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"Ms. Kiyama" (木山せんせい Kiyama-sensei?) is the eleventh episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaption. It was first broadcasted on December 11, 2009.


Speeding on the freeway, Kiyama Harumi explains to Uiharu Kazari on how the Level Upper works. She says that it is a computational system, which constructs a network using AIM diffusion fields as a medium, and makes intensive calculations possible by distributing computational work across multiple brains. Uiharu feels uncomfortable, and asks Harumi why, to which she says that she applied to use Tree Diagram to run a particular simulation, but for some reason was rejected, and needed something to take its place. Uiharu is appalled by what she hears, but Harumi says that she has 10,000 of "them" now, a sufficient substitute. Uiharu makes a scary face, but Harumi tells her to calm down, as it will be all over soon and she'll free everyone afterwards. She reaches for her labcoat pocket, and takes out a small memory card and music player. Harumi says that it is the treatment program that uninstalls the Level Upper. She gives it to Uiharu, and says that she will entrust it to her. She then says that there are no lasting effects in using the Level Upper, everything will go back to normal and no one will get hurt. Uiharu then says that she can't trust her, as she has no way of knowing that her treatment program will work as she says. Harumi then smiles, saying that she is so strict. Harumi then hears a beeping sound.

Back at the AIM Analytic Research Center, the Anti-Skill has reached Harumi's office, and reports that they cannot find Kiyama Harumi. The Anti-Skill in charge is then ordered to seize her data, and signals his fellow operative to turn on her computer. However, as soon as it boots up, junk data fills the monitor, and suddenly, a warning message shows that all data within the hard disk drive have been deleted. Back with Harumi, she's impressed on how the Anti-Skill has already gotten in, and assumes that it was of a different reason other than the fact that she took Uiharu, saying that they must've found her on a different route. She says that she programmed her machines to run a security procedures if started up without performing certain protocols. She now says that all data regarding the Level Upper is now lost, and says that the only way to wake up the users is the program she gave to her. She says to Uiharu to take care of it. As she continues speeding, she notices something which forces to stop. It is a blockade set up by Anti-Skill, with a long-haired woman in charge. Much to Harumi's consternation, it is the Anti-Skill, and notes on how they only move fast when they get orders from above. The woman says that they are arresting her on suspicion of distributing the Level Upper, and orders her to surrender immediately. Uiharu asks what she intends to do. Looking at her for a quick moment, Harumi then says that the Level Upper is a program that uses human brains as a computational network, however, she also says that it also comes with an interesting side effect for its controller. She smiles, and says that she will show Uiharu something interesting.

Harumi opens the scissor door of her western-style car, and exits it. The woman in charge of the Anti-Skill present, then orders her to put both of her hands behind her head, and then tells her to lie prone on the ground. Meanwhile, the glasses wearing Antil-Skill look through their binoculars, and see that Uiharu is fine. Hearing this, the woman in charge orders her fellow members to arrest Harumi. In sync, the personnel, as well as the security robots, edge themselves closer to Harumi with their rifles drawn towards her, their fingers on the trigger, ready to fire. Suddenly, one of Harumi's eyes turn red, and then one of the Anti-Skill men fire on his colleague. The man falls after being shot, and the other men draw their weapons against him. As sounds firing are heard, Harumi smiles and she draw out her hand, as wind begins to blow. The woman and her glasses wearing subordinate are surprised by this, as she is apparently an esper. Then, an explosion rocks the high-tier road.

Below however, a taxi cab stops by. It is Misaka Mikoto, who orders the driver to get out of here. Mikoto asks Kuroko what's going on. Kuroko is too shocked to answer quickly as she looks at the surveillance footage, but simply says that she is fighting the Anti-Skill, and is using abilities, surprising Mikoto, thinking she is an esper. Mii says that there is no record that Harumi underwent the Power Curriculum Program, but says, as she looks at the footage of Harumi overwhelming Anti-Skill, that she is clearly using esper powers, more than one at that. Mikoto rushes towards the battlefield, and after unlocking a gate, states that people can only have one power, no exceptions. Kuroko says that it could be because of the Level Upper. A system that is made up of a network of 10,000 esper brains, can be called one giant brain. She looks at the footage of Harumi lifting trucks and crushing the Anti-Skill and the Security robots, and says that with that one giant brain, if one could operate it, one could do impossible things with a single human mind. Kuroko says that if her hypothesis is correct, Harumi is currently the embodiment of an impossible feat, a mult-skilled esper—Dual Skill.

Mikoto then reaches the battlefield, wither the aftermath of Harumi's carnage are in full view. Destroyed Security robots are everywhere, Anti-Skill trucks lie on its sides, and Anti-Skill personnel lie on the ground, unmoving. Mikoto sees this in full view, and states that simple fact that Kiyama Harumi wiped out Anti-Skill. She looks to the side and sees Uiharu in Harumi's car, apparently unconscious. She rushes towards her and tells her to wake up, to no avail. Then, she hears a familiar voice nearby. It is Kiyama Harumi, who says that Uiharu merely passed out during all the excitement of the battle, and says that her life is in no danger. Harumi identifies Mikoto as one of the seven Level 5s of Academy City, and tells her that Mikoto has never fought an opponent like her before. She asks Mikoto, if she can stop her, the controller of 10,000 brains. Mikoto says that of course she will, and charges towards her. However, using her powers, Harumi makes Mikoto lose her footing, and as she tries to find her bearings, Harumi is already trying to use a power on her. And then, another explosion takes place, but Mikoto comes out unscathed. Mikoto smiles, and says that she is surprised that Harumi really can use multiple powers, a Dual Skill, and says that she will be entertained. Harumi however, calmly states that her ability works differently from the theoretically impossible Dual Skill, and prefers to call it Multi-Skill. Suddenly, she flexes her fingers and a gust of wind that cut the road surface goes toward Mikoto. However, she cleanly dodges it, and says that she doesn't care what she calls it as it doesn't change the fact on what she has to do. She attacks Harumi with a bolt of electricity, but a mysterious shield protects her from it, much to her surprise. Harumi then asks her what's the matter, and asks if she assumed that she could only use one power at a time. Harumi then jolts the ground, and energy travels through the freeway, making part of it collapse down to ground level. Meanwhile, the Anti-Skill that has escaped Harumi's attack could only watch helplessly from nearby. Both Mikoto and Harumi fall safely, and the former manages to latch on to a support pillar using her electromagnetic powers. Mikoto is unbelieving on how Harumi is so callous in using her powers without regard for herself or her surroundings. Harumi then speaks up, saying that she is disappointed on Mikoto, asking if this is all a Level 5 could do. Angry, Mikoto uses her powers to take out a piece of concrete from the wall she is standing on, and states that just because she can counter her electric shocks, doesn't mean she has won, and tosses it towards her. And yet, Harumi simply cuts it down, with some queer lazer sword ability. And then, as Mikoto is distracted, uses her powers to cut out a huge piece of concrete where Mikoto is latching down to the ground. Mikoto is grazed a little, but is fine overall. Harumi tells Mikoto to just give up already, and says that all she wants to do is investigate something, and says that once that is done, she'll release everyone. She bows her head down, and with a look of regret, she says that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. However, Mikoto, as if she anything at all, says that to stop kidding around, and calls her out on what she says. She says that she has already involved many people, and played with their feelings, and as such, she won't let her go. Harumi sighs that even though Mikoto is a Level 5, she still a pampered rich girl, who knows nothing of the real world, much to Mikoto's chagrin. Smiling, Harumi then says to Mikoto if she thinks that the ability development that the people receive daily is safe and humane. Harumi bluntly tells Mikoto on how the higher-ups of Academy City is hiding something about their abilities, and without any knowledge of that, the teachers continue to develop the students' brains daily, and asks Mikoto if she can understand how dangerous that is. Mikoto listened to her lecture, but ignores it, saying that it was an interesting story she has, and says, as she kneels on the ground, that she will investigate it thoroughly, and pry the rest from her. Almost immediately, Mikoto uses her powers to make use of the iron sand to the ground, and charges towards it to Harumi. However, she protects herself using concrete blocks, and says that she cannot afford to get caught. She then uses her power to throw empty cans towards her. Mikoto then remembers the graviton bombings. Confidently however, Mikoto uses her powers to destroy all the cans she see. Harumi is amazed, however, with a can in hand, she teleports the can behind Mikoto as she gloats about her power. She notices it however, but it is too late, as the accelerated gravitons inside the aluminum can explodes.

As the smoke clears, Harumi approaches Mikoto's body, which is covered in debris, and says that she thought that Mikoto would put a better fight than that, and assumes that is the limit of a Level 5. She then turns around, and tries to leave Mikoto to be. However, Mikoto is apparently conscious, and hugs her from behind. Harumi is unbelieving, but takes a glance on where Mikoto had lied, and discovers that she shielded herself instantly with magnetism. Mikoto mentions direct contact with electricity, and mentions that it did not work on a certain idiot, but surely, she doesn't have the ridiculous ability such as his. Harumi tries to user her powers to attack Mikoto, but she is too slow, and Mikoto brutally shocks her with her power that is powerful enough to create electrical arcs in the air. Apparently, it does not kill her, and Harumi falls unconscious in Mikoto's arms. Mikoto on how, apparently, she calls what she just did as taking it easy on her.

Suddenly, voices of children echo throughout Mikoto's mind, it is of young children, and Mikoto speculates, that she the electric currents created a circuit connecting the two of them, and has somehow allowed her to tapped into the mind of one Kiyama Harumi.

In the past, a young and short-haired Harumi is called into a Dr. Kihara's office, and apparently, is displeased with what he has to say. The doctor, an old frail-looking man with a birth mark on his left temple, is asked by Harumi if what he is intending is a joke, to which he says it is not. He asks if she has a teacher's license, to which Harumi confirms. With this, Dr. Kihara says that then there would be nothing strange for her to become a teacher. Harumi however, responds that she only took it because she could. The doctor stands up, and looks out his huge window, saying that he is not telling her to stop her research, and says that the experiment that he entrusting her comes directly from the head council. Harumi becomes excited and asks if the doctor is serious. The doctor does not respond, and looks down below, there are kids there, and he tells her that they are Child Errors, children who have no relatives, and who were abandoned in Academy City. The doctor says that they are subjects of the experiment, and that they will be under her supervision, surprising Harumi. Doctor Kihara says that in order for the experiment to be successful, great care must be taken in regulating their development data, and states that it would be more convenient if it was a teacher in charge of them.

Harumi acquiesces, and officially becomes their teacher some time later, being greeted by her students warmly, but feels that what she is doing is troublesome. And so, the days passes by as she becomes their teacher. One day had her being put into a classic water bucket in the door prank, which surprises the children as she undresses in their vicinity.

"However, she says to herself that she hates kids." They have no delicacy. Another memory have her being asked out by one her students she has no boyfriend. "She says that they are rude." Another memory has her explain some basic arithmetic to them, to which she, again, becomes a target of a prank. "She says that they're mischievous." Another one has her try to console a child who is crying, and utterly fails at it. "She says that they're illogical."

Another, had her eating lunch with her students, where she shows her dislike of carrots, and tries to sort them out in her food, to which one of them says that she shouldn't be picky with her food. "She says that they're too friendly, and that they get attached to easily." She reiterates that she hates kids, but...

One day as it rains, Harumi walks alone with her umbrella, but then notices the young child with a headband, one for her students, apparently fallen to the ground. Harumi calls her Edasaki, and asks he what's the matter, despite being obvious. Edasaki says that she slipped and fell. Harumi notices that her clothes all got dirty and wet, to which Harumi says that her apartment is close by, and asks her if she wants to use her bath. She becomes ecstatic at the thought of course. Back in Harumi's apartment, Edasaki is excited to see a bath, to which Harumi asks if baths are that great. Edasaki says that it is, as they only get showers twice a week at the institute. Edaski asks Harumi if she could really use it, to which Harumi confirms, much to her joy. She then says that she will brag it to everyone, and excitedly enters the bathroom. As Harumi wash Edasaki's clothes in the washing machine, Edasaki calls out to her. Harumi answers, to which Edaski asks her if she works hard, would she become a Level 4 or 5. Harumi says that it would be hard to say at her age, and asks if Edaski is aiming to become a high level esper. She hums, and says that of course, that would be great, but says that since they were taken in and raised in Academy City, then she wants to become at least useful to the city somehow. After the bath and laundry are done, Harumi tries to enjoy a hot cup of joe, but discovers Edaski sleeping on her sofa. She sits next to her, and notes on how she has no longer time for her research. She sips her coffee, and smiles as she looks at the sleeping next to her, once again reiterating that "she hates kids."

Now as the days passed, all things were strange before, has become normal now. "She says that they're noisy," as a time of when she is caught in a classic eraser on the door prank.

"She says that they're rude," as a memory of when she accepts a child's proposal of becoming his girlfriend, much to his incredulity, passes by.

"She says that they're mischievous," as a memory of her chasing a child down to retrieve a lab coat, passes by.

"She says that they're illogical," as a memory of a child showing off her incredibly poor portrait of Harumi.

Finally, memories of her being surprised with a birthday by her students, and of her being taught by them not to picky with her food passes by. She smiles and blushes at them, and seems happy. Perhaps her opinion have changed, but only she could tell, and as these happy memories pass, so do the seasons, and like all that is, all good things must come to an end.

Now, it is the promised day of the experiments. Harumi and the other scientists prepare the children for the experiment. There are no problems, the other researchers say. And as old Doctor Kihara look from his observation deck, a calm smile is upon his face. Surely, nothing could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, Edasaki is given a helmet to wear, and takes of her headband, putting it next to her. Harumi approaches her, and asks her if she is scared, to which Edasaki says that she is not, as it is Kiyama-sensei's experiment. Edasaki says that she believes in Harumi and smiles, and even Harumi is confident with it. Of course, it was the final time she plays the teacher game.

Warning signs in red and its uneasy sound floods the room, the scientists are panicked and worried, trying to fix the anomaly that has appeared, and endangering the lives of the little children. But nothing they are doing could help them, and up at that observation deck, Harumi could only look in abject and utter shock. One of the scientists order them to call the hospitals immediately, but Kihara Gensei, will have none of that. He tells them not to worry about it. The man tries to points out the danger, but is told by Doctor Gensei, that he should stop panicking and make sure to capture data. He says that he will put a gag order on the facility regarding the experiment, and says to all of them that the experiment was completed without incident, and no one saw anything. The scientist is hesitant, but acquiesces later to the doctor's orders. While Harumi is too shocked at what had happened, Doctor Kihara puts hand upon her shoulder. He congratulates her, saying that she did well, and says it was a pity that they lost them, but says that they were a mere sacrifice for the name of science. That was his words, and with a smile, the man's cold eyes open—this is the will of a Kihara. He says that she need not worry about the incident, and pats her on the shoulder. He turns to leave, and says that he has high hopes for the coming future. EKG flatlines, saying that the children's suffering has finally ended.

Harumi visits the experiment room later, and a ghostly silence falls upon with only her footsteps left as a grim reminder that someone is still alive. She comes to the place where Edasaki lied, and only her lone headband is left, sitting upon a small pool of blood. Harumi is silent, and her eyes widened. She falls to her knees.

The trip to memory lane is over, and Mikoto callously lets go of Harumi's body on the hard ground. She too is shocked at what she has seen. At the same time as this, Harumi comes to, and asks her if she saw, as she holds onto her head, apparently in pain. Meanwhile, Uiharu wakes up, and opens the scissor doors of Harumi's car, and she sees for herself the destruction that Harumi and Mikoto's battle have wrought. She then hears a scream, and rushes towards the cataract on the freeway that Harumi's power has made. She sees Harumi and Mikoto there, naturally. Mikoto asks Harumi why they do that, unaware of what a Kihara could do. Harumi stands up, and explains to Mikoto that to the public, it was a mere experiment of the control of AIM diffusion fields, but says that, in truth, it was actually an experiment analyzing the principles behind overloading abilities. Harumi says that they wanted to find out what the trigger for overloading of AIM diffusion fields, it was an experiment deliberately designed to overload them, but she never realized it until later. Mikoto is shocked with the fact that they have done human experimentation. Harumi says that the children never woke up, and continue to sleep to this day. She bluntly say that they used them as guinea pigs, and threw them away. Hearing this, Uiharu becomes determined, and tries to go somewhere, for reasons unknown. Mikoto asks, as if she knew anything, that she could have told Anti-Skill, but is interrupted by Harumi. Twenty-three times, she says, 23 times she tried to find a cute, and to simulate the experiment to find the failure, and that was how many times she applied for the use of Tree Diagram, and 23 times she was turned down. Still holding her head, she says that if she had the computational power of Tree Diagram, she would surely save those children. She could surely let them run in the sun again, but she was rejected 23 times. She says that the head council is on it as well, so there was no way the Anti-Skill would move, this is the dark side of Academy City. Mikoto tries to back up her point, as if she knew the pain of holding something dear and losing it, but Harumi tells her what the hell does she know. She says that she will do anything to save those children, even if she has to make the entire city her enemy.

Suddenly, something queer happens, as if a part of Harumi has been taken out. She has a powerful headache, and clutches her head, unable to speak. Mikoto is concerned, but only could watch as Harumi says that the network has overloaded, and collapses to the ground. Mikoto is surprised, but shuts up, as suddenly, something queer comes out of her head. It bubbles and spurts spontaneously, and floats high above the air before Mikoto. It has rudimentary limbs and have a grotesque bulbous head, it is like a child, but a terrible debasement on it. It has crimson corneas and yellow irises, like a some demoniac form of conjunctivitis. Indeed, demoniac would not be far off, as crowning his head is a glowing halo, revolving hypnotically. Mikoto is horrified. Truly, there are no words for such an abomination. Uiharu rushes towards them, but only now, discover the horror that has been born into the world. Mikoto does not move, and could only describe the thing as a fetus. It opens it eyes, and like all children, screams that it is alive.

Adapted From[]

Major Events[]

  • Anti-Skill attempts to arrest Kiyama Harumi but is defeated dismally.
  • Mikoto defeats Kiyama Harumi, but witnesses the birth of the AIM Burst.
  • The first Artificial Angel is born to the physical world, unprecedentedly.


New Characters[]


New Abilities[]


New Locations[]


  • The Destruction of Tree Diagram is not at all connected with Harumi being rejected for its use, even in the original manga, as the date has yet to reach July 28. It can be presumed that Harumi was rejected due to bureaucratic reasons.
  • The concept of Child Errors are introduced during this episode.
  • The concept of overloading espers, a phenomenon that leads to the Recurrent Psychokinetic Syndrome is first introduced.
  • The beginning of the soundtrack AIM Burst, during the aforementioned being's birth.

Cultural References[]

  • Once again, Microsoft is referenced during the Anti-Skill's boot-up of Harumi's computer, called Marvelsoft.
  • Like in Toaru Majutsu no Index, the Anti-Skill uses something somewhat similar to a SIG SG552.


  • Harumi says that she only required 10,000 espers for her use in her Level Upper brainwave network. This is the estimated number of Sister clones left after the Level 6 Shift has been cancelled, that forms the Misaka Network, a clear parallel between the Level Upper and Misaka Network.
  • Mikoto references failing to shock Touma back in episode 4 during their duel.

Differences in Adaptation[]

Animation Trivia[]

  • In the original manga, both of Harumi's eyes turn red, seemingly a referenced to the red-eyed AIM Burst. It is unknown why only a single eye of Harumi is colored in this adaptation.
  • The animation of Harumi having her left palm open as she uses her powers are reused during her confrontation with Mikoto on top of the freeway.
  • Scenes from episode 6 and episode 1, are used as short examples of students undergoing the Power Curriculum Program.
  • Scenes from episode 7 are used when Mikoto recalls the power of Synchrotron.


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Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why aren't Aiho and Tsuzuri wearing protective helmets like the rest of their team?
  • Who or what is taking the surveillance footage at the freeway?
  • What is the secret that the higher-ups of Academy City hiding regarding esper powers?
  • Where are the children now?
  • Where is Kihara Gensei ?


  • Harumi: "Misaka Mikoto. One of the seven Level 5 students in Academy City. I suspect even you haven't fought an opponent like me before. Can you stop me, the controller of 10,000 brains? "Can you stop me?""―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "Stop kidding around! You don't want to hurt anyone? You've already gotten so many people involved... You've played with their feelings... There's no way I can let that go!"―To Harumi.
  • Harumi: "Even though you're a Level 5, when it comes down to it you're just a pampered rich girl."―To Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "Direct contact electrocution. It didn't work on that idiot, but there's no way you have that ridiculous ability, right?"
  • Harumi: "I hate kids... They have no delicacy... They're rude... They're mischievous... They're illogical... They're too friendly... They get attached to you easily... I hate kids."
  • Banri: "Of course that'd be great, but we were taken in and raised by Academy City. I want to become helpful to the city somehow."―To Harumi.
  • Gensei: "Kiyama-kun, you did well. It's a pity we lost them, but they were sacrifices in the name of science."―To Harumi.
  • Harumi: "Those children never woke up, and continue to sleep even now. We used them as guinea pigs and then threw them away!"―To Mikoto.
  • Harumi: "23 times. To find a cure and to simulate the experiment to find the failure, that's how many times I've applied for the use of Tree Diagram. If I had the computational power of Tree Diagram, I'm sure I could save those children. I could let them run under the sun again... But I was rejected, all 23 times! The head council was in on it, so there's no way Anti-Skill would move!"―To Mikoto.
  • Harumi: "What the hell do you know?!"―To Mikoto.


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