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"Silent Majority" (サイレント・マジョリティ Sairento Majoriti?) is the tenth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first aired on December 5, 2009.


Akemi is concentrating on something, with her arms on the front and palms spread. Muu is standing in front of her, and then begins suddenly moving up from the ground, surprising Mako, who watches from the side. Akemi turns her gaze towards Saten, and accidentally lets Muu go, falling to the ground. Akemi says that before the Level Upper, she could barely lift a paper cup. However, she then sees Saten not listening to her, as she is preoccupied with her own machinations. Here, she gazes upon her open hands where leaves before her. She has become an esper and she is estatic. As Muu fights Akemi for dropping her, Saten continues to gaze on her hands, and sees that even though it is not much against Mikoto or Kuroko's powers, and even though it seems lame to other people, it matters not, for she has become an esper.

Back with Kuroko and Uiharu, the latter has finished downloading the Level Upper Kuroko got from Trick. Uiharu is incredulous on the fact that one can level, but Kuroko says that it is not the case. Uiharu then realizes that if this is used as a way to increase one's power level, then she can become more powerful than Kuroko and she could get back on her in all sorts of ways, says she as an evil smirk draws on her face. Kuroko notifies Uiharu that her thoughts are leaking, and tries to force Uiharu to listen to the Level Upper herself if she is so eager, to which Uiharu says that she was only kidding. Kuroko's phone suddenly rings, forcing Kuroko stop her teasing of Uiharu, much to her relief. Kuroko receives reports that students are rampaging again, and tells Uiharu to contact Kiyama Harumi as she will handle the students herself.

In the AIM Analytic Research Center, Harumi confirms to Uiharu that she has received the file, the Level Upper. Uiharu asks if it is possible to raise someone's level through the use of music software, to which Harumi says that it would be difficult, but it is possible with a Testament machine. Uiharu asks if such an equipment actually exist... Uiharu then thanks Harumi for her replies. Apparently, she received bad news from Harumi, and starts believing that the music software may not be the one that is causing people to gain a higher level, and then she recalls the time Saten showed off her music player excitedly. She takes out her phone, and tries to call Saten, but receives no answer, as the number is apparently out of service range. Alone in her Judgment branch, Uiharu worries for her dear friend.

Meanwhile, Kuroko is forced to deal with several Level Upper users all throughout the day, and is getting exhausted and injured. Back in the branch office, Kuroko gets treated by Uiharu for her injuries. Kuroko says that it can't be helped, as the number of Level Upper users are rising. Uiharu says that she can't even imagine how far the Level Upper has spread now at this point, though Kuroko says whining says won't get anywhere. Kuroko then says that the have three goals: Prevent the spread of Level Upper, recovery of the comatose users, and arresting the developer of the Level Upper. Kuroko says that they need to find the person that developed and spread it around the internet, and make them tell them what their intentions in creating the Level Upper are. Uiharu smiles, and says that she should treat her first. As she bandages Kuroko's petite body, she asks if Kuroko wants Mikoto to bandage her instead. Kuroko says that she doesn't want her Oneesama to see her in her current state, to which Uiharu says that nobody want to see it anyway, much to Kuroko's irritation as she begins shaking Uiharu. However, Mikoto comes along and asks if there is anything she could do. Hearing her, Kuroko teleports Uiharu towards Mikoto to knock her out, and prevent Mikoto from seeing her body. Kuroko tries to greet Mikoto, but she and Uiharu are already down on the floor.

After coming to, Mikoto asks if there is any progress in their investigation. Uiharu hesitates, but Kuroko fills her in. She says that according to Harumi, there is a special device called Testament that is used for inputting large amounts of digital information to the brain in a short period. However, Kuroko says that it does so through the use of all five senses. Mikoto notes the obvious, saying that the Level Upper is music and only acts on hearing,. Uiharu adds that when they searched the comatose user's rooms, they could only find the music. Suddenly, the kettle boils, and it sounds whistles through its egress, and Uiharu is forced to take care of it. Mikoto then says, and tells that maybe the music is acting all other senses as well. Kuroko asks what she means, to which Mikoto tells of that time they were eating shaved ice. Kuroko tries to recall, and the both of them realizes that it Synesthesia. Uiharu asks what's happening, to which Kuroko fills her in. Synesthesia is a phenomenon where multiple senses are evoked using a single stimulus. Mikoto says that by acting on one sense in a certain way, other senses can also be stimulated. Uiharu then asks if they assume that the Level Upper works through the music that acts on all five senses to get the same effect as Testament.

Harumi is then called, and tells Uiharu that it is a possibility, and says that they may have overlooked that. Uiharu asks her if she could investigate further into that, to which Harumi says that she can, and that she presumes that they'll be granted permission to use Tree Diagram. Uiharu becomes excited, as Tree Diagram could easily give them the results in no time. Harumi then says that she will for her when they get the results. Uiharu then asks if she can come over, as she wants to see Tree Diagram in action, to which Harumi agrees. Uiharu then runs off to somewhere.

Meanwhile, back with Saten and friends, Akemi is still using her powers, while Muu is doing her best as well. Mako on the other hand is looking on the sidelines. Saten does so as well, looking at them nearby. She thinks everyone is amazing, but Saten is still anxious, and thinks that she should tell Uiharu. As she looks on her phone, she wonders if Uiharu would get mad. Suddenly, Saten hears a thud. It is Akemi, and she has fallen down for some reason. Muu and Mako stop whatever they are doing and rush towards her. And for Saten, she is shocked at what she sees.

Back with Uiharu who is heading out to Harumi. She receives a call from Saten. She answers, saying that she was worried about her, as she doesn't talk much and she isn't even answering her calls. However, in a voice that has lost all spirit, Saten says that Akemi has collapsed suddenly. She says to Uiharu that she didn't know what would happen to people who use the Level Upper. She asks a question which no one could answer: Why did it come to this? Sitting alone in her room with the curtains closed, she says that she didn't mean to. Worried, Uiharu says that Saten should calm down and tell her what had happened from the beginning slowly. Bluntly, Saten says that she has the Level Upper, shocking Uiharu. Saten says that it all happened when she said users were being put into custody, but then she says that she couldn't throw away, and then when she heard that Akemi and the others wanted it, she gave it to them, or more appropriately, she just didn't want to use it on her own. Clasping her mother's good luck charm, Saten falls into despair. Uiharu then begins running, and asks where Saten is right now. Saten asks Uiharu if she is going to collapse as well, and asks will be able to wake up again. Saten tells her feelings to Uiharu, saying that she didn't want to be so powerless, but couldn't give up on her hopes as well. Saten recalls the time when her mother gave her the charm, which she is now holding with her. She grips it, and calls out for her mother. Uiharu continues to run, and then hears Saten ask if Level 0s are defective, making Uiharu stop at a busy sidewalk. She asks if what is happening to her is retribution for cheating to get power. As her voice begins to break, she regrets to have used something dangerous, and to have dragged people along with her. As tears begin flowing from Saten, Uiharu shouts with gusto, that it will be all right. She says that if she goes to sleep, then she will surely come to wake right away, this includes Saten, Akemi, and everyone who is sleeping. She tells Saten to leave it all to her, and with a strong voice, goes on what Saten's reaction would be after she tries to wake up, uncaring of the people looking at her. Saten hears this, and is then told by Uiharu that she is not defective, even if she doesn't have any powers, she is always there to help her. And shouts on her phone that with or without power, Saten is Saten, because she is her friend. And as she tears up terribly talking to Saten, Uiharu pleads to Saten not to say such sad things. Over the phone, two friends, tear up as they confide their true feelings. Saten then laughs, making fun of Uiharu being all responsible, making her blush. Uiharu says that it is not just her, Mikoto and Kuroko, and lots of other amazing people as well, are going to help her. Saten believes her, and thanks Uiharu. Wiping the snot from her nose, Uiharu is told by Saten that she is sorry for causing her trouble, and tells her, that she will leave the rest to her.

With that, the call ends, and Uiharu runs towards for Saten at great speed. She reaches Saten's dormitory building, opens the door to her room, and in the darkness, sees that Saten has already fallen, still with her mother's charm.

Saten is later put into a certain hospital, Saten sleeps soundly, and is put under observation, her stats all seem normal. Mikoto and Kuroko are there outside of her room, and discuss on how Saten used the Level Upper as well. Kuroko says that Uiharu took the data to Kiyama Harumi so that she can analyze it and save Saten. Mikoto seems down, and asks Kuroko to come with her for a moment. Up on the roof of the hospital, Kuroko asks Mikoto what she wanted to talk about. Mikoto asks Kuroko to confirm if Saten carried a good luck charm. Kuroko recalls that it was the one that Saten always attached to her bag. Mikoto then mentions on how it was given by Saten's mother before she came to Academy City. Kuroko asks if Saten told her that, to which Mikoto confirms, saying that Saten may have a lot of something to talk about. A dark tone falls over Mikoto's voice, and says that despite being a Level 5, she couldn't do anything for Saten in the end. Mikoto says that whenever she runs intro troubles in life, she always tried her best to overcome them, and says that her rank as a Level 5 is a result of that. Mikoto says that she didn't think it was anything special, but now sees that there are some people who cannot overcome those hurdles. She recalls on how she told Saten straight to her face that Levels did not matter, and says that was insensitive of her to do. Mikoto then asks Kuroko if she can be part of the investigation, as she want to save Saten. Kuroko smiles, and says that she understands. As she pats Kuroko on her shoulder, she flinches for some reason, prompting Mikoto to wonder, to which Kuroko to blow it off.

As the two return from their rooftop conversation, a man calls for their attention. It is from a frog-faced doctor, which Mikoto takes note of, much to Kuroko's chagrin. In his office, the doctor shows them the brainwave patterns of the Level Upper victims. He notes on how brainwaves are unique to an individual, and that it is impossible for two people to have similar patterns, however, he states that he has discovered a common brainwave pattern among the Level Upper victims. Kuroko asks what he means, to which he says that forcibly altering the brainwaves would influence the body as well. Mikoto asks if the Level Upper is forcibly tampering with brainwaves and rendering them unconscious, and Kuroko adds a question who would do this and for what. The doctor says that he is a doctor, and tells them that it is their job to find out.

Meanwhile, Uiharu is on a bus going to Kiyama Harumi, and recalls memories of her and Saten having fun together, and a pained look draws upon her face. She arrives at Harumi's office, and apparently is told of what happened to Saten. Uiharu blames herself, but Harumi says she shouldn't. Harumi stands up and tells Uiharu to take a break as she will get her some coffee. Uiharu however, says that they don't have time to relax, however, Harumi consoles her, saying that the results of the analysis yet, and tells her that if she is broken when her friend wakes up, and then would it not be in vain. Harumi says that everything will be all right, and it will turn out well in the end. As Harumi leaves, tears form upon Uiharu's eyes, still not over on what happened. However, as if by contrivance, notices a piece of paper sticking out of a drawer with the words "Synesthesia".

Back in the branch office, Mikoto and Kuroko decide to investigate on their own. Mikoto says that if the brainwave pattern is that of a specific pattern, then Uiharu can cross-reference it with the people in the databanks. Kuroko however, suddenly realizes that Uiharu is not with them, but helps comes in the form of their senpai, Konori Mii. She is then told the whole story by them, and while operating the computer, says that they'll probably be given access to the databanks. Mikoto asks if it is not there, to which Kuroko says that she need not worry, as not only student ability development records are there, but as well as adults who visited the hospital or people who worked there are included as well. Mikoto then asks how using Level Upper could cause their brainwaves to become identical. Kuroko adds a question as well on how the Levels were raised as well. While using the computer, Mii notes on how just using software is not going to give any great performance gains, however, it is a different story when one networks them together. Kuroko asks if networked computers have greater performance, to which Mii says that on one particular computer, but using a lot of computers together in parallel increases overall computational performance. Hearing this, Mikoto presumes that someone could have made a brainwave network using the Level Upper. Mii says that is a possibility, to which Mikoto asks on how espers' brains could be connected. Mii then says that the only thing she can think of is the AIM diffusion fields. To back this hypothesis up, she notes on how espers continuously emit AIM, and, continuing with the computer analogy, if connected together... Mikoto says that AIM is however emitted without the users consent, and says that a human's brain is like a computer's OS, so one can't really link them together. Mii says that in computers, their OSs are separate, and even the language they use are different. However, Mii notes on how we can make a network of computers is because of protocols that are standard or common for all computers. Kuroko asks if what she is saying is that a specific person's brainwave pattern is used as a common protocol for all the espers, to which Mii says that may be just a possibility. Mikoto speculates that if one links brains like that, then one can have massive computational power, to which Mii agrees. Mikoto says that if an individual who has weak power were to join a network, their overall processing power would go up. Furthermore, Mikoto notes on how espers with the same powers would link up their cognitive patterns, and would allow them to user their powers more efficiently. Mii then says that most likely, the brain activity of all comatose victims is being utilized in the network. Mii then finally finishes with her search and presses a button. She discovers that there is a 99 match with one in the databanks. As Mii takes a look on who it is, Kuroko and Mikoto are surprised.

Meanwhile, back with Uiharu, she discovers something strange, a synesthesia thesis. Harumi enters, and says what Uiharu is doing is no good, much to Uiharu's surprise, and says that Uiharu shouldn't look into other people's research without permission. Back in the office, Kuroko and Mikoto cannot believe what they are seeing, the 99% brainwave match is that of Kiyama Harumi. The both of them suddenly realizes the danger that Uiharu is in, to which Mii asks what about Uiharu. While Kuroko tries to call Uiharu, Mikoto explains to Mii on how she went to see Harumi not too long ago. Predictably, Kuroko cannot get through to her phone, to which Mii orders Kuroko to contact Anti-Skill to request the capture of Harumi and warn that she may have a hostage. Back with Uiharu, she and Harumi are traveling in the latter's car, with Uiharu cuffed. Trying to start a conversation, Harumi asks what those flowers on her head are for, and asks if it is related to her power. Uiharu says that she doesn't wish to answer to that, but then asks Harumi what the Level Upper is, why she is doing this, and what is going to happen to all the unconscious victims. Harumi calls her out asking too many questions, and not even answering hers. Uiharu then asks what she intended with raising people's powers and giving them false hope, and then recalls Saten. Harumi smiles, and says that she has no interest in other people's powers, and says that her goal is far greater.

Back in the office, Mikoto says she is getting involved too. Mii says that she doesn't want civilians involved, but having the help of a Level 5 would be of use. Mikoto nods and proceeds to leave, but is called out by Kuroko, who rushes towards her. Kuroko says that Uiharu is also a member of Judgment, and says that she can do something, despite not knowing what it is that she could do. Kuroko however, says that Harumi, a mere lab researcher, could not possibly stand up against Anti-Skill. Mikoto counters by saying that Harumi holds the lives of thousands of comatose espers in her hands, and also says that she has a bad feeling about the situation. Kuroko then says that is all the more reason to leave it Judgment such as her, but before she could finish her sentence, Mikoto touches her shoulder, flinching with a single touch. Mikoto asks what Kuroko could do with her body in its current shape, to which Kuroko asks how she noticed. Mikoto says that she knows since she is her junior, and tells her that at times like these, she should rely more on her Oneesama. Blushing and with tears on her eyes, Kuroko falls silent before the sight of her Oneesama.

Back with Harumi, her cars enter a tunnel. Both are silent, with Uiharu looking serious, and Harumi smiling confidently. The climax is about to unfold.

Adapted From

Major Events


New Characters


New Abilities

  • Telekinesis - Akemi, Level Unknown (raised via Level Upper)
  • Unnamed power that allows the user to levitate objects, most likely Telekinesis - Muu, Level Unknown (raised via Level Upper)
  • Aero Hand - Saten Ruiko, Level 0 (raised via Level Upper)


New Locations


  • Testament is referenced during this episode, which was first mentioned in episode 19 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation.
  • Tree Diagram, Academy City's foremost supercomputer, though its abilities mentioned only in passing back in episode 3, is referenced during this episode.
  • A brainwave network is mentioned for the first time.

Cultural References

  • The laptop used by Mii is Macwindows OS ready, which is a reference to the two foremost rival PC operating systems: Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Moreover, it is specifically a reference to Microsoft Windows, with a similar logo to it, as well as the Windows XP operating system. Furthermore, it also references the Pentium microprocessors used by Intel.


  • Episode 8 is referenced, regarding their conversation with synesthesia.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Several scenes from the previous episode are used for flashback.
  • A still from episode 8, the shaved ice Mikoto is eating, is used as a flashback.
  • Several scenes from previous episodes featuring Saten and Uiharu are used for a recollection during this episode, notably, episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9.
  • During the scene where Konori Mii accesses the databanks, not only are esper powers listed, but as well as magic terms such as the kanji translation for Innocentius, King of Witch Hunting, as well as that for Deep Blood. Furthermore, after Mii discovers the 99 match, Harumi is designated as a telepath, despite never undergoing the Power Curriculum Program. Another error is the word Pyrokinesis being separated into "Pyrokin" and "esis" rows.
  • Harumi's "Ability is experimental data" is the same one used for Kushiro Katabira back in episode 6.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What was the reason for Harumi creating the Level Upper in the first place?
  • What is the greater goal that Kiyama Harumi is talking about?


  • Saten: "It's not much of an ability compared to Shirai-san or Misaka-san... And from others people's perspective, it must be pretty lame... But I've become an esper!"
  • Saten: "Am I going to collapse too? Will I ever be able to wake up again? I didn't like being so powerless. But I couldn't give up on my hopes... Mama..."―Uiharu.
  • Saten: "Are Level 0's defective, I wonder... And because a zero like me tried to obtain power by cheating, is this my punishment? I used something dangerous and dragged people around me into it..."―Uiharu.
  • Uiharu: "It's alright! If you go to sleep, I'll come wake you up right away! Saten-san and Akemi-san and everyone else who's sleeping! So just leave it all to me! And then I bet you'll be like, "gimme 5 more minutes!"... You're not defective! Even if you don't have any powers, you're always there to help me! Whether you have powers or not, you are you! Because, you're my friend!! So... So... Please don't say... such sad things..."―Saten.
  • Saten: "Thank you, Uiharu. Sorry for always causing you trouble. I'll leave the rest to you."―Uiharu.
  • Mikoto: "She probably had a lot she wanted to talk about. Even so, I... even with my Level 5 powers... I couldn't do anything for her at all... For me, whenever I've run into hurdles in life, I've always stopped at nothing to overcome them. My Level 5 rank is a result of that. I've never really thought of it as anything special. But... I guess there are people who can't overcome those hurdles... I've never really thought of that possibility. "Your Level doesn't really mean anything, right?"... That was so insensitive of me..."―Kuroko regarding Saten.
  • Harumi: "I have no interest in other's powers. My goal is far greater."―Uiharu.
  • Mikoto: "Of course. You're my junior, after all. At times like this, rely on your Onee-sama."―Kuroko.


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