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"What Do You See in Your Eyes Right Now?" (いま、あなたの目には何が見えてますか? Ima, Anata no Me ni wa Nani ga Mietemasu ka??) is the twenty-third episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. This episode was first broadcasted on March 13th, 2010.


As Therestina accompanies Haruue Erii to her long lost friend Edasaki Banri, Mikoto, Saten, Kuroko, Mii and Uiharu discuss what happened at the discovery of the missing Child Errors last night. Kuroko believes the case is closed and everything is resolved, but Mikoto still has doubts about foiling Kiyama Harumi's plans of reviving the Child Errors. Likewise, Uiharu still can't believe Erii would see her friend again after a long time. With Saten's requests, Uiharu prepares to visit Erii at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Harumi broods over not succeeding in her plans and receives a visit from Uiharu. There, she tells Harumi the story of how she met Erii, who was in turn her student Banri's friend. Harumi insists that the only hope for a vaccine for the children lies within First Sample and says it's impossible to acquire it. Despite this, Uiharu persuades Harumi to go to MAR to see the girls instead. Harumi agrees.

They are welcomed by Therestina in MAR's headquarters and are given terrible news that access to the Child Errors is forbidden and that they will be moved out again for further observation. They also give Therestina Harumi's research material, which she destroys in front of them.

As a personnel of the hospital approaches her and refers to her as "Director Kihara", Harumi is shocked. Therestina soon reveals that her complete name is: Therestina Kihara Lifeline.

At Judgment headquarters, the mood is lighter than usual; Mii admits that having resolved the Poltergeist incident has made things more comfortable inside the office. Saten contacts Uiharu and discovers that she is crying. Meanwhile, in Anti-skill headquarters, Tsuzuri and Aiho receive news from MAR of the conclusion of the Poltergeist case as well.

Later on, Uiharu arrives at Judgment, where she tells them more news about Therestina's identity as a Kihara. With a quick search, Mii discovers that she is indeed related to Kihara Gensei; more specifically, she's Gensei's granddaughter. Also, they discover that she is the first test subject of the Ability Crystal experiment. Tension mounts as Kuroko approaches and slaps Uiharu in the cheek, reminding her of her duties as Judgment. As Uiharu uses her computing skills for the first time since she met Haruue, Mikoto leaves for MAR headquarters.

As MAR units prepare the transfer of the Child Errors to another facility, Mikoto appears. She then confronts Therestina who is wearing one of MAR's mechanized suits and prepares to fire electricity, only to be weakened by the sound emitted by Capacity Down. Therestina reveals she is the creator of Capacity Down and the ones used by Skill-Out were prototypes. With Mikoto severely weakened by Capacity Down's effects, Therestina tries to finish Mikoto, using a grenade launcher which she fires at the Electromaster.

The commotion reaches Kongou Mitsuko's room in MAR's confinement rooms. As she checks what is going on, she discovers the extent of damage Therestina caused on the front portion of the headquarters and sees Therestina herself, cornering Mikoto. Therestina strangles Mikoto and the Level 5 loses consciousness.

Later, another MAR unit wearing a mechanized suit approaches to take Mikoto when Kongou suddenly approaches.

Mikoto finds herself in a room when she regains consciousness. Saten, Kuroko and Uiharu are beside her. Outside the room, Heaven Canceller endures Kongou's endless bragging about Mikoto owing her life to her. Despite her condition, Mikoto tries to stand up and insists that she is responsible for the Child Errors that she handed over to the wrong person, but Saten stops her. She reminds Mikoto that she has friends to help her. Saten then proceeds to reconcile Uiharu and Kuroko, who were recently in bad terms. Also, Mikoto manages to say her thanks to Kongou as well.

In Judgment headquarters, Uiharu and Kuroko contact Aiho and Anti-skill regarding Therestina. Despite the limits of their duties, Anti-skill and Judgment work together to trace the location of MAR vehicles transporting the Child Errors with the help of Uiharu. They also discover Kiyama Harumi's car pursuing the MAR vehicles. After Mii prepares a snack for the incoming battle, Mikoto, Kuroko, Mii, Kongou, Uiharu, Saten and Anti-skill prepare for the final confrontation with Therestina.


New Characters

No notable new characters were introduced in this episode.

Adapted From

This is an anime-original episode, thus it is not adapted from a manga volume nor a light novel volume.



New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced in this episode.


  • The book that Kongou Mitsuko was reading, when she was in MAR's confinement rooms, was the first light novel volume of the anime series Accel World.

Cultural References


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