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"Being a Photo Shoot Model Under the Hot Sun Isn't Easy, Is It?" (炎天下の撮影モデルも楽じゃありませんわね。 Entenka no Satsuei Moderu mo Raku ja Arimasen wa ne.?) is an animated short that is bundled with the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Official Visual Book. It was released on July 24, 2010. Its screenplay was written Yasukawa Shogo, directed by Jinbo Masato, and its animation directed by Nakamura Naoto.

The story revolves around the events of Railgun Episode 13.[1]


In the virtual reality room, Uiharu enjoys her rubbing lotion on her skin to protect herself from the virtual sun. Then, Mikoto appears before her, apparently tired. Uiharu asks what's wrong, to which Mikoto says she just got away from Kuroko who kept pestering her into having her oil her up. Then, Mikoto then notes the nice aroma near Uiharu, to Uiharu responds that it must be her oil, which smells of strawberries. Uiharu offers the bottle to Mikoto and asks if she wants to try, to which Mikoto humbly accepts.

As Uiharu oils Mikoto, Kuroko is apparently close up, peeved that Uiharu is the one who gets to rub oil on her Onee-sama. However, Kuroko tries to cheer herself up, thinking that it would be her chance, a chance to use her aphrodisiac-filled oils. She then begins imagining a bunch of lewd things that would happen after Mikoto uses the oil.

And thus, Kuroko teleports the aphrodisiac-filled oil bottle near Uiharu, and she just picks it right up. Uiharu tells Mikoto that they'll do the front now, but Mikoto is too embarrassed, saying that she'll do it herself. Suddenly, Saten calls out to them. She brought with her a lot of beverage cans, and asks if she can get oiled up as well. Hearing this, Mikoto gladly allows Saten to take her spot. Meanwhile, Kuroko watches from the rock to witness the horror that is about to unfold.

Saten suddenly feels strange, and begins shaking her butt. Uiharu is obviously stunned by this. There. Saten asks her what color panties did Uiharu wore today, despite wearing a swimsuit. Uiharu points that out to her lust-filled friend. Upon hearing this, Saten tells her that since there is nothing, then she wants to see more, prompting Uiharu to flee this queer situation, with Saten close behind her. As Mikoto looks toward the distance where the two are running, Mikoto notices Kuroko in the rocks, quickly leaving. But Mikoto is too quick for her, and throws a can at her back, stunning her. Mikoto demands to know if Kuroko is involved with this, to which she feins ignorance. Mikoto will have none of it, and shocks Kuroko to submission. Kuroko tries to make an emotive speech to Mikoto but is then shocked once more by her. Mikoto tells her to take the situation seriously, but she just throws a tantrum, saying that she is always serious, and she tries to run, cops a feel of Mikoto's butt.

The chase is on with the two pairs, with the big ones chasing the little ones. Kuroko enjoys it a little too much, and is shocked again by Mikoto for her trouble. Meanwhile, Kongou Mitsuko is walking alone until she finds the strawberry-scented oil, Ekatarina's favorite. It is obvious what this is setting up.

Back with the four girls, Uiharu is thankful for Mikoto for saving her and her maidenhead from Saten, who profusely apologizes to Uiharu for her actions, saying that she doesn't remember a thing. Meanwhile, Kuroko is dragged on the sand by Mikoto after she subdued her. Mikoto says that Saten isn't at fault, as she too is a victim, demanding Kuroko to apologize, to which she does. As they walk back towards their spot, they hear a scream from Kongou. There, at the rock cropping where Kuorko once hid, a certain indecent incident is being initiated by Ekaterina on Kongou. Uiharu just blushes at the sight.

Adapted From

This is an anime-original short, and as such, is not based on any pre-existing material.


By order of appearance:




  • Kongou mentions the title of the episode the moment she appears.
  • This is the first episode where Yasukawa Shogo was credited as a writer for an episode, before he became the script supervisor for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, being a writer to some episodes in the aforementioned season as well.

Animation Trivia

  • The unreleased fanfare played in the episode's title card is reused from the first Index-tan as well as the first and second MMR episodes, that is played over intermission between skits.
  • The still of Kuroko imagining Mikoto in various lewd poses is reused again in Kuroko's imagination spot as she tries to convince Mikoto of her actions.


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# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track 00:00 Title Card
2 Tokiwadai Chūgakkō Uiharu rubbing lotion on her skin[2]
3 Unverified Track Kuroko imagines of Mikoto lewding when her aphrodisiac-filled oil gets applied.
4 Unverified Track Saten gets affected by Kuroko's oil and starts to lewd Uiharu.
5 Taisetsu na Tomodachi Kuroko tries to have an emotive speech to Mikoto but fails, resulting the OST getting cut[2]
6 Itsumo no Nakama to The two pair of friends chasing each other[3][2]
7 Nichijō All that ends well[4]
8 Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai e- Ending


  • Saten: "If there's nothing, then I want to see even more!"―to Uiharu under the effects of the aphrodisiac.
  • Kuroko: "I know nothing."―as a response to Saten coming on to Uiharu.
  • Kongou: "Being a photo shoot model in the hot sun isn't easy, is it?"―Kongou title drops.



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