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"AIM Burst" (AIM バースト AIM Bāsuto?) is the twelfth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first broadcasted on December 19, 2009.


Uiharu watchs below the gaping hole that Mikoto and Harumi's battle had wrought, and becomes determined, running off somewhere. Harumi tells Mikotowhat the hell does she know. She says that she will do anything to save those children, even if she has to make the entire city her enemy.

Suddenly, something queer happens, as if a part of Harumi has been taken out. She has a powerful headache, and clutches her head, unable to speak. Mikoto is concerned, but only could watch as something strange happens. Uiharu rushes closer towards them as she sees the unnamable thing that Mikoto now has to face. It has rudimentary limbs and have a grotesque bulbous head, it is like a child, but a terrible debasement on it. It has crimson corneas and yellow irises, like a some demoniac form of conjunctivitis. Indeed, demoniac would not be far off, as crowning his head is a glowing halo, revolving hypnotically. Mikoto is horrified. Truly, there are no words for such an abomination. Mikoto does not move, and could only describe the thing as a fetus. It opens it eyes, and like all children, screams that it is alive.

In the meanwhile, back in the old Judgment branch, Kuroko and Mii are busy with on their laptops. However, Kuroko is frustrated however. Apparently, the broadcast is down, and as such, they are unable to monitor what's going on. What's more, Kuroko cannot even reach Mikoto on her phone. Kuroko stands up, and an obvious look of pain is upon her. Mii notices this and stops her, to which Kuroko twitches in pain. Kuroko tries to explain to Mii that she cannot stand idly by while her Oneesama is out there, she needs to help her. Mii asks what Kuroko with those injuries of hers. Kuroko tries to talk back, but Mii tells her something. Despite being a city of science, a city that lacks superstition, Mii tells Kuroko to have faith in Mikoto. Kuroko, though said, bows her head, acquiesces to Mii, as white noise continues to fill the windows on her laptop monitor of the cameras that were working earlier.

Now, Mikoto is stunned as she looks upon the thing. It floated ominously upon the air, and its bloodshot eyes stair blankly into empty space. Fetus is what she calls it, seemingly apt as it was, as since it was a blasphemous and debased facsimile of a human embryo. But also, it was not wholly correct either, as the thing was crowned with a halo upon its head like a malformed cherubim of ecclesiastical tradition. An angel, or more appropriately, a daemon thinking of itself as one. It was a loathsome thing. It was semi-transparent, but its body was solid and bulbous, most especially its tumorous head. It had many queer and transparent tentacles attached upon its sloping back like a grotesque deformity of a umbilical cord, which glowed a sickly green color. It's body was formed into a foetal position, and its head was pulsatingly in to complete its perverse copy of the human embryo. Mikoto could only guess of what it was, and called it a fetus, and assumed it was a metamorphose ability. Suddenly, it screams and powerful gusts of wind billows out from it. The Anti-Skill who has survived, notices this too and is rocked by its immense power. Suddenly, a blast of energy rips out from it, and Mikoto is forced to shield herself from the power. After the explosion however, Mikoto comes out the smoke and attacks the thing, tearing its back with a gaping crimson wound. However, much to her suprise, like a mutant cancer, the thing heals itself, bubbling and frothing from the wound, malformed arms, hands, and fingers form. It became bigger in the process, much to Mikoto's surprise. The thing with its huge eyes, notice Mikoto, and suddenly, it forms sharp crystalline objects out of nowhere, and hurls it towards Mikoto, forcing her to run away. While running however, Mikoto hears someone call out her name. It is Uiharu Kazari, and seeing the apparent danger she is in for putting herself in the battlefield, Mikoto stops in her tracks and attacks the crystal projectiles. She destroys them, and Uiharu braces at the shockwave that occurs. After the smoke clears Mikoto says that she shouldn't be here, to which Uiharu apologizes. As she tries to explain herself, Mikoto says to her not to move from where is at, as she tries to face the thing again. However, the queer thing ignores her completely, much to her confusion, saying that it is just rampaging aimlessly. They look at it, gaping with its mouth that seemed to be made from ripped meat. It's grotesque form floating in the air, and using its stubby arms, seemed to try grasping for something. No one knows what is trying to grasp and hold for, but it is enough for Uiharu to says that it seems to be in pain, as if it was human.

At the same as this, the doctor from the Mizuho Medical Institute. walks a long hallway and enters a room, asking what's going on. The nurses say that the patients have suddenly gone out of control. They are the comatosed patients, they're eyes are open but they cannot see, they are moving but cannot feel. They are convulsing like mad, and the nurses do their dardnest to put them down, others have been strapped to their beds. The doctor checks on old Hatsuya, and asks if they have become conscious, to which the nurse says that they're not, and says that they were sleeping not long ago, and then all at once this madness occurs. Hatsuya screams, apparently in great pain. The strange event does not discriminate, man, woman, young, and old, all are being effected by this queer malady. All have slept, but now they have started moving on their own despite being unconscious. Pure and utter pain pulsates throughout their bodies, and they screams and ululations fill the hospital, it is like they are being tormented by an unfathomable nightmare, where they cannot wake from. The doctor is shocked, and knows not what he can do. There, he says what was on in his mind: What on Earth is happening?

Back in no man's land, Harumi awakens from her short slumber, as the thing rises up. The Anti-Skill then sees the horror itself with their own mortal eyes, its tentacles flinging to and from in the air, thankfully catching nothing. The Anti-Skill questions what they are facing, and assumes that it is a biological weapon. The leader woman says that they have no choice but to fight it with the forces they have left, and allows them to fire with live ammunition, and orders them to fire. They hit it with their bullets, tearing its body apart, like clay being ripped by a child's fingers. The thing retaliates, flinging its tentacles towards them, but they keep on firing, and the thing's body is slowly ripped apart by the hail of bullets. But, at the same time as this, it bubbles and froths and heals itself, becoming bigger in the process. Meanwhile, Harumi laughs at what is happening, and leans on a pillar. She says that it amazing and that he never thought that such a monster could be born. With a faint smile, she says that she will be rewarded if she reports this to the scientific community. The firing continues, and the things continues to grow and become larger. She says that the network is already out of control, and says that all hope of bringing back those children from their long sleep is gone. It is over. Or perhaps, it is not, as a girl's vocie shouts to her to not give up. She turns to look and sees Uiharu and Mikoto, the former putting up a strong face. Anti-Skill continues firing at the thing, seemingly having an endless supply of bullets, but the effects are the same. Back with Harumi, she says that it is probably an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields, an AIM Burst. She says that it is formed from the AIM diffusion fields of 10,000 espers merged together through the Level Upper network, and a beast of subconscious thoughts awoke within those fields. In other words, it is a mass of the thoughts of 10,000 children.

They look at it again, and opens its mouth as it screams... Picture the mind of one Okahara Ryouta. Once, he said, that he wanted to fulfill his dream his dream in this city, a dream of becoming an esper, but... his dream was nothing but a dream. Picture the thoughts of a young man by the name of Kaitabi Hatsuya, who feels that no matter how hard he worked, a wall called ability kept getting in the way. In his miserable life where he was stepped on, and where everyone pretended they could not see... That is why... like Koujun Kikuhiko, all that he could do is to obtain one, obtain power no matter what it takes. 10,000 children, 10,000 girls and boys, screaming at the top of their lungs within a pit of despair. Pain, anguish, suffering, and hatred, all keeps the thing that should not be into its form. And now it towers above men, a thing born from the misery of children. A pitiful existence that even Uiharu thinks so as well. Mikoto then asks if there is anyway they could stop it, to which Harumi gives a smug smile. She asks why she is asking her, as they would never believe her no matter what she says. However, Uiharu puts her hands before Uiharu, and says that Harumi was the one who undid the handcuffs. Harumi says in a denying tone that she just felt like doing it, and says that she shouldn't trust with that as a basis alone. However, Uiharu draws close towards Harumi, and with a smile, says that Harumi wants to save those children, as such, she wouldn't to them. And like that girl from before, Uiharu says that she trusts her. Mikoto asks if Uiharu has heard it, to which she confirms. With a bowed head, Harumi sighs. She then says that the AIM Burst is a monster born from the Level Upper Network, and says that if they can destroy the network, then they might be able to stop it. Uiharu recalls something, and hurriedly searches her pockets. It is the Level Upper treat program within a small memory card that Harumi given. Harumi says that it is worth a try, giving Uiharu hope. Meanwhile, Mikoto looks to see that the Anti-Skill is still fighting the thing, which has now apparently ignored them as their weapons have become terribly ineffective. Mikoto says that she will do something about that thing, and tells Uiharu to take the program to Anti-Skill. Uiharu undestands, and with a quick nod towards each other, begins their crucial mission. Harumi is left alone near that pillar, and smiles, saying that it bothers her when people are so trusting without evidence.

As the Anti-Skill continue to fire on the now huge AIM Burst, the thing has apparently had enough for them, and uses one of its tentacle-like appendages to slap, the long-haired woman captain away. The young woman with glasses calls out to her downed captain, but her concerns return her own person, as another appendage comes slithering slipperily in sight. In fear, the woman fires her rifle onto it, while closing her eyes, a terrible lack of gun safety. After unloading an entire magazine to a mere appendage, it reforms itself quite easily, and more. The thing then forms an eye and miniature arms and hands. It is not well for humans to see such sights for long, and the woman's knees tremble, as she is unable to move. Slowly, it slithers towards her, and it is only a breath away from her face. Then, as the thing tries to touch, a metallic sound is heard, and she pushed at the last moment, as the thing destroys the place in which she stood. It is Misaka Mikoto, who used her powers of electromagnetism to use a sizable piece of metal to pull the glasses woman Anti-Skill towards her. Just as Touma said, she has no respect for elders. She berates the woman for just standing there, and says to her that she could've died. The woman asks who Mikoto is, and asks what a civilian like her is doing in this hellish place. Mikoto complains about this, and the woman tries to tell her to run, but they are then attacked by the tentacled appendages again. Mikoto uses her electricity and destroys the appendage, forcing the AIM Burst to retract it and carry on with its busines... which is to move towards an important looking facility nearby. Mikoto says that they should leave the place, however, the long haired Anti-Skill captain says that they could not leave the thing alone, and points towards the facility that the AIM Burst is approaching. She says that they cannot leave it alone because it is going towards an experimental nuclear energy facility, much to Mikoto's disbelief. Suddenly, the glasses Anti-Skill shouts regarding a girl doing something. Mikoto glances to the side, and discovers that it is Uiharu, trying to climb the stairs up to the freeway despite the danger. Aiho is disappointed that Uiharu has yet to escape, to which Mikoto says that she is wrong. Mikoto explains that Uiharu is not a hostage or is trying to escape. She looks at the two Anti-Skill with a sincere look, and tells them that she has request.

As the thing continues onwards with its journey, suddenly one of its tentacles are cut in half by an ironsand attack. It was of little effect as the thing reformed it, however, this was enough for Mikoto, who has taken the attention of the monster. Mikoto shouts at it that she is her opponent, but goes out of her way as the thing fires a energy blast towards it. The thing does not care for Mikoto's complaints, as it charges another attack, a ball of energy, that sputters through every direction. Much to Mikoto's horror, it hits the stairwell that Uiharu was climbing on. As the smoke clears, Uiharu is on the ground and unmoving, but is later able sit up again. She is hurt, but not badly, however, she later remembers that she is holding the treatment program. She opens her palms, and much to her relief, it did not break. She says to herself that she needs to hurry as everyone is counting on her. As she takes one step at a time upon those metal stairs, she grits her teeth, and bares the weight of the 10,000 children. It is only natural, since she is of Judgment. As she is now on top of the freeway, another blast comes knocking towards her. There is an explosion, but as the smoke clears, she discovers that the two Judgment women protected her, calling her reckless. The glasses wearing Anti-Skill asks about the treatment program, to which Uiharu says that it is unharmed, much to their relief. The Anti-Skill captain says that she will cover them, however, the thing notices them and begins charging up its huge ball of energy. Then, a strike of lightning charges down towards the thing, destroying its head and its energy ball. As the thing tries to reform, Misaka Mikoto demands the thing's attention, and demands the thing to stop its annoying scream. Mikoto demands it to face her directly, and the air echoes with the monster's scream.

Harumi has given them the advice on how to stop the AIM Burst, broadcasting the Level Upper treatment program around Academy City, it will be able to destroy the Level Upper Network. As the hero of the sidestory continues to do battle with the monster, Harumi steps into the field. She says that if Uiharu manages to do it, then it should be able to stop the rampage of the AIM Burst. However... surely, she will not stand idly by.

Mikoto uses her iron sand to make a whip, to parry and block the energy blasts coming from the monster. She is able to cut one of its appendages again, but it soon reforms, much to her chagrin, saying its endless, and complains on how it just has to go towards a nuclear facility of all places. The monster then forms several crystal missiles, and launches it towards Mikoto, who cleanly dodges it. Mikoto tries to attack, but hesitates, after recalling that is formed from the thoughts of 10,000 children. She is caught because of this, by one of the things tentacle-like appendages and is dragged through the air like a child with ragdoll. She is then hurled towards the nuclear facility, but manages to take a grip of the wall using her powers, which actually hurts her due to the force. As she winces, the thing charges towards the facility with its grotesque bulk, destroying the wall, much to Mikoto's horror. Certain doom may visit upon them soon. Back with Uiharu, they manage to find a truck that is apparently unscathed, and the Anti-Skill captain argues over the phone, regarding on how she wants them to broadcast the song to the entirety of Academy City. As Uiharu finishes transferring the treatment program, the woman says that she will take full responsibility of the aftermath, and demands to just broadcast it.

And then... upon the streets of that white city, where students walk on clear throughfares shaded by immense and somewhat Cyclopean wind turbines, unknowing of the battle ensuing. Here, a high pitched and monotonous tone ululates throughout the city, catching the normally apathetic citizen's attention... and especially, the attention of four girls in a family restaurant. Back in the the Mizuho Medical Institute, the doctor hears the five-senses stimulating music, and is confused by it. However, one of his assistants call out his name to look at the patients. There, he sees that they no longer convulse, and are sleeping soundly, as if nothing has ever happened.

Back in the battlefield, the monotonous music is heard from there as well. The thing just stands still throughout all of it, but Mikoto is still alert, yet tired. She tells herself that she must stop the thing from getting through at all cost, then she hears the queer sound being played. Hearing this, Mikoto realizes that Uiharu has succeeded. As she ponders regarding this, an appendage comes out from the dust and wraps around Mikoto's middleschool-aged frame. The thing then raises another appendage and tries to strike Mikoto, but she uses its electricity to blow it apart. However, much to her surprise, it is not regenerating—it is the effect of the treatment program. The thing looks at its appendage and begins crying. With this, Mikoto is signalled into action. With a confident smile upon her face, she shocks the thing with her powers. It screams the entire time. It's skin turns dark as the result of the horrific burns Mikoto has mercilessly put it into her attacks. The bulky thing falls to the ground, apparently defeated.

Mikoto sighs, apparently believing that she has saved the day. However, a familiar voice shouts towards her. It is Harumi, who tells her not to let her guard down; it is not over yet. Mikoto, seemingly blind to Harumi's warnings, tries to ask what she was doing here. However, her train of thought is interrupted by the movement of loathsome thing. Harumi says that despite the destruction of the network, the thing is still an aggregation of the AIM diffusion fields of 10,000 esper's thoughts. She says that Mikoto should not take the thing as a normal living organism. Mikoto asks what they should do, but her form is overshadowed by the bulbous and hulking mass of tumorous-like flesh that is the AIM Burst. As the thing tries to find its bearings, Harumi tells Mikoto to find its core and destroy it, as it is the thing that keeps it alive.

As the thing looks down upon its tormentor, a voice echoes from it. It is that of Saten, asking if Level 0s are defective, and many others, obviously, of the 10,000 people who are part of the Level Upper Network. Many bloodshot eyes appear on its body, as if they were for each voice that came from it. It was loud and crystal clear, to both Mikoto and Harumi, the pangs of despair the children thought of, those who were part of the network. A saddened face falls on Mikoto, and tells Harumi to get back, as she will get caught up. Harumi says she doesn't care as she has to take responsibility, but Mikoto says that she might not care, but what about those children of hers. She tells Harumi that it is her face that the children would be looking for when they wake up. Mikoto then says that she will help her if she doesn't throw her life away, and tells her not to give up so easily. Then, the thing attacks, much to Harumi's surprise before Mikoto could finish her speech. However, it is easily destroyed by her electric shock. Mikoto finishes her speech afterwards, saying that she didn't get dragged into this mess, but chose to get involved. With that, Mikoto throws a powerful bolt of electricity towards the thing, but apparently having no effect. Harumi notes on how the thing is using the same forcefield as she did against Mikoto, and assumes that Mikoto has no way on going around it. Suddenly, Mikoto increases the output of her electricity, surrounding the entirety of the forcefield. Harumi notices something different with this round, however, as even though the electricity isn't making contact, the sheer heat from the force of the electricity is melting the thing's surface. Harumi realizes, that Mikoto wasn't using her full power against her. Inside the thing, a triangular prism beats inside. Sensing danger, the thing screams and wraps around its tentacle appendages to form a rudimentary arm and hand. It tries to attack Mikoto but is of no avail, as Mikoto says sorry and cuts apart with her iron sand. The thing is in obvious pain, as the voices the children continue come out. Mikoto continues her speech, saying that she did not notice. The summons crystal projectiles again, but it is no mere match for Mikoto's iron sand. Continuing with her speech, Mikoto smiles and says that they just wanted to do their best. Saten's voice echoes out, as the thing comes closer. Mikoto nods, and says to the disembodied voices, and asks why they couldn't just try hard again. The thing charges towards, and upon her thumb, Mikoto readies her arcade coin. With a single flip, and a single smile, Mikoto says to the voices to stop moping around, quit lying to themselves, and try again. Then, a beam of bright orange light strikes through the things center, and pierces it through, and there, a triangular prism, its core shatters due to its power. Harumi looks from nearby, and behelds the awesome power of a Level 5. The thing turns black, and its charring is carried into the air. It goes out without a scream, and the halo that has crowned it no longer rests upon his head, and energy flows from it towards every direction. Mikoto has done it. The Anti-Skills and Uiharu Kazari look from afar, and the latter is relieved to the point of panting. And there, standing in a vortex of dust, stands the electrifying body of Misaka Mikoto—The Railgun.

The sky has turned a little yellowish, and it has been a while since the battle had occurred. Powered Suits are cleaning up the mess the child has made, and one of them reports to a woman with red hair and glasses. She orders her subordinates to check again if there are no injured in the facilities. She takes a cylindrical container, and pours a small yellow candy out of it, making her smile.

Back with the girls, Kiyama Harumi, for all her efforts, are cuffed and is being taken into custody. Before she willingly goes into an Anti-Skill truck, Mikoto asks what she is going to do about the children. With those tired eyes of hers, Harumi manages to smile, and reply that she is not giving up of course. She says that she will start again once more, whether be it in prison or at the ends of the earth, as she will always have her brain of course. The girls smile, but Harumi tells them that she will still do anything it takes, and tells them that if they don't like it, they can try and stop her again, much to Mikoto and Uiharu's consternation. Harumi enters the truck, and the doors of freedom close behind her. As the truck moves away, Mikoto says that Harumi never learns. Suddenly, a cab stops nearby, and Kuroko comes over, and immediately latches on to Mikoto. Kuroko straddles Mikoto on the ground, and gives a perverted smile, commenting on how Mikoto no longer has power to shock her. And with that, Kuroko says that she'll just have to clean and every part of her body. However, before Kuroko could do anything, she remembers something and turns towards Uiharu. She says that she was contacted by the hospital moments ago, and says that Level Upper users are regaining consciousness, and gives thanks to Uiharu. With that, Kuroko tries to continue her perverted actions.

Much later, as the sky is painted with the royal color of purple, and the precious color of gold due to the sunset, up on the roof of a certain hospital. Saten Ruiko ignores the brilliant shining of that marvellous sunset city before her to look upon her empty palms. A smile draw upon her face. Then, she hears a familiar voice call her name, it is Uiharu, panting heavily, apparently having gone a difficult way to get where she is. Saten says a casual "yo." To which Uiharu says not to just to greet her casually, as she approaches Saten, telling her that she couldn't find her back in her room, so she went looking out for her. As Uiharu continues to talk about her worries regardin Saten, she just laughs it off, and says that she was just sleeping a bit, and that she is already back to normal, and that she can't use powers anymore. Silence falls into the air, Saten looks at her friend. She is bruised and bandaged, and her clothes are dirty, a clear sign of the incredible struggle she went through, and a shadow falls in the eyes of Saten. Suddenly, Saten embraces Uiharu, much to the latter's surprise. Saten says sorry for being involved in something dumb, kept secrets from her, and made Uiharu through all what she went through. Uiharu tries to say something, but couldn't find the words. Saten says that a little bit more, then she might have lost something far more important than powers. Uiharu rests her concerns for her friend. Then, Saten says that she almost forgot something, and flips her Uiharu's skirt—she's back. Uiharu is stunned for awhile, but then realizes what has happened, and screams.

As the two argue in the roof, Mikoto and Kuroko look at them nearby. Kuroko comments on how with that, the case is close, but a gloomy face falls on Mikoto. Kuroko notices and asks what's the matter, to which Mikoto says it's nothing. However, Kuroko smiles and tells Mikoto what she is thinking: I wonder if the Level Upper users were really wrong? We ignored their feelings, so doesn't that make us espers the real culprits this time? Mikoto comments not to read her like that as it is disturbing, being red all the while. Kuroko then says that kind of kindess is just like her, making her flushed. Then, Kuroko says that there is something she would like for her to notice, which is of course, her feelings. Kuroko draws close and puckers up for Mikoto. Of course, Mikoto doesn't want it, stopping her, and telling her that her usual pervertedness as recharged her powers. Of course there is shocking in progress. Uiharu and Saten stop their arguing and sees them, and rushes to join them.

In that marvellous sunset city of steel and glass, four friends reunite.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • The AIM Burst is destroyed and all the unconscious Level Upper users regain consciousness.
  • Harumi is arrested on several charges by Anti-Skill, including assault and destruction of public property.


New Characters


New Abilities



  • All references of Harumi attempting suicide from the original manga are removed.
  • The scene where ITEM is shown, removes their conversation about wanting find a pool from the original manga.
  • The soundtrack, Gensou Koroshi, Kamijou Touma's theme song, is played during Uiharu's attempts to get up the stairwell.
  • The opening theme only my railgun is used as an insert song during Mikoto's final attack against the AIM Burst.
  • This marks the first actual appearance of HsPS-15 (Large Weapon) in the anime series, as well as MAR.
  • All references of Harumi getting the idea of the Brainwave network from Radio Noise are removed.
  • The song SMILE -You & Me- plays as the ending theme for this episode.
  • Therestina is named in the credits alongside her seiyuu, despite being unnamed in the episode itself.

Cultural References

  • Mikoto references "Kaiju Eiga", literally meaning "Strange beast movie," a type of film featuring giant monsters or a single monster.


No notable references were introduced during this episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • At least 30 seconds of footage from the final moments of the previous episode are used as the recap sequence during this episode.
  • Stills from episode 1, 9, 7, and 10 of music players are used during Harumi's explanation on how the AIM Burst works.
  • The scene from the previous episode where Banri says she trusts in Harumi is used briefly as a flashback.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Is it possible for something like the AIM Burst to appear again?
  • Who is the red-haired woman in glasses?
  • How is Kiyama Harumi able to save those kids if she is in prison?


  • Mii: "Have some faith in Misaka-san. She'll definitely..."―To Kuroko.
  • Ryouta: "I was supposed to fulfill my dream in this city... My dream of becoming an esper... But... My dream was nothing but a dream."
  • Hatsuya: "No matter how hard I work in this city, a wall called "ability" keeps getting in the way. That miserable life, being stepped on... Everyone just pretending they didn't see it... That's why..."
  • Kikuhiko: "That's why... All I can do is obtain one. All I can do is obtain one, no matter what it takes!"
  • Uiharu: "I believe in you!"―To Harumi.
  • Harumi: "Seriously... It's bothers me when people are so trusting without evidence."
  • Uiharu: "Thank goodness it didn't break. I have to hurry... or it'll be too late... I'm part of Judgment too, after all! For everyone... For Saten-san..."
  • Mikoto: "You might not care, but what about those kids of yours? When they wake up, isn't it your face they'll be looking for? If you don't throw your life away, I'll help you. Don't give up so easily. Also... I didn't get dragged into this. I decided to get involved... myself!"―To Harumi.
  • Mikoto: "I'm sorry... I didn't notice. You just wanted to do your best. Yeah... But you know... why not just try hard again? Quit moping around here. Stop lying to yourself... and once more!"―To AIM Burst.
  • Harumi: "I'm not giving up on them, of course. I'll start over once more, whether I'm in prison or at the ends of the earth... I'll always have my brain, after all. However... I'll still do anything it takes. If you don't like that, you can come stop me again."―To Mikoto.
  • Saten: "I'm sorry... I got you involved in something dumb... I kept secrets from you... and made you go through all this... Only a little bit more, and I might have lost something far more important than powers..."―To Uiharu.
  • Saten: "Oh yeah... I almost forgot. I'm back!"―To Uiharu.
  • Kuroko: "That kindness is just like you."―To Mikoto.


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