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"Majority Report" (マジョリティ・リポート Majoriti Ripōto?) is the ninth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first aired on November 28, 2009.


Mikoto and Kuroko are still waiting in the Mizuho Medical Institute, and evening has already colored the sky orange. However, because of Mikoto's carelessness the other day, it is a little humid in the waiting room. Despite this, Mikoto is able to take a small nap in the bench. While complaining of the hotness, Kuroko notices that the examination on the comatose victims has been concluded, and that Kiyama Harumi is coming towards them. Kuroko tries to wake her Oneesama up, but she wouldn't budge, seeing this opportunity, Kuroko tries to wake her up by some other way, namely by kissing her. Of course, Mikoto woke up before that, standing up and giving Kuroko a good pounding on the head. Mikoto tells Kuroko to wake her up normally, while blushing, to which Kuroko answers that Mikoto wouldn't get up. Harumi has arrived and asks why they are here again. Kuroko replies on how she wants to ask her about something.

Before that though, Harumi says that is very hot in the inside, and asks if there is a policy not to turn on the air conditioner even during summer. A nurse comes in and apologizes, saying that there was an electrical failure last night, and that they haven't able to repair it yet. Mikoto seems unperturbed, until Harumi does something lewd with her shirt. Harumi comments on how they have to conserve energy for surgery and for patients with serious conditions. She continues undressing, and Kuroko notices this as well. It has started again, and Harumi is finally up to her bra. Fully red, Kuroko demands to know why she is stripping out of the blue, to which Harumi bluntly says that it's because it's hot. But Kuroko screams that there are gentlemen in the vicinity. Harumi asks if she can't even go down to her underwear, to which Kuroko says she can't and then aids her in covering her up. Mikoto then asks if they could get her opinion as a specialist, to which Harumi says that she doesn't mind, but says that it is too hot here. Meanwhile, Uiharu comments on how Saten is late. Apparently, she has called to meet up with Uiharu. Suddenly, Saten appears and lift up her skirt, commenting on the fact that Uiharu is wearing blue striped panties, much to her chagrin. Uiharu asks what Saten wanted to show as she had sent her an e-mail. Saten laughs and says thank to Uiharu for asking. She then begins celebrating, saying that she found the rumored item, and finally shows off her phone to Uiharu. She doesn't understand why Saten showed off her music player, to which Saten says it is what in the inside that counts, but says she'll tell Uiharu later.

Back with the other girls, Harumi returns to the topic on how showing swimsuits are acceptable, while underwear is not, despite showing the same amount account, to which Kuroko and Mikoto respond that it wasn't. The topic changes to the Level Upper, and Harumi asks what kind of system it is, its form, and how one uses it. Kuroko says that they don't know yet, to which Harumi concludes that she and Mikoto are wondering if the Level Upper is related to all the students falling into comatose. Kuroko says yes, to which Harumi asks why they are asking her of this. Kuroko says that there is a high possibility that a brain interference program is involved in all the augmentation esper powers. She says that is why she says, that if they find the Level Upper, then she hoped that they can get the help of a specialist such as Harumi. While someone's hand is sliding on the window, Harumi says that this is something that she should be asking of them, because as a brain specialist, this subject is of interest to her. She also says that there is something that's been bothering her for a while, and asks if the two girls outside of their window are their friends. As Uiharu and Saten get comfortable, the former is amazed by the fact that Harumi is a brain specialist, to which she asks if there is anything wrong with Kuroko's brain. However, she points out that they're discussing about the Level Upper. Hearing this, Saten tries to get their attention on the Level Upper she found, but then Mikoto interrupts, saying that they're bringing people who have the Level Upper into protective custody. Uiharu asks why, to which Kuroko says that it is still under review, so she can't explain it fully, but says that users of the thing may experience side effects, as well as the fact that the users have a tendency to commit crime. Saten sits there stunned, unable to say anything, Uiharu tries to ask what she wanted to say, but Saten says it's nothing. As she tucks her phone back into her pockets, she spills her iced tea on Harumi's stockings. Saten apologizes as Harumi stands up and does something queer... stripping her skirt and stockings, much to their embarrassment. Kuroko screams at Harumi, and again tells her not to strip in public. Harumi defends herself by saying that she doesn't think that guys would find a curve-less woman like her interesting, to which Kuroko says that everyone has different tastes, and besides men, there are women with queer tastes as well.

The sky turns a brilliant orange, a sign that the sun is setting. Kuroko thanks Harumi for talking with them, to which Harumi says it is all right as it reminds her of her days as a teacher. Both Uiharu and Kuroko bow in sync, and the latter asks if she was a teacher. Harumi says that she was, but that was a long time ago once upo time, and gestures goodbye. As they watch her off, Kuroko notes on how she is weird, to which Uiharu asks if Harumi is weirder than her, which Kuroko ignores. Uiharu suggests that they should compile data in order for Harumi to look at it, prompting Kuroko to say it is a good idea. Meanwhile, the silent Mikoto notices something and heads off on her own to go check it out. Kuroko says that they should head back to the branch now, but then wonders where Mikoto has gone.

Meanwhile, Saten runs into darkened parts of a bridge. Her thoughts are with the Lever Upper again, thinking of how she didn't want to lose it after all, even though she hasn't used it yet. She tells herself that it will be fine if she doesn't do anything. She stops by a column, clasping her phone in her hand, not wanting to let go, as she took so long to find it. Then, Mikoto butts in. She appears before Saten and asks what's the matter. Saten, surprised, asks what she is doing here, to which Mikoto says that it's because she disappeared suddenly, and she was worried. Saten blows it off, saying it's nothing, but Mikoto tries to prod. Saten nervously says that it isn't part of the case they are working on, and puts her phone in her back pocket, saying she is not part of Judgment. However, her charm from back then falls to the ground. Mikoto notices this, picks it up, and gives it to Saten. She thanks Mikoto afterwards. Mikoto asks if that is the thing that is always hanging on her bag, to which Saten confirms. Saten says that her mother gave it to her, even though charms like that have no basis in science. Saten calls back then, when she was younger and on the outside. Her little celebrates that her big sister is going to become an esper. The young Saten is happy as well, but her mother tells her that she doesn't agree with it, much to her chagrin. Her father then says that her mother worries too much. While resting on a swing, her mother tells that she is worried about what they'll do, tampering with her head. Saten says that they won't do anything like that. However, as what a mother does, she touches young Saten's hand, and shows her a good luck charm for her. Saten says that it is so unscientific, but her mother cares not. She tells Saten that if something happens, Saten can always come back, and says that her body is the most important thing after all. Her mother leaves, and the young Saten is left sitting on that lone swing set. Back in the present, a soft voice flows in every word Saten says. She says to Mikoto on how her mother is suspicious like that, and believes there is no way something like her charm would protect her. Mikoto smiles, and says that she sounds like a kind mother. She asks Saten if she gave it to her because she was worried. Saten says that she understands that, but says that there are times when exceptions are hard to deal with. She laments again on being a Level 0, but is told by Mikoto, that Levels doesn't really mean anything, despite being a Level 5. But Saten stays silent and uneasy after hearing Mikoto's word.

The next day, Uiharu and Kuroko are still investigating Level Upper, however, the former has found a lead. She says that she has discovered several places that are used as meeting points, much to Kuroko's thanks. She gives Kuroko a list of possible locations. However, Kuroko notes on how there are a lot of them, but decides to go out anyway. Uiharu wonders what Kuroko is going to do, to which she replies that there is no choice but to check each and every one of the places Uiharu pointed out. Back with Saten, she is still on the fence about what to do with the Level Upper. She has her mobile phone with her, and hesitates if she wants to delete it. Her thoughts are still centered around on how it can even make someone like her an esper. She however, states on how she think it is scary that she may have to use something she knows nothing about. As her thumb hovers above the delete button of her phone, she hears some shouting.

A young man with a bowl cut, who is apparently the one who shouted, confronts to mean looking chaps. One of them says that they are increasing the price, to which the bowl cut boy says that he wants his money back. The man however, kicks him in the gut, and they start beating on him. Saten passes by, and can only look from afar, unable to do anything. Another mean looking chap, wearing a black wife beater shirt, enters the scene and asks the other two fellows on how much their levels have improved, and tells them to test it on the beaten young man. However, his attention moves towards a queer sound he has heard, but discovers that no one is there. Saten is hiding behind a wall, obviously scared, and realizes that she should call Judgment or Anti-Skill. She takes her phone from her pocket, but discovers that it is out of battery. She turns towards the conflict, but runs away from it. She says that it can't be helped, as she can't do anything by herself, and that there are three guys there. She makes up more excuses on how she was just an elementary school girl only a little while ago, and continues running.

And yet she didn't. Despite all common knowledge, Saten returns to the place where she saw an assault occurring. Saten tells the amused thugs to stop what they are doing, and that Anti-Skill will be coming soon, flinching all the while. The wife beater shirt man comes close to her and kicks the aluminium barrier behind her, making a noticeable dent. The man asks what she was saying, but before Saten can utter a single word, the man violently grabs Saten's head. The man then says that Saten has a big mouth, and that someone who has no power shouldn't be ordering others around, much to Saten's horror. Suddenly, a can gets kicked, and Kuroko appears just in time. She says that they are mistaking power they got for their own have no right to laugh at her. They glare at her, while Kuroko introduces herself as a member of Judgment. Saten then notices Kuroko, with her hair still being grabbed by the man. Kuroko says that she is arresting the thugs on charges of assault. Then, one of them then approaches her, mocking Kuroko as just a kid. Kuroko advises the man to be careful, as he rests his hand on her shoulder, saying that she is in a bad mood after looking all over for these meeting places. She adds that after finding one of them, she finds her friend being hurt. The man becomes forceful, and with a single touch from Kuroko, takes the man down on his back with her teleport. Today, Kuroko is dangerous. One of the thugs with a purple shirt, charges towards her, and uses his power over a bunch of metal things, and throws it at Kuroko. But with a single teleport, Kuroko dodges his attacks. She appears before the man, and swings her suitcase at his face, knocking him down. Then, the leader of the gang, the man with the wife beater shirt, takes note of Kuroko's interesting power, teleportation. The man says that it is his first time seeing it. Kuroko replies, and asks on how he is pretty relaxed, and tells him he is next. The man says that people like him, before getting their hands on the Level Upper, were always afraid of Judgment. He takes a single step, and seem to overwhelm and close on Kuroko with his huge stature. The man says that if ever he gets power, he will return the favor to them. Before he could grab her, Kuroko teleports behind his back. However, she soon discovers that he disappeared, but then realizes that he has somehow cornered her back. Kuroko tries to defend herself using her suitcase, before he could hit her. Kuroko is surprised on how he managed to get behind her, and as she lands after his blow, takes out one of her spikes, and seeing no other choice, tries to teleport it inside his body. The man however, is left unharmed, and charges towards Kuroko with his knife, much to her surprise, thinking that she missed. Kuroko ponders on why the spike ended up in a different location than she predicted. The man charges again towards her with his knife in hand. He gives a kick, and as if time slows down, Kuroko predicts that the kick will land on her suitcase. But something went wrong, and Kuroko pays the price. The man lands a powerful kick to her ribs, propelling her forth towards the glass windows of the nearby abandoned building, and breaking it as she lands inside.

Kuroko pants heavily, apparently hurt by the last attack. All the while however, she ponders on the fact that the man's kick came from a different location than she predicted. The man enters the building, cracking broken glass with his step. He laughs at Kuroko, and predicts how many ribs he got of the kick. Facing the man again, Kuroko uses a spike, and throws it towards him. Predictably, it misses, apparently moving out of the man's way. The man questions Kuroko's actions, asking if her teleport is not working anymore, and as he walks towards her, says that he isn't finished playing with her just yet. Grabbing the part where she is pained the most, Kuroko flees. The man however, doesn't make any effort to pursue her, amused on how she is playing tag with him. The man however, says that if she escapes the building, then he will kill the man and the girl outside. Meanwhile, Kuroko reaches a dead end in some part of the building. She comments on how it's because the building is condemned for demolition, there is no hiding spot. From the first floor, and up the second floor, she teleports, apparently confident that she will not hit any object or get stuck inside something after teleporting. She then notices that there aren't any footsteps following her. Kuroko then takes her time looking at the aged glass windows of the building, and then swiftly moves to the wall, noting on how she thinks the man still believes she is still in the first floor. Then, as she passes by a corridor, the man is next to her. Before she can assess what was going on, the man gives a swift knee into her gut, making Kuroko fall to the floor. The man tells Kuroko that the building they are in is one of their hideouts, as such, he knows it inside and out. As Kuroko tries to move through the pain, the man says that the building echoes a lot as well. Finally, Kuroko teleports again, but the man knows where she is headed. He taunts her, telling her that when she is out of strength to run away, that will be the end of her. The man corners her on the fifth floor, and tells Kuroko that he is tired of playing their little game. The man takes out his knife again, preparing to finish the game of tag they played, but Kuroko doesn't utter a word. The man continues to mock her, saying that she is a pitiful girl who will die and not even know the power she had lost to. Still leaning on a glass window, Kuroko says that she already knows. She says that his power is nothing more than a deception; he simply distorts light around him. The man is amused that she figured it out. Kuroko then says that his foot hit her in an impossible angle, and that the things she throws at him flies unnaturally. Kuroko concludes that he deceives people through the bending of light. He creates an illusion next to his real body in order to confuse her, and that is the reason why the trajectory of anything she throws at him seems bent. While moving slowly towards her with his knife, the man confirms her analysis, and calls his power, Trick Art. However, he says that there is nothing Kuroko can do about it despite her knowing, and that the only thing Kuroko rely on is her sight. Kuroko says that it is true that she can't directly aim at him, however... However, she suddenly teleports the glass from the window she was leaning on into a nearby column. The weight of the upper story crushes and destroys the glass immediately afterwards. The man however, is confused on what Kuroko is doing. Kuroko says that the objects she teleports displace the material they teleport into, and as the man can see, she can even cut a column in half with a single piece of glass. The upper part of the column slowly displaces due to gravity and the weight it is carrying. Finally, Kuroko then gives the man a final warning, and tells the man to put down his weapon and surrender, and that if he refuses, she cannot guarantee his safety. Of course, the man doesn't believe this, and says Kuroko is the one who is in a pinch. Hearing this, Kuroko once again put her hand on a glass pane, and says that she would've like to avoid this if it were possible, but she has no choice if that is the man's prerogative. She tells the man to prepare himself, as she will break that light illusion of his. The man realizes the danger of Kuroko's words and rushes towards her, but she is too fast. One by one, she teleports the glass panes away, and into a concrete column, displacing it in the process. The man laughs at Kuroko, and asks her what she is doing, as Kuroko has ran out of glass panes to teleport away. However, Kuroko coolly asks the man what would happen if all the concrete columns that are supporting the building get cut in half. The building shakes and rumbles, as it can no longer support its own weight, and the man finally realizes what is about to happen.

A destructive explosion occurs as the building collapses to the ground, dust and smoke is blown into the air, and debris scatters around the area. Meanwhile, Kuroko has somehow managed to get to the outside with the man, and notes on the destruction is has wrought upon the building, but says that is all right since the building was to be demolished anyway. Now that all of that is done with, she turns towards the man and demands him to hand over the Level Upper, and threatens violence upon him if he does not comply. Fearful, the man hands over his music player to Kuroko while his hands shook. Seeing this, Kuroko says that he should not joke around, but the scared man says that the Level Upper is music. Suddenly, Kuroko hears sirens, and apparently, the Anti-Skill has just arrived, noting that they'll be taking over from there, and arrest the man.

Meanwhile, Saten looks from afar is relieved that Kuroko is away. However, she runs away from the scene despite being a witness. However, she has an uneasy feeling. She notes that she and Kuroko are both in middle school, both of them have the same age, and they're both girls, and yet, despite being in Academy City, they seem to live in very different worlds. Espers and Level 0s, everything about them is different. As she walks around moping in the streets, she looks at her mobile phone that had no battery power left, and with a frown, grips it tightly. She then forms a strange smile on her face afterwards. Then, she hears someone call her name. It is Akemi, along with Muu and Mako. While walking with the powerless posse, Akemi asks Saten what she is doing in this place, and assumes that she is shopping. However, Saten hides away the truth. She then asks what they are doing, to which Akemi says that they were studying in the library since they don't have any powers. However, Akemi then stops and asks them about the Level Upper, making Saten flinch. To which Mako asks what is about. Muu then replies that she has heard of it, and says that it increases powers or the like. Akemi then says that they can have it if they hand over money, to which Muu replies that she doesn't have that kind of money. Then, Saten turns around and calls towards their attention, and with nervous eyes, says that she has it, she has the Level Upper.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Mikoto is reintroduced to Harumi, while Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten meet her for the first time.


New Characters


New Abilities

  • Telekinesis or magnetism-related power. - Unnamed thug, Unknown Level.
  • Trick Art - Trick, Level 0 (raised via Level Upper)



  • Due to the fact that the previous episode removed Mikoto and Touma's meeting before he meets Index, this episode is forced to remove their meeting after Touma leaves after his remedial classes, as well as his recent meeting with Index in the morning. This would imply that summer vacation has not even started yet, and that their meeting is pushed back for much later in the altered anime timeline.
  • Despite Saten telling her mother that Academy City will not tamper with her head, one does not become an esper without the brain being altered in some form or other, using hypnosis, drugs, etc.
  • Despite Saten not believing that charms such as the one the one given to her by her mother could work. The existence of magic and the principles of Idol Theory however, allows the charm to work, though in a limited way.
  • This marks the first time Kuroko attempts to teleport an object directly into someone's body. This would not happen again until episode 7 of Toaru Majutsu no Index II, against fellow teleporter, Musujime Awaki.

Cultural References

No notable references were introduced during this episode.


  • Mikoto says "again", as she sees Harumi strip in the hospital, referring to her experiences in episode 4.
  • The stairwell seen at the end of the episode where Saten and her friends are, is the same one where Touma runs from the thugs that he tried to save in episode 1 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • The animation of Saten's running in the street after seeing the gang beat up Kikuhiko is reused after Kuroko's victory over Trick.
  • A still of Trick's face that is seen during his kick successful kick on Kuroko, is reused immediately after Kuroko lands inside the abandoned building.
  • Despite throwing the spike, the "teleport" sound effect is still used.
  • Focus on Saten's feet are given attention during this episode, as a still of it that was used during her confrontation with the gang is later reused after she runs away after Kuroko's victory over Trick.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why did Harumi stop being a teacher?
  • What happened to Kikuhiko, and for that matter, what happened to Trick's minions?
  • How did Saten show off the Level Upper to her friends despite her phone not having battery power?


  • Saten: "Behold! I finally found it! That rumored item! Ta da!"―To Uiharu, showing off the Level Upper.
  • Kuroko: "Everyone has different tastes! Besides, even barring men, there are women with twisted passions too!"―To Harumi regarding fetishes.
  • Mikoto: "Your Level doesn't really mean anything, right?"―To Saten.
  • Saten: "Level Upper, huh... An item like this that can make even me an esper is like a dream... But using something I know nothing about is scary..."
  • Kuroko: "You people, mistaking the power of something you received for your own, have no right to laugh at her. I'm with Judgment. Shirai-san... I'm arresting you on charges of assault."―To the thugs.
  • Kuroko: "Today's Kuroko is dangerous."―To the thugs.
  • Trick: "Us guys... Before getting a hold of Level Upper, we were always afraid of you Judgment people. That's why... if I ever gained huge powers, I decided I'd return the favor to you!"―To Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: "Prepare yourself. That annoying eye trick of yours... I'll break it into pieces."―To Trick.
  • Saten: "Thank goodness... Shirai-san's okay. I don't like this feeling. We're both in middle school... We're both the same age... We're both girls... But we live in different worlds. Espers and Level 0s... Everything about them is different."


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