"July 19, Part 1" (七月十九日① Shichi-gatsu Jū-kyū-nichi ①?) is the sixth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on July 21, 2007.


Uiharu Kazari is bedridden due to a slight fever. Saten Ruiko tells her not to blame herself for falling sick and promises to give her a copy of her class notes. She mentions that, as summer break is the next day, they should get Uiharu cured today.

Shirai Kuroko looks extremely worried, to the point that Misaka Mikoto asks if she's falling behind in her grades. She explains that the culprit behind the Graviton bombings is a Level 2 esper, yet the power he demonstrated was that of a Level 4. Mikoto suggests that they take a break and eat ice cream. Kuroko comments on how the sound of wind chimes makes people feel chilly, leading to a discussion about synesthesia - the phenomenon where one stimulation evokes two perceptions. They happen to meet Saten, who joins them.

They talk briefly about Uiharu's condition. Saten asks to try out some of Mikoto's ice cream and Mikoto in exchange for some of her own, which Mikoto accepts. Kuroko is jealous and suggests doing the same with Mikoto, but Mikoto refuses since the two of them bought the same flavor. While Kuroko bangs her head against the ground, Mikoto asks Saten about the topic she brought up before: Level Upper. Saten explains that it's a method of increasing an esper's level, but hastily adds that it's just a rumor. Kuroko notes that the Graviton bombings aren't the only crime committed by an esper whose power did not match the records. Several similar cases have happened in the past few days. She and Mikoto ask Saten if she knows any more, to which Saten replies that some some people on the internet have claimed to use Level Upper. Mikoto and Kuroko decide that this is worth investigating further and leave, with Mikoto thanking Saten for the help. Left alone, Saten wonders if Level Upper really exists.

That night, in a "Benny's" restaurant, Mikoto asks a group of three delinquents about Level Upper. A worried Kuroko watches her from another table. Kuroko thinks about how, two hours ago, they had tracked down the people Saten mentioned and Mikoto had decided to go undercover to get information from them (as Kuroko's identity as a Judgment member might have already been exposed). One of the delinquents refuses and says it's bedtime for kids. Kuroko thinks that Mikoto will be infuriated by the insult, but Mikoto instead responds (in a cutesy manner) that she's not a kid. Another delinquent eyes her lustfully and will tell her the information, but not without a reward. Mikoto rebuffs his advances and pretends to start crying. She lies about not having talent as an esper and wanting to live up to her parents' expectations. She finishes by asking, with a pleading face, if they still won't help her. This causes the delinquent and Kuroko to be struck dumb. The other delinquents recognize Mikoto's Tokiwadai uniform and decide they can get some money from her. They offer to talk in exchange for money. Just as Mikoto takes out her purse, Kamijou Touma approaches and scolds the delinquents for using numbers to snatch a lady's purse. Mikoto is rendered speechless.

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  • Why did Kamijou Touma come to help Mikoto, when he knows that she'll be able to handle the thugs?


  • (Kamijou Touma to the thugs): "I'd never rely on numbers to snatch a lady's purse."


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