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"July 19, Part 2" (七月十九日② Shichi-gatsu Jū-kyū-nichi ②?) is the seventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on August 21, 2007. It is a continuation from the previous chapter.


Kamijou Touma confronts one of the delinquents in an attempt to protect Misaka Mikoto. Mikoto is annoyed at Touma's interference, since it might prevent her getting information about Level Upper from the delinquents, so she tries claiming to not recognize him. The delinquent comes to the conclusion that Touma and Mikoto are working together to trick them into getting the information for free. Touma prepares to fight the delinquents, only for six more to emerge from the bathroom. He looks back at the delinquents' table and realizes that it had dishes for nine people. He flees, with the delinquents in pursuit. Mikoto is approached by a worried waitress who asks if she's okay. Mikoto tells her not to worry and to charge all of the bills on Kuroko, then runs off as well.

Mikoto catches up to the delinquents and tries asking them again about Level Upper. They ignore her and eventually insult her, causing her to lose her temper and electrocute one. The other delinquents realize that she's an esper and prepare to fight her. Mikoto is initially worried that all of them might be on the same level as the Graviton bomber Kaitabi Hatsuya, but the delinquents announce that their powers have (only) been increased to Level 2 by Level Upper. She easily defeats them.

Having reached a certain iron railway bridge, Touma believes that he's shaken off the delinquents. A railgun is fired at him and he just barely blocks it. Mikoto approaches and asks if he was trying to shelter those delinquents. She explains how she was trying to investigate Level Upper, which leads to her mentioning how there are many such rumours in Academy City, another one being the clones based on her own DNA. Touma tries to leave, only to have to block an electric attack from Mikoto. The Level 5 asks Touma why he ran from the delinquents despite having an ability capable of negating her power. Touma claims that he's just a Level 0, which infuriates Mikoto and causes her to attack him repeatedly. Touma negates all the attacks and tells Mikoto that there'll be no end at this rate. He tries to get her to stop fighting. However, Mikoto instead decides to use her full power, summoning dark thunderclouds. A lightning bolt strikes as Touma laments his misfortune.

Saten Ruiko visits Uiharu Kazari again to take care of her. While wiping Uiharu's back, Saten asks her if she's ever thought about raising her esper level. Saten admits that she had entered Academy City with high hopes for herself, only to learn that she had no potential. Uiharu says that her own level isn't high, but she's still happy for coming to Academy City as it let her meet her current friends. Saten hugs Uiharu and promises to thoroughly clean her, only for a blackout to occur.

The next day, Konori Mii directs traffic at an intersection while a dejected Mikoto crosses the road. She thinks that she could still get information from the Graviton bomber. Kuroko teleports in front of her and tells her that a problem has occurred. She brings Mikoto to a hospital and explains that the bomber has fallen unconscious. Concerned, Mikoto tells the doctor that she dealt a vicious blow to Kaitabi a few days ago, but the doctor says that there's no signs of any brain damage - in fact, Kaitabi's body shows no abnormalities at all. Moreover, similar cases have happened at this and other hospitals. Mikoto and Kuroko wonder if this has something to do with Level Upper. The doctor then says that they've called in a team of brain physiologists for assistance. This team arrives and their leader introduces herself as Kiyama Harumi.

In her own apartment, Saten grumbles about not being able to find Level Upper. She spots her music player and wonders what new music tracks have been saved in it. Suddenly, she hears a sound from her computer and falls off her chair. She realizes that there was a hidden web page which is titled "LeveL UppeR" [sic], with the artist unknown.

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