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"Abilities and Power" (能力とちから Nōryoku to Chikara?) is the seventh episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaption. It was first aired on November 14, 2009.


A shadow of fear crawls underneath Academy City. It has been a week since the first victim a week ago, but the graviton incidents have been increasing in power and scale. It is enough to warrant Judgment 177 Branch Office to round up its members for a meeting by Konori Mii. She states that they have yet to find any leads, and that despite the use of Psychometry, there were no results yielded. She says that they have to cooperate with Anti-Skill to harden their guard and solve the case, in order to prevent more victims.

Meanwhile, a scrawny young man wearing glasses is stopped by a bunch of thugs under the bridge, and though he gets roughed up and mugged, an angry look draws upon his face. However, even then, he still keeps on his headphones.

We are with Mikoto and Kuroko, walking together in a nice day. However, Kuroko then yawns, prompting Mikoto to ask if she is all right, as she has been up late again, investigating the graviton case last night. Kuroko says that since they're not making any progress, they have to keep checking it over to see if they have missed anything. Mikoto says that it is great to be passionate about work, but tells her not to overdo it. Kuroko misunderstands or willfully misunderstand Mikoto's intentions again, and go crazy over it, asking her to sleep together with her, and try to kiss her, but she just ignores her, prompting her to call her bashful. Meanwhile, a bus passes by, and a certain scrawny young man is seen riding it, still with headphones, and still listening to a painfully annoying sound.

In Sakugawa Middle School, the wonderful sunny day is spent in a crowded classroom. The lecture for today is AIM. As the teacher discusses AIM, Saten taps Uiharu in the back, prompting the latter to turn her head and ask. Saten asks if she wants to go shopping with her at Seventh Mist on the way home. Uiharu sounds excited by this, then realizes that she has work at Judgment to do. Like a bad influence, Saten says that it will be all right if they're quick, and just say that she is on patrol. Uiharu replies that she can't do it because of the weight of the case they are investigating Saten becomes disappointed after hearing this.

Our point-of-view then happenstances upon a certain scrawny young man with glasses. School time is over, and he is just taking his shoes from his locker, however, he is approached by some goons with ugly mugs. They ask him if he could lend them a bit of cash again. The boy nervously says that they have yet to return the cash he lent to them last time, surprising them. The sounds of flesh and bone being beaten can be heard in the back of a school building, Academy City is really not that different from the rest of Japan. The boy gets beaten and is pushed the wall by one of the thugs, saying that they'd pay him back, when they get rich of course. One of the other goons says that the boy's selling point is they have no limits, no interest, and no repayment deadline. One of the goons is disappointed after taking the remaining money from his wallet, and then they all decide to leave before Judgment arrives. But one of them says that they shouldn't worry since they always come after things are over. Alone, the boy burns with hatred, blaming Judgment for his misery, and swears at them.

Back with the 177th Judgment Branch, Kuroko and Uiharu are still hard at work with the recent graviton bombings. Kuroko disappointed that they have no clue, sighs. Uiharu says that all they really know is that the culprit must be a Level 4 or higher esper. Kuroko says that nobody in the Banks matches, and assumes that it could be an esper that attained greater powers very quickly, to which Uiharu says that it is impossible as there is no way to do that in such a short time, much to Kuroko's disappointment. Uiharu however, says that they should be patient and check the items from the start again, and Kuroko agrees.

Meanwhile, Mikoto is walking alone until she sees Saten walking alone as well, and waves at her. They later rest up in a plaza, where they lament their friends being busy with Judgment work. Saten says that she invited Uiharu to go shopping today but turned her down. Mikoto says that it can't be helped until the bomber gets caught. Saten sighs, saying that everything feels distant to her right now. Saten says that seeing Uiharu and Kuroko work in Judgment, as well as Mikoto, is amazing to her. Saten then wonders what she is doing. The talking stops and silence falls into the air between them. Saten realizes this then tries to tell to Mikoto that she is sorry for making it sound so serious, and says she was just thinking on how things might change if she had powers as well, prompting Mikoto to smile. Saten then says that she wished she had the Level Upper, and the dream of becoming a Level 5 would be easier. Mikoto becomes curious after hearing the word Level Upper, to which Saten says that it is that urban legend they were discussing before. Saten says that it is a tool that allows you to easily level up your powers. Saten then says that the Stripper Lady really existed so she thought that the Level Upper might exist as well, but laughs saying that there could be no possible way that such a thing could exist. Mikoto then suggests something to Saten, saying that they should all go.

Back in the Tokiwadai Dorm, Kuroko becomes estatic as she hears that she can go shopping with Mikoto. Mikoto says that she has talked with Saten, and then if they're off-duty they can go. Kuroko however, becomes disappointed after hearing this, but refuses her offer as she wants to do a little more investigating. Mikoto understands her plight, and tells Kuroko to do her best as Mikoto goes to sleep. In the meanwhile, the scrawny glasses boy has a huge grin on his face, as he stares on his laptop in the dark. Next to it is a frog doll that is not a Gekota, his music player, and strangely a spoon. He mentions a new world is coming. The next day, he is walking on the footpaths, still wearing his headphones, carrying his bag, and having an evil smile on his face. He mentions that he will save himself without the help of Judgment. He then notices Mikoto, Saten, and in particular, Uiharu, wearing a Judgment armband. He smiles, and takes out that queer doll, as they enter the Seventh Mist.

The girls come upon the girls' department in Seventh Mist, where Saten immediately go towards the underwear section. Showing off a daring panty to Uiharu, whom Saten tells would like to wear the panty, for when she flips her skirt. Uiharu of course, absolutely refuses. Mikoto comes over, and is asked by Saten if she is looking for something, to which she says that she is looking for pyjamas, to which an excited Uiharu shows the way. Mikoto says that she has been looking around, but couldn't find any good ones, but then notices something in the corner of her eye. It is a pyjama all right, but an incredibly kiddy one. Mikoto however, is enamored by it, and tries to get Saten's attention, saying it is cute. Saten however, states that she doubts anyone would wear something as childish as that these days. And Uiharu comments on how she used to wear those things back in elementary school. Their comments however, silence a stunned Mikoto. She then relents her opinion of it, and agrees with what Saten and Uiharu said, laughing awkwardly afterwards. Saten then says she is going to take a look at the swimsuits, with Uiharu pointing the way. With them out of the way, and busy looking at lewd underwear, however, Mikoto takes her chance and tries on one of them. However, she is not alone at looking at them—the spiky-haired boy is there as well, wondering what she is doing.

Mikoto turns red immediately, asking what he is doing there while hiding the childish pyjamas behind her. The spiky-haired boy then asks if he is not allowed to be there. Before she can reply, a cute voice calls out to him. It is the bag girl, and she is happy to see the Tokiwadai Onee-chan from the other day again. Mikoto then asks the young man if she is his younger sister, to which he denies, saying that the girl was looking for a clothing store, as such he accompanied her to this store. The girl says that the young man took her to the store, and says that she wants to look stylish like those people on television. Mikoto is glad to hear this, and says that she already thinks the girl is stylish. But the young man adds to Mikoto's words, saying "unlike a certain short person." Mikoto becomes peeved, and asks if he is looking for a fight, and says that they'll finish their fight right there and now. The boy then comments on how fighting is all what Mikoto ever thinks about, and asks if she would like to start something with so many people around, much to Mikoto's chagrin. The girl tugs on the young man's shirt, saying that she wants to look in the opposite direction. Hearing this, the young man acquiesces, and chaperons the girl. The girl says goodbye to Mikoto as they go farther away. Mikoto waves goodbye, still with the man's words on her mind. She takes a look at the pyjamas she has, and takes it back. Uiharu and Saten come back, and wonders what had happened. Apparently, fate does not seem to allow the girls and the young man to cross paths. A saddened Mikoto says nothing to their query, and goes to the washroom. After freshening up, she comments again on how she gets all weird around the young man, but stops as she sees a familiar frog doll being carried by our grinning scrawny glasses boy. Although she gets disappointed, as they are nothing alike to Gekota.

Back in the 177th Judgment Branch, both Kuroko and Mii still try to ponder on the information they have regarding the graviton bombings, as if they're the formal investigative unit of crimes in the city. Anyway, Mii suggests that it could be multiple culprits with the same power, but Kuroko says there is no way for that to be true for some apparent reason, disappointing Mii. Kuroko says the obvious fact that there might be another incident that will occur. Mii then says that they need to find a clue, since nine of their people have been already injured. Kuroko says that the injured members of Judgment may be too many, and much to their horror, they might be correct. At the same time as their eureka moment, their computers show a detection from the satellites an acceleration of gravitons at the Seventh Mist.

Still in the women's department, Uiharu receives a phone call from a hectic Kuroko. She says that the satellites have detected an explosive acceleration of gravitons. Uiharu tries to ask where, bur Kuroko talks too fast, saying that she should go to the nearby Anti-Skill, and get back to headquarters immediately. Fed up, Uiharu yells where the location of the acceleration is, to which Kuroko confirms that it is in a clothing store in the 7th district—Seventh Mist. The news shocked Uiharu, but then says to Kuroko that she is already there, and states that she will now begin an evacuation. Uiharu foolishly ends the call, making Kuroko worried. Mii asks what happened to Uiharu, to which Kuroko turns towards her senpai. Uiharu then turns towards Saten and Mikoto, telling them to listen carefully, as Judgment has figured out the criminal's next target is this very store. Uiharu then asks Mikoto to help her with the evacuation, while Uiharu asks Saten to leave. Saddened by this, Saten however, acquiesces, and tells Uiharu to be careful. She nods and goes into action. Meanwhile, in the streets of district 7, Kuroko tries to step up her powers, wanting to reach Seventh Mist as soon as she can, as she worries about the next target of the bomber. Back in the Seventh Mist, the PA System kicks in, telling the customers discreetly, that they must vacate they mall due to an electrical system, while Uiharu and Mikoto show them the exits for evacuation. Meanwhile, a certain spiky haired boy, rushes towards the entrance of the mall, apparently concerned about something. A crowd gathers outside the mall, some came from the mall. Here, Saten is there, worried about the situation.

Then, the spiky-haired boy comes towards Mikoto, catching her attention. He looks concerned, and asks Mikoto if she has seen the child. Mikoto says that she should've been. The boy says no, and also says that the girl seems not outside as well. Much to the boy's fear, he then speculates that the little girl could be still inside the mall. Frustrated, Mikoto rushes towards the mall, with the boy closely following behind. Back with Uiharu, with the mall cleared of civilians, she gives Kuroko a call, who has yet to arrive at the mall. Uiharu reports that she has completed the evacuations, however, Kuroko then tells Uiharu to get out of there immediately. She tells that the only casualties have been Judgment members, and that the criminal's target is any Judgment within each location. In short: The next target is her! Uiharu is shocked by this, but suddenly, she hears a little calling towards her. It is the bag girl, carrying a certain frog doll, smiling. Feeling safe, Uiharu smiles, relieved. Meanwhile, Mikoto and the boy arrive just in time to see the girl give the doll to Uiharu, saying that a person with glasses asked her to give the doll to Uiharu. Alas, the innocence of children, for the doll begins to collapse into itself. Uiharu quickly takes the doll and dumps it aside, as the doll continues to collapse. Uiharu having nowhere to run and hide, and truly a shield to the denizens of Academy City, protects the girl with her body, and screams for Mikoto to run as it is the bomb. But Mikoto will stand idly by as this happens, taking out a coin to use her Railgun to destroy it—but she fumbles. The girls prepare for the worst, as the gravitons reach the limit of its collapse and it explodes.

The ground shakes, and the crowd begins to worry, but the one who is worried the most is Saten, wondering what happened to her friends. The bystanders begin to talk, saying that it is another terrorist bombing, there were still people inside, and that there was a Judgment kid there. Part of this crowd is the scrawny boy with glasses, still listening to his headphones. His name is Kaitaibi Hatsuya, the Graviton Bomber. He leaves the crowd and goes into another shopping district, smiling. The dark deed he has done was wonderful he says. He then goes into an abandoned alleyway, and gloats, however, he is not alone. Mikoto is alive and well, and manages to kick the boy down to the cold ground. The boy wonders what has happened, but then realizes Mikoto's presence, who knows of his identity as the bomber. The boy pretends he doesn't know, but Mikoto shuts him up, saying that his power was impressive, but there were no casualties, and no one was even hurt. This surprises the man enough to shout that he uses his full power on that explosion, saying it was impossible. Mikoto gives a knowing look, to which the boy once again tries to pretend, saying that he thought that the explosion looked huge from the outside. But slowly, he inches his hand towards his cache of spoons and forks, and while distracting Mikoto with his lies, takes one out. But Mikoto notices this, and blows it all away with her Railgun. Realizing her identity, the boy stands up again after that harrowing display of power. The boy whines on how it is always like this, and now the Ace of Tokiwadai is on it oo, always getting beaten to the ground. He then swears that he will kill them, and says that people like her are the bad guys, same with Judgment, saying that espers are all the same. Mikoto becomes livid hearing this, with sparks coming out of her head. Having enough of the boy's talk about powers, she grabs his collar, and punches him in the face. With the hit strong enough to knock out his headphones and media player. With all that done, Mikoto leaves him alone. The boy is shocked to have been hit by the Railgun, and touches where she hit him. Kuroko arrives and tells him that it was obvious why she had hit him. She says that people like you who use the lack of power are unforgivable. She asks the boy if he is aware that the Railgun was originally a plain Level 1, who reached Level 5 through sheer hard work (and use of readily available resources of course). Self-loathing is written all over the boy's face, but then, Kuroko adds to her topic—that even if Mikoto was a Level 1, she would definitely still stand up against him. And with that, the boy falls into silence.

It is the afternoon, and the situation has relatively calmed down, with Anti-Skill securing a perimeter around the mall. On ground zero, Kuroko looks upon the blast zone with wonder. However, she then hears a voice, it's her friends and the bag girl. Kuroko says that she was worried about them, to which Uiharu apologizes, but says that thanks to Misaka Mikoto, everything is fine, with the bag girl saying that the Tokiwadai Onee-chan saved them. Uiharu then begins playing around with the girl. And yet, Kuroko still wonders about the blast zone. For the area that was completely unharmed by the blast, boggles her mind on how Mikoto used her powers. Later, with all the commotion winding down, Mikoto looks upon the hand she used to hit Hatsuya, apparently bruising it a little. Suddenly, she hears the call of Kuroko, hugging her from behind, and proud for what she did today, and thanks her for all her hard work. Mikoto catches on to what Kuroko is on about, and replies with an unsure tone. Kuroko then says that she will do anything for her today, like washing her back, giving her a massage, anything. Mikoto leaves, saying that is just what Kuroko wants to do, saying that she doesn't want it, much to Kuroko's disappointment. In that afternoon sky, two friends walk together.

But her heart is not still, as of the next day, she waits next to a certain vending machine. Her thoughts on the day of the explosion are heard. Back there, her Railgun did not make it, but it was the spiky-haired boy who saved her, Uiharu, and that girl, not her. Just then, the boy is walking along the place, humming a certain tune. But he notices Mikoto, much to his dismay. Mikoto then asks him if it's okay with everyone thinking that she was the one who saved everyone. She then says that if the boy took the credit then he'd become a hero. The boy wonders what she is on about, surprising Mikoto. The boy says that everyone is safe, so there is no problem, and he doesn't care who did the saving. The boy then begins to leave, still humming a certain tune. This does not mark well for Mikoto, who is irritated at him for some strange reason, and begins kicking the vending machine again and again.

Adapted From

Major Events


New Characters


New Abilities



  • The soundtrack Level Upper is played several times during the episode.
  • Touma hums a certain tune.

Cultural References

  • The music player that Hatsuya uses looks similar to an iPod.


  • AIM is referenced once again, first reintroduced back in the 4th episode of Railgun.
  • The place where Saten and Mikoto rest up is the same place where Touma and Mikoto have their Fake Date before meeting up with Etzali in episode 18 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • The urban legend talk the girls had back in episode 4 is referenced during this episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Scenes from the previous episode are used to reintroduced the bag girl this episode.
  • The Chaser Kick from episode 10 of Index, as was used also in episode 1 of Railgun is reused again during the final scene.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How was Hatsuya, despite a Level 2, able to use a much powerful form of his power?
  • Why didn't the girl leave with Touma?
  • What is the true extent of the powers of Touma's right arm?


  • Hatsuya: "Dammit. What are they doing? Those Judgment... I have to put up with this stuff because you guys are so useless. Just you watch."
  • Saten: "Everything feels so distant right now... No, it's just... Seeing how hard Uiharu and Shirai-san are working in Judgment, and you being so amazing... I'm starting to think "What am I doing?"..."―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "For some reason, whenever he's around..."―Regarding Touma.
  • Hatsuya: "R-Railgun... This time it's Tokiwadai's Ace, huh... It's always like this. No matter what, I always end up getting beaten to the ground. I'll kill you! People like you are the bad guys! Same with Judgment! People with power are all like that!!"―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "Clench your teeth!"―To Hatsuya.
  • Kuroko: "It's obvious why she hit you. People like you who use lack of power as an excuse are unforgivable. Are you aware? Tokiwadai's Railgun was originally a plain Level 1. She reached Level 5 through sheer hard work. However, even were she a Level 1, she would still stand against you."―To Hatsuya.
  • Kuroko: "Even so... For the area they were in to be totally unharmed... How did she do that with her power?"―Regarding the blastzone.
  • Touma: "What are you talking about? Everyone's safe, so there's no problem. Who cares who did the saving?"―To Mikoto.


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