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"Level Upper" (幻想御手レベルアッパー Reberu Appā?, lit. "Illusion Hand") is the eighth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaption. It was first aired on November 21, 2009.


It´s still ways to go before summer vacation, and upon this day in Sakugawa Middle School, the lecture is about Personal Reality, basically, a person attains his very own reality, which is the foundation of esper powers. As the teacher drones on, Saten Ruiko fiddles with her pen, and looking upon the empty seat of her friend Uiharu Kazari, recalls on how she called her to say that she has a cold and a slight fever. Hearing this, Saten says that Uiharu should be sure to rest up. But her mind wandered too far, and her teacher called her whole name, prompting Saten to answer. She is then told to explain what he just said in laymen terms, to which Saten promptly tries to read the book about it. But she has no answer, and the teacher tells her that is enough, and advises her to study up on Personal Reality next time. With that the class is over, but Saten stays behind to copy notes. In her thoughts, she cares not of concepts of theories, and as she looks upon that blue sky, she thinks about levelling up.

Meanwhile, Mikoto and Kuroko are walking together in a hot day. However, Mikoto notices that Kuroko is thinking hard about something. Curious, Mikoto asks what's the matter with her, to which Kuroko says that she cannot believe that Kaitabi Hatsuya, the Graviton Bomber, is only a Level 2, which surprises Mikoto, as she is sure that he was at least a Level 4. Both Kuroko and Mikoto are stuck with this conundrum, however, Mikoto then notices something nearby, and suggests to Kuroko that they should take a break. They come upon a stall, to which Mikoto asks what Kuroko wants, to which she replies that she'd be having whatever she is having. While Kuroko waits, she hears the sound of the bells, and says how it is queer how it feels cooler when she hears the chimes. Mikoto notes that it is probably synesthesia. Kuroko tries to what that means, but the woman has already prepared them their red-colored strawberry flavored treats, much to Kuroko's joy. While paying the woman, Mikoto says that synesthesia is feeling many sensations through a single one. Also, she tells Kuroko that they're splitting the price, much to her chagrin. Mikoto explains that when one sees a red color, one feels warm, and when one sees a blue color, one feels cool, which Kuroko notes the reason why they're called warm and cold colors. Mikoto then says that what they're eating is flavored as strawberry red, to which Kuroko says that she understands that they were adding an image of a fruit to the color red. As Mikoto consumes the cold treat, she gets pain from its coldness, to which Kuroko teases her for. However, after she eats hers as well, she gets the same pain. Then, a familiar voice calls them. It is Saten, with her bag and a small package with her, and seemingly interested with what they're eating.

Saten eats one and gets the same reaction as the others. Mikoto points out on how this seems to be common during summer, to which Saten adds that she keeps eating even though she knows what would happen. Then, after seeing that Mikoto is strawberry, she asks if she can try some, which Mikoto complies, feeding Saten a spoonful of strawberry flavor shaved-ice, much to Kuroko's shocked. Saten then feeds Mikoto in turn with her lemon flavored one, shocking Kuroko even more. Kuroko then asks what they are doing, to which Saten says that they are comparing flavors. Seeing that she could get an indirect kiss from Mikoto, Kuroko gets a spoonful of hers, and tries to feed Mikoto, however, she points out that they have the same flavor, much to Kuroko's painful frustration. Mikoto then asks if Uiharu is with them, to which Saten says that she took the day off since she came down with the cold and that she is about to deliver some medicine to her. Mikoto asks if it's serious, to which she says that Uiharu said it was fine, but says that she is worried about her.

They all go to Uiharu's dormitory, where they find Uiharu in bed. She says thank you for all they went, to which Saten says not to worry about as she measures her temperature. Saten says Mazari has a small fever, but tells her to stay in bed. Saten jokingly says that Uiharu should not sleep with her belly uncovered, but tells Saten that she got sick because she always keeps flipping her skirt. Saten rebuffs her, saying that as a friend, she is just making sure if she wears her panties everyday, to which Uiharu responds that she always wear them, everyday. Mikoto says that they understand, and tells Uiharu to lie back down. While Saten prepares a cold towel for her, Uiharu asks Kuroko if there is any progress in the graviton case. Kuroko says that all they know is that the culprit is a Level 2, and to which Mikoto adds that the level that is required for such a destructive power should be at least Level 4. Mikoto then asks Saten about the Level Upper they talked about the other day. Kuroko is being incredulous about a tool that raises an esper's level, but Saten defends that she thought it was just a rumor, and doesn't even know if it's true or not. Saten says that the details of the rumor vary a lot and considers it an urban legend, much to Mikoto's disappointed. Kuroko however, says that this is not the first time there have been discrepancies in the databanks, and gives examples such as the Pyrokinesist, and the Tokiwadai hunting eyebrow lady from before. Kuroko then states that are numerous other cases they don't know about, where the level and the power does not match up. Saten then asks if the Level Upper could be real. Mikoto then asks Saten if there is anything more she knows about the Level Upper. Saten hesitates, but says that she has heard that people using Level Upper communicate using an online message board, to which Mikoto asks which one. Saten struggles for an answer, but Uiharu saves the day by showing her laptop with the aforementioned message board, much to their joy. Kuroko then says that all they need is to identify them and determine where they meet up, to which Uiharu then shows off on how one of them meet up a certain restaurant. Mikoto thanks her, and tells her to get well soon, leaving quickly, with Kuroko following shortly. With Uiharu and Saten alone, the former asks if they are going to be all right, to which Saten says that they will be fine, as they are Level 5 and 4, the pride of Academy City. Uiharu becomes concerned of her depressed tone, but Saten then asks her if their levels would truly go up if they use the Level Upper. Uiharu says she doesn't know, but says that cheating is no good, to which Saten says that she won't touch it. Changing the topic, Saten says that she had a little trouble in class, and asks if Uiharu could help her, to which Uiharu says not to asks a sick person. Saten then asks if Uiharu is hungry, but she then says not to bribe people, much to Saten's chagrin. However, Uiharu's body betrays her words, and says that she'll eat, much to Saten's glee.

As Saten prepares food, she says that in class they were talking about Personal Reality, but says that she couldn't really understand it. Uiharu says she also wonders what it is, though says that she only knows it as "one's own reality," making Saten ponder but her and Uiharu's reality. Saten suggests that personal realities are like fantasies, to which Uiharu agrees, though adds that it might mean that Personal Reality are preconceptions or the ability to believe—a strong emotion such as that. Saten seems to agree, but Uiharu says that she is but a mere Level 1 and says that it might not be very convincing. Saten however, says thanks to Uiharu's explanation, and confides in her that when she first heard of "one's own reality," she believed that it was all nonsense, and says that she feels that she understands now. After checking her soup, Saten wonders if her level would go up, to which Uiharu says that she will be all right, as she is a pretty fierce person. Saten then says that Uiharu can say some harsh things, to which Uiharu simply laughs off.

Nighttime has fallen, and at a certain restaurant where certain people are destined to meet again, Mikoto and Kuroko find themselves before it. Kuroko warns her, but Mikoto says that since Kuroko is with Judgment, "they" might already know her face. Kuroko tries to air her concerns, but Mikoto says that she should leave it to her. She gives her bag, and tells her to find a far off seat and go in standby, but Kuroko says that she is feeling incredibly uneasy, but Mikoto hastens her to come with her. Now in the presence of thugs, Mikoto tries to act cute, saying that she wants to know about the Level Upper, after "accidentally" coming upon their posts on the internet. Meanwhile, Kuroko is on the side, still feeling uneasy. As Mikoto pleads her case, the thugs ignore her, and play dumb regarding their knowledge about the Level Upper, telling her to go away. Mikoto urges for information, but one of them says that she is noisy and that of a child, she should go to bed. Kuroko perceives that the situation is getting bad, and that Mikoto is going to crack soon. Mikoto then cutely says that she is not a child anymore, making Kuroko do a spit take. One of them seems to agree, saying that he has taken a liking to her, making Mikoto act excited, then asking him if he could tell her. While the man checks him out, he says that they do not give the thing for free, to which Mikoto says that she has a bit of money. The man says that money is good, and as he comes upon her, says that he was thinking more like "this." Mikoto swiftly dodges his advances, and says that "that" is kind of scary. Meanwhile, Kuroko slams her head on the table out of frustration. Mikoto then says that she doesn't really know much about such things, and asks if money is no good. Then the man reminds her saying that she wasn't a kid. Then Mikoto starts choking up in front of him, saying that she lied to her family, and as the man questions the queerness of the situation, Mikoto continues to tear up, and says that Level Upper is her last hope. Finally, with tears standing on her eyes, and reddened cheeks, Mikoto asks the man if he could help her. Apparently, it worked, much to Kuroko's frustration. The man says to stop crying now, but Mikoto continues to do it. Meanwhile, the other thugs that were eating, asks his fellow thug if the uniform Mikoto is wearing is a Tokiwadai uniform, to which the other says that he is right. The man comes close to the other, and whispers to the other that they could get some good money off her. As the act continues, the thug that was whispered to, comes towards Mikoto, and says to stop her crying and adds that they'll tell her about it already, much to Mikoto's joy. As Kuroko lies head-first on her table, Mikoto thanks the thug cutely. The thug says that she should step out with them, as they cannot talk about it inside, and moves on.

Near a high voltage area, and with them alone with Mikoto, they demand her to give them all of her money, as well as cash cards and credit cards, reminding her status as a Tokiwadai. Mikoto tries to reply, but they say that she should pay already if she wants them to tell her about the Level Upper. One of them even suggests that they should strip her, and take the money off her clothes. Mikoto has finally given up on using cute diplomacy however. She sighs, and says that it is a hassle. One of the thugs try to grab her, but is of course, quickly shocked into unconsciousness. The thugs are angry, to which Mikoto says that she tried to act nice but since it has come to this, tells them that they have to tell her about the Level Upper for free. The thugs say that she shouldn't get cocky as they have powered-up their abilities. At the same time as this, a bunch of other thugs begin to surround her out of nowhere, prepared to fight her. Mikoto is concerned, as they are too many and assumed they have become powerful due to the use of the Level Upper. However, as they gang up on her, a single attack is all it takes to put them down, telling them that is enough to hold herself back. Suddenly, a woman's voice can be heard in the dim light, impressed by Mikoto. The woman, a brunette in with a ponytail, wearing a jacket, crouches down towards the gang. One of them calls her Elder Sister, and she asks them why they are fighting that girl. The man tries to explain, but she has had enough of them for trying to steal from Mikoto. She slaps the man in front of her for talking, and threatens to bury them. The man says sorry, to which the woman says she is not the one they should be apologizing to. After they all get up, they all line up and apologize to Mikoto, head bowed down. With that, the woman says that should be enough for Mikoto, and tells the thugs to go home. With them gone, she and Mikoto are left alone. Mikoto asks if she is their boss, and that she should naturally know of the Level Upper. However, the woman says that before she will answer, she reminds Mikoto that she beat up her underlings, and asks Mikoto if she is prepared for the consequences. This confuses Mikoto, saying that they have already apologized. The woman then says that that was that, and this is this, apparently, those were different, and says that she will repay her on their behalf. Suddenly, she then touches the asphalt ground, and creates a phenomenon. The ground below Mikoto begins to become more fluid, much to her surprise. The woman says that her power is called Flux Coat, a power that allows her to control the viscosity of asphalt. The ground begins to become more and more like mud, as Mikoto as an uneven footing. The woman then asks what Mikoto is going to do now, as there is nowhere to run. As answer to this, Mikoto attacks her with a bolt of electricity, but apparently, her ability also allows her to control the movement of asphalt as well, making a shield out of it front of her, and absorbing the blow. The woman tries to gloat, but realizes that the only thing that is left of Mikoto are her shoes. However, she has not disappeared, Mikoto says to the woman that her attack was good. Much to the woman's surprise, she discovers that she has clung upon the wall of a building. Mikoto says that electric currents produce magnetic fields, and that she directed that to the iron beams of the building. With that, Mikoto attacks the woman with her electric, to which the woman timely dodges using her ability. However, her shield made of hard asphalt doesn't hold up, and is destroyed. After flinching, she discovers that there is a huge hole before her. Mikoto, still clinging to the wall, asks if the woman feels like talking now. The woman smiles, and realizes that Mikoto hasn't gone all out from the start, and says that Mikoto also deliberately missed with her last attack. Mikoto says she did, but the hears the woman screaming not to screw with her, saying that she hasn't lost yet, and that if she is an esper, then she should come at her seriously. She says that if Mikoto thinks can break her iron will with her electricity, then she come try it. Mikoto gives a grin, and finally comes down to the ground, saying that she likes the woman's spirit. Electric arcs begin to appear before her, and says that she will do as what the woman wishes, as the lady prepares for Mikoto. Kuroko teleports in and tells her to wait, to which Mikoto says she knows, though Kuroko replies that she doesn't, though of course, she doesn't listen to her pleadings.

Back with Saten and Uiharu, as the former wipes Uiharu with the cold towel, Saten asks her if she ever wished she could reach that Level of power, like Mikoto and Kuroko. Uiharu says that she has never raised her level before, but notes on how that it would be useful for university. Saten says that if one wants to live a normal life, then one can just live in the outside world, and notes that lots of people came to Academy City for the sole purpose of esper powers. She says to Uiharu, that she too wondered what her esper powers would be like, what kind of strength might she find hidden inside her. She tells Uiharu on how the day before she came to the City, she couldn't sleep, but then after the System Scan, they told her that she had no potential at all—a Level 0—and how disappointed she was. Uiharu says that she understands her feelings, and tells Saten on how her level is nothing special. However, she notes that working with Kuroko, or playing Saten, makes everyday fun, and that, if she didn't come here, she wouldn't have met all of her friends. Uiharu concludes that if only for such a thing, then there is meaning to her coming to Academy City. Hearing this, Saten grabs Uiharu from the back, and notes over-excitedly on how cute she was saying those things. She then says to a flushed Uiharu on how she will give her a full cleaning as a reward. As Uiharu screams, the power suddenly goes out. Meanwhile, Mikoto is walking with only her socks on with Kuroko. The latter tells on how she should've waited, to which Mikoto says that she couldn't help it, and that she didn't know there was an electric plant nearby. As they argue, the woman looks down upon the huge hole Mikoto created a while back, and notes on how she lost.

The next day as the power outage continues, Mikoto walks the streets, apparently unpunished for disrupting the city's infrastructure. Suddenly, Kuroko teleports before her, apparently in a hurry. She says that they have a problem, and takes her to a medical institute. She learns that the bomber has lost consciousness while being interrogated by Anti-Skill. Kuroko asks the staff of Hatsuya's condition, to which the doctor replies that they have exhausted all options, but him regaining consciousness maybe low. Mikoto notes on how she punched him hard back in the alleyway the other day, but the doctor says that there is no evidence of brain damage, and in fact, they couldn't find anything wrong with his body at all. He only lost his consciousness, though the cause is unknown. The doctor then notes on how there is a steady increase of patients in the same state coming in this week. Both Mikoto and Kuroko are surprised by the familiar faces they see on the doctor's charts, giving each other a knowing look. The doctor then notes on how this situation is beyond them and their facilities, and despite it being embarrassing, they have called upon a brain physiologist specialist from another department for aid. They turn to look at the woman who came into the corridor. The woman apologies for being late, and says that she received a request from the Mizuho Medical Institute. She calls herself Kiyama Harumi, which Mikoto realizes is the woman she met from before.

But it isn't over yet, as Saten is somehow able to use her PC and the Internet despite the power outage. She is apparently looking for the Level Upper, but is having no luck with it. Giving up, Saten tries to find a new song to get for her player, but then notices a hidden link in the website she is browsing. Clicking on it, it shows in big white letters and in a black field, the words: Level Upper.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Academy City receives its first major outage in summer.
  • Level Upper users start falling unconscious all over the city.
  • Saten Ruiko discovers the Level Upper.


New Characters


New Abilities

  • Flux Coat - Elder Sister,Level Unknown (raised via Level Upper)


New Locations


  • Assuming that the Railgun and Index anime adaptations are of the same timeline, we can presume that Mikoto would meet Touma again much later that would kick off the story of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Meaning, Mikoto would again, cause another power outage in the city.

Cultural References


Differences in Adaptation

  • The lightning that leaves Academy City without electricity, caused by Touma´s fight against Mikoto after having frustrated her attempt to obtain information about the Level Upper, is changed to a fight against Elder Sister, omitting the crossover with the first episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Animation Trivia

  • Scenes from the previous episode is used as flashbacks for this episode.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How does one gain their own Personal Reality, and why can't Level 0s get one?
  • How is Mikoto not reprimanded for her actions in causing a power outage, despite knowing Judgment members?
  • Why are Hatsuya and the other characters falling unconscious?
  • How is Saten able to use her PC while there is a power outage?


  • Saten: "I don't care about concepts and theories.Couldn't they do a class on leveling up?"
  • Kuroko: "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! I'm such an idiot!"―Regarding the comparing flavors thing.
  • Saten: "Honestly, when I first heard "one's own reality", it sounded like nonsense. But I sort of feel like I get it now. I wonder if someday my Level will go up if I believe."―To Uiharu.
  • Saten: "What's this incredibly uneasy feeling I have..."―To Mikoto.
  • Elder Sister: "You beat up my underlings. Are you prepared for the consequences?"―To Mikoto.
  • Elder Sister: "Don't screw with me! I haven't lost yet! If you're an esper, come at me seriously! If you think you can break my iron will with your pathetic electricity, then just try it!"―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: ",I like your spirit. Then, as you wish..."―To Elder Sister.
  • Saten: "The way I see it, if you wanted to live a normal life, you could do it in the outside world. Lots of people came to Academy City because they were interested in esper powers, right? I also used to wonder what my own powers were. What kind of strength might I have hidden in me? The day before I came here I was so excited I couldn't sleep. And then after the initial scan they told me, "You have no potential at all. Level 0". I was like "aw man..." Honestly, that really got me down."―To Uiharu.
  • Uiharu: "I understand your feelings. My esper power level is also nothing special. But whether I'm working with Shirai-san or playing with you, everyday is fun. If I had never come here, I wouldn't have met all of you. If only for that, there's meaning to behind my coming to Academy City."―To Saten.


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