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"Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to Such Things" (こういうことにはみんな積極的なんですよ Kō Iu Koto ni wa Minna Sekkyokuteki Nan desu yo?) is the sixth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series. The episode was first broadcasted on November 7, 2009.


As we continue on with the story in Academy City, an innocent looking teddy bear doll is lodged inside a bush, near a busy throughfare, seemingly innocuous. But suddenly, it begins to tremble, and collapse upon itself, as if gravity is sucking it into itself. A pop sounds off, surprising some people, believing it to be a firework, though they have yet to learn the grim truth.

Back with Mikoto and Kuroko, the former once again kicks a can out of a certain vending machine without paying, and this time no Security Robots to bother them. Mikoto references a case that Kuroko has been up in arms about, and is apparently the fifth incident now. There are apparently small explosions around the city, though they are small scale and no one has been injured, yet. However, both of them notes that it is not very funny if it's meant to be a practical joke. Mikoto then asks if there are any clues yet. Kuroko answers but is mildly disappointed, and asks if Mikoto has ever heard of gravitons. Mikoto obviously says gravitons are particles that mediates gravitation. Kuroko notes that in all cases just before an explosion, satellites have picked up a rapid acceleration of gravitons, using aluminium as an origin point, the user forces gravitons to accelerate explosively, scattering the aluminium into the surroundings. Basically, the user turns the aluminium into an explosive. Kuroko doesn't know why they use of aluminium, but if this is the case, then an esper is obviously behind the bombings, and tells Kuroko that they could find the culprit if they searched through the banks, as all the student's abilities are registered there. Kuroko sighs however, saying that they have already tried it, and has found that the closest to matching the crime is the ability known as Synchrotron, and the only one who could possibly use aluminium to make this explode is a Level 4 student, Kushiro Katabira. Mikoto says that she should be the culprit, but Kuroko notes on how that the girl has been in a coma while the crimes have been going on, making it impossible for her to be the culprit. Kuroko also says that she doubts there are any problems with the Bank, to which Mikoto enthusiastically says that it could be the work an esper that isn't registered yet. Mikoto then suggests to Kuroko that she should help her find the culprit, but Kuroko immediately refuses her offer. Kuroko then guesses thoughts, saying that Mikoto may go after the culprit herself believing them to be a powerful esper. Mikoto tries to deny it, but Kuroko could see right through her. Kuroko reminds Mikoto that she is but a mere civilian, and maintaining order is the responsibility of Judgment. Mikoto knows that and comments on it with a wry smile on her face, however, Kuroko tells her that she is mistaken if she can do Judgment work out of curiosity. Angry, Mikoto reiterates that it is not her intention, however, Kuroko points to her that she'll have Mikoto promise to her: First, not to run recklessly into trouble. Mikoto tries to defend herself, but is interrupted by Kuroko, saying the second demand: That if she happens to run into trouble by chance, she is forbidden to fight alone, and that she should wait for Judgment to arrive. Mikoto comments on how that it'd be all over by the time Judgment arrives. And third: She shouldn't wear shorts under her skirt. Mikoto becomes red, and tells that the last part has nothing to do with anything. Kuroko notes that while they are it, she should have Mikoto at least reconsider her clothing and attitude. Kuroko says that she is becoming more distressed on how Mikoto is lacking in her awareness with her status the Ace of Tokiwadai, Mikoto tries to interrupt, but Kuroko doesn't let her She says that if Mikoto even had the slightest awareness, then she would not hug her teddy bear while she slept, or find Gekota floating in the bath entertaining, and she'd have ended her childish interests. Slowly, Mikoto becomes angrier and angrier as she hears Kuroko's long tirade. Kuroko keeps ranting on about her childish pyjamas, something that is unbecoming of the third Level 5 of Academy City.

It finally boils over, and Mikoto screams to the heavens... inside a certain restaurant. Uiharu is with her for some reason, to which Mikoto asks for her opinion. Uiharu however, asks Mikoto to take a seat first, once again embarrassing herself in a dining establishment. After Mikoto makes a weak laugh and calms down, Uiharu says that in her opinion, Kuroko just doesn't want her to get involved in dangerous things, much to Mikoto's chagrin. Uiharu then talks about the "graviton case," and tells her about at first it was just empty cans in garbage bins, but now it has involved normally harmless things like stuffed animals and children's bags. According to Uiharu, this may be the reason why Kuroko has been more worried about Mikoto. Their conversation however, is interrupted by the arrival of a waitress delivering Uiharu's jumbo parfait. She tries to dig in, but a familiar voice stops her from doing so. It is Kuroko, apparently peeved at Uiharu, she notices Mikoto but the latter ignores her. Kuroko berates Uiharu for slacking off, and the tries to drag her away, despite the latter's remonstrations, as she still has a parfait to finish. Mikoto then says that she was the one who asked Uiharu, and if she has any complaints, Kuroko should direct them to her. Kuroko then says that it is a Judgment issue, to which Mikoto replies if the opinion of a civilian like her doesn't mean anything. Kuroko then says to her Oneesama that the work of Judgment isn't as simple as she thinks, surprising her. Kuroko drags Uiharu away, to which Mikoto demands them to wait, though Kuroko ignores her. Wondering why Kuroko is acting so all high and mighty, Mikoto complains about her obsession with Judgment. She talks to herself on how she should get their faster before she beat up all the bad guys. However, she then notices a certain armband—Uiharu's.

Mikoto goes outside with the armband around her hand, but discovers that they're long gone. All of a sudden, she hears a serious voice call for her, complaining of her lounging around and not on duty. It is Konori Mii, but Mikoto could not have possibly met her, because they have never met up until this point. Mikoto tries to ask if Mii is referring to her, to which she says yes, referring to her as some sort of colleague. Mikoto realizes that she has Uiharu's armband and tries to point that out to Mii, but she will have none of it, as she tries to drag her away. Mikoto asks where they are going, to which Mii says to work. Mii then believes that there is something wrong with the Judgment colleague she is with, and says that she has never seen her before, and asks if she is a new recruit. Mikoto grins, and realizes that this might be her chance to prove Kuroko wrong. Mikoto lies, and says that she is a new recruit, and she was just assigned. Mii tries to ponder on the name Misaka, as she heard it somewhere before. Mikoto asks her name, to which Mii replies, saying that she is Konori Mii from Judgment 177 Branch Office. Mikoto does all the usual respectful stuff, bowing and calling Mii with honorifics, which Mii accepts. Meanwhile, Mikoto's machinates her plans in showing off to Kuroko, that she is also capable of working in Judgment too—even if she has to face arrows or guns.

However, not all is what it seems. In front of some store, Mii hands Mikoto a broom. Mikoto asks what she is on all about, to which Mii says that they were given a request to clean up the store, apparently, no Cleaning Robots could be found. Mii tells that since they are part of Judgment, then they also have the privilege to clean up the mess other students make. Mii the asks if didn't Mikoto learn that from training. Mikoto just laughs it off, however, making Mii wonder about her. As Mikoto continues sweeping on the floor, Mikoto wonders what she is doing is truly a Judgment job. Then, a man comes by and throws a crumpled paper directly upon the spot where Mikoto was cleaning, surprising her, and asking the man to stop. The man notices this, but also requests Mikoto to take care of the can he has emptied, throwing it on the ground. This does not bode well, as sparks fly out of Mikoto, and as the man goes farther away, Mikoto attacks the defenseless man, and taunts him. However, Mii of course notices, and with a flick of the broom handle on her, ends her taunting and attack.

Back with Kuroko and Uiharu, the former notes the latter for being so careless and leaving her armband. Uiharu comes out of the Julian Restaurant, and reports that it wasn't there to Kuroko. Kuroko says that it can't be helped and that they'll just have to write an apology letter. Kuroko says that they should go back to the branch in the meantime, but stops as she sees a little girl crying at the side of the road. Uiharu and Kuroko approach her, with the former asking if she is lost. Meanwhile, Mii berates Mikoto for using her powers thoughtlessly. Mikoto tries to explain, but Mii states that protecting order and using force are separate things. Mikoto tries to refer to the training that she never took, but Mii says that she should use common sense rather than what her training told her, much to Mikoto's chagrin. Mikoto then begins to imagine Kuroko's reaction, irritating her. Determined, Mikoto tells Mii that she will work hard, and promises to do her job properly.

We then get to see a montage of Mikoto trying to do her best. First Mikoto tries to give directions, but fails as the asker was already helped by Mii. Second is helping a kid with his remote-controlled helicopter, to which ends in disaster as Mikoto overloads the child's toy. The third is Mikoto misunderstanding a couple flirting with each other, much to her embarrassment. Mikoto and Mii later rest up near Crepe Rablm, where Mii treats Mikoto to a crepe. Mii asks if the actual Judgment field work is different from the training. Mikoto agrees, and says that she never realizes that she couldn't read maps or is terrible at reading moods. Hearing her, Mii relates to how she was bad when she was just beginning too, and tells that it takes a bit of work even if you know the city. Hearing her anecdote, Mikoto smiles. Then, Mii gets a call, and tells Mikoto that they have a request to look for something—a bag. Hearing the word bag, Mikoto suddenly recalls what Uiharu told her about the bags and toys that contain the bombs. Mikoto asks if it's a children's bag, to which Mii says yes, describing the bag with pink flowers on it, and being stolen by a dog after it was left on a bench. Hearing this, Mikoto says to Mii that it's bad and that they should catch the dog quickly. Mii agrees, saying that it'll be a hassle if it gets dropped, and that someone picking up and taking it somewhere. Worried, Mikoto urges Mii to recover it quickly, to which a surprised Mii agrees.

In a narrow alleyway, Mikoto inches herself into it, trying to search for the bag that was taken away. Mii apologizes to Mikoto as she cannot fit inside the alleyway. Then, Mikoto notices something, to which Mii asks what was going on. Apparently, something with many legs has shown itself to Mikoto, to which Mikoto screams not to come near her. Next, they are in a grassy river bank, still with the same goal, but suddenly notices something with no legs. She later screams and runs away afterwards. Then next to a bridge, Mii and Mikoto work together to search for the bag, with Mikoto on the bottom. Mikoto notes on how they are looking for a dog, and no matter how they look at it, they're looking at the wrong places. Mii then asks Mikoto to move them to the right, which Mikoto struggles to comply. Suddenly, a hairy worm-like creature falls down in front of Mikoto, she struggles with her footing, and of course, falls down as a result.

Meanwhile, back in the 177th Judgment Branch, Kuroko receives a disappointing call as the caller says that the bag isn't it in their area as well. After ending the call, Saten once again intrudes into the office, looking for Uiharu Kazari. Kuroko points Saten towards her as she receives another call. Finding her, she shushed by Uiharu, as she finds a young with pigtails sleeping on her lap. Saten jokes on Uiharu having a child, and they go into an argument where Saten completely dominates Uiharu with her teasing. The child stirs in her sleep, and has the gull to tell Uiharu to be quiet, to which Uiharu says it was her fault. After apologizing to Uiharu, she asks about to the child. Uiharu says that she is a child who requested for help finding a lost bag, since it was given to her by her parents as a birthday present. Uiharu says that while they ask help from the other branches, she is keeping an eye on her. Saten says that asking help from other branches may be a bit overboard, to which Uiharu replies that being part of Academy City means being separated from one's family, and as such they are concerned when it comes to these kind of things. Hearing this, Saten takes out a good luck amulet, an Omamari, but we know not what it is over. Hearing Uiharu, Saten states with a calm voice that Judgment seems to do all sorts of things, and smiles as the girl sleeps on Uiharu's lap, and indicates that it must be hard.

Mikoto is facing her own hardship, as she keeps on her charade as a member of Judgment. Walking by a footpath, she is looking for Mii, who has apparently gone astray from her sights. Meanwhile, she passes by a man with heads phone and a couple of goons, but then, the man with the headphones and one of the goons bump into each other, prompting one of them to punch him in the face. Mikoto notices this, and demands answers, by they all just ignore her, and call her noisy. Mikoto is infuriated, but remembering her debacle a while ago, stays her hand from attacking. She goes towards the man who just got beat up. He is angry, and tells Mikoto to have come to his aid faster, and quickly leaves, making Mikoto wonder what is up with the man. Mii then comes up to her, and asks if she has found the bag, though Mikoto says that she doesn't. Mii is out of places to look but one.

They are in children's playground, and naturally, they are lots of children there, making Mikoto worried. Mii says that the children may not be able to handle dogs, but Mikoto, still fixated with the bomb, says that is not the case, to which Mii says that the kids may get bitten. Mikoto tries to clear the misunderstanding, but Mii says that they should go start searching now. Separating ways, Mikoto is come upon by children, asking if she is with Judgment, commenting on her being from Tokiwadai, and being a rich girl. Mikoto can't handle it, but suddenly, someone tugs her skirt. Is one of the kids, having no delicacy, and comments on how Mikoto is wearing shorts under there. They ponder on the presence of shorts, and a child comes towards Mikoto asking her why she isn't wearing normal panties. Mikoto tries to say that she wears them underneath, but is called by the kids as wearing no panties, angering her. Then a dog comes along with a bag in its jaws, and Mikoto gives chase. Mii is alarmed by this, and tries to follow, but falls to the ground, leaving Mikoto to get the dog herself. The dog is outrunning Mikoto, and with little choice, she is forced to user her electricity to scare it, causing damage to public property in the process. Mikoto captures the dog but can't find the bag anywhere. However, much to her horror, the bag is falling into a fountain. As if distorting reality, Mikoto is apparently quick enough to catch the bag before it hit the water, at the expense of being dry. Mii and the kids are impressed. Mii commends Mikoto for her work as she takes the bag from her, much to Mikoto's surprise, as she is worried on how Mii handles a bomb, confusing Mii.

It is already evening, and Uiharu and Kuroko - with the bag, arrive at the playground. Mii has the bag, and as soon as the girl sees it, she rushes towards it, smiling as if all the worries of the world are gone. Mii reminds her to not lose it again, to which the girls says she will. Uiharu and Kuroko say good job to her, proud of their Konori-senpai. However, Mii notes that she wasn't the one who found it, and turns around to the source. Uiharu and Kuroko turn to look, and sees, much to their surprise, it is Mikoto. Mii wonders if they know her, to which Uiharu replies that she is Misaka Mikoto of Tokiwadai Middle School. Hearing this, Mii realizes that she just spent the day with Misaka Mikoto, the Railgun. Uiharu wonders why she did so, and Kuroko wonders why she is dripping wet. Mii explains that Mikoto jumped into the fountain to protect the bag as she thought it was a bomb. Hearing this, Uiharu sees the Judgment armband she lost a while back, frustrating Kuroko. Uiharu however, comments on how it is just like Mikoto to do such a thing. With Mikoto, she is still oblivious that she has been had as she is tired. However, she then realizes that Kuroko is right in front of her. Mikoto tries to explain, but Mii says there is no need to make a fuss, and acknowledges Mikoto as the Railgun. Mikoto panics, but then sees Uiharu with the little bag girl, who urges her to do something. In the end, the bag girl thanks Mikoto, and after much embarrassment, say that she is welcome, smiling as the sun is cut in two by the horizon.

Back in Tokiwadai Dorm, Mikoto is tired after a hectic day. Kuroko says that is what she gets for pretending to be Judgment just because she got angry, and hopes that Mikoto has learned her lesson. Mikoto then says being Judgment is tough work and states that she now sees Kuroko in a better light. Hearing this, Kuroko goes into pervert mode, saying that she has longed for this day to come. She disrobes herself, and allows Mikoto to look at her stark naked body, while having stars in her eyes. Seeing the abject horror before her, Mikoto dodges Kuroko's attempts to get closer to her, and as the loudness of their voices heightened, their dorm room's door opens, and crushes Kuroko with it accurately. It is the Dorm Supervisor, and Mikoto could only smile awkwardly. As the night turns late, she tells it like it is—they're noisy.

But there is no rest for the wicked. Two Judgment members enter Green Mart, declaring the place to be unsafe and to evacuate immediately. The manager asks what is the matter, to which the woman Judgment says that a graviton acceleration has been detected in his store. Basically, there is a possibility that there is a bomb in the store, prompting the people to panic and leave the store. While she talks with the manager, her partner searches the shelves and aisles for the bomb. However, he then hears a girl shriek, apparently hurting her leg due to the panic. Seeing how she is, the man tries to help her move. However, he then discovers a doll under the shelf, collapsing into itself. It is the bomb. It explodes, rocking the store. The Judgment girl has protected the manager with the help of her shield. She goes to the girl near ground zero, but soon discovers the truth. Truly, the young man is a shield of the denizens of Academy City, as he protected the girl with his own body.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Misaka Mikoto meets Konori Mii.
  • The girls meet Hazamaya Kana.
  • The graviton bomber continues with his bombing spree.


New Characters


New Abilities


New Locations


  • Uiharu's love affair with parfaits is shown for the first time.
  • Uiharu title drops the name of the episode.
  • The soundtrack known as Anti-Skill is played during Judgment's entering of Green Mart.
  • The Judgment boy and the girl will not appear again in the anime until Railgun T Episode 14, but inbetween these appearances, they later reappear in the manga later into the Sisters Arc, apparently going in a date (in which was cut in the adaptation).

Cultural References


  • Kuroko references Kirugumar, a teddy bear that Mikoto keeps that was first shown in episode 11 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation.
  • Book-On, which was first seen in episode 11, is shown during the part of the montage where Mikoto misunderstand the couples flirting. The alleyway where the couple is talking is also the same alleyway where Touma would eventually find Misaka 10031's corpse after being killed by Accelerator.

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the original manga, Konori Mii is the one who enters the store, and protects the manager, while the unnamed Judgment girl is the one who shows Mikoto the ropes in Judgment.

Animation Trivia

  • Mikoto is physically shorter than Mii, but during the store scene, they are both shown to be of the same height. The heights of several characters, most specifically that Saten Ruiko would fluctuate several times during the course of the series.
  • This is the first episode where an episode content still occurs after the end of the ED.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why does the bomber use aluminums as a medium?
  • Who is the kid with the glasses?
  • Why isn't Mikoto reprimanded for destroying public property and impersonating a member of Judgment?
  • What is that Omamori that Saten signify?
  • Is the Judgment personnel caught in the explosion all right?


  • Mikoto: "Are you my mother?!"―Regarding Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: "U—i—ha—ru!"
  • Mikoto: "I'll show her I'm perfectly capable of Judgment work too. Arrows or guns, bring it on!"
  • Uiharu: "A fundamental aspect of Academy City is being separated from your family. Everyone's concerned when it comes to these kind of things, you know."―To Saten.
  • Children: "No panties! No panties Judgment!"―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "Objective safely acquired!"―After saving the bag.
  • Mii: "There's no need to kick up a fuss, Tokiwadai's Railgun-san."
  • Mikoto: "Judgment really is tough work... I see you in a better light now."―To Kuroko.


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