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"July 17, Part 2" (七月十七日② Shichi-gatsu Jū-nana-nichi ②?) is the 3rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It was first released on April 21, 2007.


Surrounding Misaka Mikoto are some delinquents. Apparently, they came there to hit on her. As Misaka Mikoto stands there she realizes how cold-hearted people are. Meanwhile, a boy comes and tries to get her out of the mess by using the "fetching up a lost friend" strategy. Obviously, Mikoto knows that, but being the tsundere that she is she didn't want to go through all the "trouble. The delinquents notice and ask him what's he trying to do. He replies that it makes him sick seeing a bunch of guys circling around a defenseless girl. Mikoto gets angry from all his insults and shocks everyone except the boy, who is inexplicably unharmed. She asks how he was able to block her electricity. The boy explains that he's a Level 0 and then runs off.

Back to the present, Mikoto finally catches the mysterious boy at an ATM machine. Mikoto gets angry when he starts ignoring her and shocks the ATM machine. Fortunately, the unfortunate boy's card comes out and he thanks Mikoto. But Mikoto's shock seems to have activated the ATM's camera and it quickly snaps the boy's face before he runs away with Mikoto.

The two of them reappear at an empty field at night. Mikoto wants to fight with the boy, but he points out that every time they fight Mikoto loses. Mikoto corrects him in saying that since he hasn't damaged her once she hasn't lost yet. The boy then asks how they should determine the winner and Mikoto replies, arrogantly, that it is until she has won. The boy agrees to fight her and the battle starts out with Mikoto shooting lightning at him head-on. This lightning gets blocked by the boy's right hand. Mikoto then utilizes the iron sand by making a sword and then later a whip. She discovers that this method doesn't work either, so she creates a distraction with the iron sand and closes in to try and shock him through direct contact. However, this also doesn't work. The boy then pretends to have been shocked. Mikoto gets angry and tries to shock him multiple times since he is not taking the fight seriously.

Mikoto comes home in her Tokiwadai dorm and is greeted by Kuroko. Kuroko suspects that the boy and Mikoto might turn out to be trouble... in her point of view, anyway.

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There were no new characters introduced in this chapter.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What did Kuroko mean by Mikoto and Kamijou being "trouble"?


  • Kamijou Touma: During that system scan, I was labeled 'Level 0'.



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