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"Academy City" (学園都市 Gakuen Toshi?) is the sixteenth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first aired on January 23, 2010.


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This episode picks up after the surprise encounter between Wataru Kurozuma and Judgment's Mii Konori.

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The four main heroines meet up at Joseph's Family Restaurant, where Mikoto let out the news to Uiharu and Saten. They assumed that it was the other Kurozuma (who was revealed to be Hebitani in the previous episode) but Mikoto assured the two that it was another person. Kuroko, who was usually outspoken when it comes to discussions, stayed mum about what was going on with Mii and the real Kurozuma.

Uiharu also shares some news of her own, telling them that Mii has been absent in office and out of reach for a few days. Kuroko points out that it's their problem right now and with her advice, they visit the place where Mii stays. They were unfortunate to know that Mii wasn't there in her room, but instead, Mii's colleague Aomi was the one who decided to invite them after the girls' mention of Kurozuma's name.

Aomi and the girls conversed about Mii and Kurozuma and they were shocked to discover something that they didn't know before: that Mii was once a member of Big Spider. Kuroko finally tells what she knew, first stating that Mii was a Level 3 esper, and asked why a Power User like Konori would join an organization made of Level 0s.Aomi answered that Mii felt like she has nowhere to belong to when she reached her level. She then used a term "ability wall" to describe Mii's experience.

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The focus shifted to Mii, way back before she joined Judgment.

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It was a rainy day, a young Level 2 Mii Konori was walking by the riverside when she saw a riot between two groups of older men. The commotion settled down when Kurozuma, then the leader of Big Spider, and his subordinates managed to defeat the other gang only to go into the rescue of a girl nearby. That meeting with Kurozuma urged her to join that group, whom she don't call as Skill-Out, but as a group of friends who just does things for fun.

Aomi was worried at first, but, to quote Mii's assuring remark, "Big Spider is the place I can call home."

But even knowing the story behind Mii didn't stop Mikoto to feel disappointed at what she had done.

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Meanwhile, at District 10, Mii watches the scenery of Academy City from the rooftop of the building Kurozuma says as "a good place", without her Judgment armband in sight. As she saw the "umbrella" drawing she had drawn on that same spot, another flashback is shown: Mii's memories of being asked by Kurozuma of her intention to stay as a member of Big Spider and her strong affirmation.

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Later on, inside Big Spider's headquarters, the remaining members gather and share their thoughts about what happened before only to be welcomed by a fuming Hebitani. With a stern order to take out the other Kurozuma, Hebitani is left alone, receiving a phone call about Capacity Down from a yet unknown source moments after.

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Uiharu and Kuroko bring Saten and a still disappointed-looking Mikoto inside Judgment's Branch 177 Headquarters. There, Uiharu receives an e-mail from Antiskill. It says that Antiskill has initiated a surprise raid on District 10, where Mikoto and Kuroko first met Kurozuma in the previous episode. Mii also receives the message and leaves for District 10 without her Judgment armband.

Mii is seen again in the same area where she went earlier in the episode, where she encounters Mikoto who still points out that Mii isn't fit to be a Skill-out and must not involve herself with them. She only answers with a smile and there, she remembers her final memories with Kurozuma before she no longer saw him again.

It was two years ago.

Hebitani was captured by a rival gang and Kurozuma can't stay and leave things be despite the risks involved. Mii didn't want him to go, yet she wasn't able to stop him. He leaves Mii alone, striking-through the "umbrella" drawing she had drawn with their names on it.

Later on, the worst happened.

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Anti-Skill units are everywhere. The building where Kurozuma would meet with the rival gang members taking Hebitani hostage was in ruins. The only thing that Mii could grasp there was his motorcycle jacket, worn-out and dirty.

Mii said that she became a member of Judgment after what happened.

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Then, Kurozuma appeared to complete the story. He said that he was taken to a hospital and, later on, to an institute where he stayed for one and a half years. Also, he tells Mii and Mikoto that he, not Antiskill, will be the one who will destroy Big Spider. In a nostalgic way, Mii urges Kurozuma not to go. Kurozuma insists and says that the past between the two of them has passed.

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The next day, Antiskill has gathered their forces and heads off to District 10, as Mii walks to the destination wearing her red motorcycle jacket over her school uniform. Mikoto and Kuroko appears and gave her a surprise by attaching Mii's Judgment armband on her arm.

Later on, Big Spider is surprised by the presence of Kurozuma himself, who beats up most of Hebitani's subordinates. He is then joined by Mii, Kuroko (who disables the remaining Big Spider's guns) and Mikoto (who destroys Capacity Down by using a Railgun). Despite the loss of men, Hebitani stays firm and orders his last batch of men to attack, only to fall under Kurozuma's strength and Mii's ability Clairvoyance.

Hebitani, the only enemy standing, threatens to light up dynamite (much to Kuroko's surprise), but after failing to set up the charge on time, he falls as well under Kurozuma's might.

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Later on, Antiskill proceeds to arrest the members of Big Spider and the other gang members present in the incident. Meanwhile, Kurozuma gets handcuffed by Mii herself. Kurozuma soon comments on her red leather jacket--and her bust size as well. Their unison mention of Musashino Milk and the thoughts of Mii's bust size way before (Kurozuma commented that he has seen someone with the same bust size with Mikoto and Kuroko when they first met in the previous episode) made the two somewhat embarrassed.

After what happened, the two returned to the place where Kurozuma usually stays before. Kuroko comments on the love umbrella drawn by Mii two years ago and Mikoto comments on the soothing effects of the scenery.

Adapted From

This is an anime-original episode, and thus, isn't based on any other media.


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No new characters were introduced in this episode.


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No new abilities were introduced in this episode.



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"easter eggs"


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