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"Special Workshop" (特別講習 Tokubetsu Kōshū?) is the fourteenth episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first aired on January 9th 2010.


Summer vacation has started in Academy City.

Mikoto and Kuroko decided to meet up with Saten and Uiharu at the family restaurant they usually go to. The two students of Tokiwadai have different ideas on spending the vacation; Kuroko wanted to watch a movie with Mikoto, while Mikoto wanted to go to an event by Seventh Mist (a reason she used just to attend a Gekota-related event). Uiharu arrived shortly after missing the bus and explains why she was alone for the first time.

In fact, Saten is attending a Special Training class along with students from across Academy City. She, along with her friends Muu-chan, Makochin and Akemi (the four of them has used the Level Upper) saw each other on their way to the venue and managed to exchange their sentiments on the class they needed to take.

Inside the classroom where the classes would be held, familiar faces are seen: two of which are Juufuku Miho (the girl with the ability Dummy Check) and Kushiro Katabira (the girl with the ability Synchrotron). Later on, four high school students entered the classroom: the girl with the ability Flux-coat and her three lackeys. Their short commotion caused Akemi and the others to feel nervous about their whole-day class; luckily, the teacher-in-charge of the morning class arrived, who is no other than Tsukuyomi Komoe.

The lesson started with a review on Personal Reality (and its relationship to quantum theory, both rooted in principles of probability) and some other concepts and ended at noontime.

Saten headed to the vending machines in the school cafeteria because she forgot her lunch, only to discover they were turned off due to the vacation. It was a few moments later when Miho approached her with a blushing face. She thanked Saten for replying to the letters she was sending and decided to offer part of her lunch to Saten. Despite the suspicious things Miho told Saten (which had the tone of affection to it), the latter accepted the offer and joined her to lunch.

Soon, the afternoon half of the Special Training class began, led by Anti-skill member and teacher Yomikawa. They were told to run until they could no longer run; when that moment comes, they must raise their hand. Yomikawa was already known by Saten's friends to be harsh when it comes to Physical Education, but hearing that they would be put under marathon training still shocked them.

While the afternoon session continued, most of the class gave up running, leaving Saten (who ran for another lap more than most of the class) and an unnamed boy (who kept on running despite being the first to raise his hand). The girl with the Flux-coat ability bravely confronted their teacher, complaining that the training was punishment. Yomikawa calmly replied that the training was to test -- and try to surpass -- one's limits. The afternoon session was ended by a harsh rainfall.

Back inside their classroom, Saten and the girls contemplate on what had just happened to them while the girl with the Flux-coat ability insists that the training was a punishment for using the Level Upper. Saten bravely points out that cheating is a bad thing and stares at the Flux-coat ability user. The confrontation ended when the girl with the Flux-coat ability leaving the classroom.

Before the late afternoon session began, Tsukuyomi pointed out that the Special Training was not made to punish those who have used the Level Upper, but was instead a tool to discover that the Level Upper can be used to determine the bounds of one's abilities which one needs to surpass to increase one's level. Later on, she asks the class to close their eyes and think of their personal reality; Saten saw flashbacks of memories with Uiharu and Mikoto and the events within the Level Upper Arc. After that, they prepared for the final exam.

After school, Saten receives a letter from Miho tucked inside her shoe locker. In the letter, Miho told Saten that she was happy to see her again and what she did to the girl with the Flux-coat ability made her a little more courageous.

As she prepared to go home, she was welcomed by Uiharu, Mikoto and Kuroko, who still wasn't decided on what to do this vacation.

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This is an anime-original episode, thus it is not adapted from any other media.


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  • Kushiro Katabira, the girl with the Synchrotron ability is present in the Special Training class.

Cultural References

  • The brand of the basketball seen in this episode is Nalten, which is a parody of Molten, a sports equipment and automotive parts company.

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