kuroko to young Uiharu.
  • Kuroko: "If this is enough to end it, then there wasn't much to our relationship to begin with."―To Mikoto, regarding her relationship with Kuroko.
  • Mii: "In your case, you want to be more independent because you have such great potential. But if you don't rely on those around you a little more, it'll be dangerous."―To young Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: "Student life there has got to be elegant and dreamy! It's not just a pretty life in reality, you know. Rich people with no real-world experience and all the students are Level 3 or higher. As a result, it's full of people who think they're superior to everyone else."―On Tokiwadai Middle School.
  • Mii: "Don't charge into an enemy... without intel. Remember that."―To young Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: "That's right, I... absolutely refuse. Team up? Unfortunately, pathetic cowards who would attack a post office aren't my type. Besides, I... My heart is already set. My justice... will never waver!"―To the Equal Speed robber.
  • Kuroko: "Shall we test whether your metal spheres or my teleport is faster?"―To the Equal Speed robber.
  • Uiharu: "I promise. "Follow your convictions and take the actions you deem right!" My justice will never waver either. I'll never lose heart. And I'll be a Judgment agent just like you!"―To Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: ",Let me make that promise too. Up till now, I thought I could do anything alone. But that was delusional. So from now on, will you work together with me in growing competent?"―To Uiharu.


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