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"July 20" (七月二十日 Shichi-gatsu Hatsuka?) is the eighth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on October 20, 2007.


Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko are sitting in the hospital, the former having dozed off. Kuroko notices Kiyama Harumi and her team leaving a room, showing that their examination is over, and attempts to wake Mikoto. She sees Mikoto's lips and attempts to wake her with a kiss, but Mikoto wakes up on her own and angrily hits Kuroko. Mikoto goes to the bathroom to wash her face. Harumi recognises Kuroko as being part of Judgment and begins explaining what she has found about the students in comas. Harumi stops and complains about the heat, causing a nurse to explains that last night's lightning cut off the power and limited the hospital to backup power. Mikoto returns, so Harumi decides to reintroduce herself as a brain psychology researcher, specialising in the study of AIM diffusion fields. Kuroko and Mikoto introduce themselves, with Harumi paying attention to the latter. A doctor asks if Harumi has learned anything from the data and she explains that they still don't know the cause behind the comas. Kuroko asks Harumi about Level Upper, but the researcher can't help as Kuroko can't give her enough information. Harumi then starts stripping because of the heat, forcing Kuroko to stop her. After putting her clothes back on, Harumi tells the doctor to send the data to her lab and then asks the two girls to go someplace else to talk.

Elsewhere, Saten Ruiko meets up with Uiharu Kazari, who has recovered from her illness. She declares that she's found the item from the rumor and pulls out her music player. Uiharu is confused, so Saten leads her to a cafe to tell her a out what she found.

Mikoto, Kuroko and Harumi meet in a cafe. The two girls reveal their theory that there is a connection between Level Upper and the students in comas. However, Kuroko says that this theory is still unconfirmed and they are keeping it a secret for now to avoid things getting out of control. Harumi realizes that Kuroko wants her investigate Level Upper once they've located it, and agrees. She then brings up Saten and Uiharu, who are just outside the cafe window.

Saten and Uiharu join in the meeting. When Kuroko explains that they're discussing Level Upper, Saten is about to reveal that she has it only to stop upon hearing Kuroko's next words: they plan to search for the Level Upper users and provide them with protection, as Level Upper may have side effects and all of its users have become criminals. Saten quickly pulls back her music player, accidentally knocking over a drink onto Harumi. The researcher tells Saten not to worry and starts taking off her stained stockings, again making Kuroko scold her.

Eventually they leave the cafe. Harumi comments that she is reminded of the time she was a teacher, then walks off. Uiharu asks Saten what she was planning to show her earlier, causing Saten to lie about having something else to do and leave. At the same time, Mikoto senses Kamijou Touma nearby and runs after him.

Mikoto catches up to Touma and orders him to stop. He addresses her as "Biri biri", which angers her. He asks what she wants and Mikoto demands that they settle their score once and for all. Touma asks if she knows of any nearby English churches as he has to deliver something to one. Mikoto gives him directions to one and is about to part with him, only to yell at him and let out electricity, short-circuiting all nearby electronics. Touma quickly covers Mikoto's mouth to stop her attracting attention, but a nearby security robot blames him and forces him to run away.

Mikoto catches up to Touma again. This time he does agree to fight seriously, causing Mikoto to freeze up in fear. Touma complains about his bad luck, having fought a self-proclaimed magician in the morning and having to now fight Mikoto in the afternoon. Confused, Mikoto asks what he means by a "magician". Touma walks away, with Mikoto no longer following him. She looks down at her hand despondently.

While running through the street, Saten decides not to throw away the Level Upper and that it should be fine if she keeps quiet about it.

Kuroko asks Uiharu to return to the Judgment branch office to gather information on Level Upper. For her own part, Kuroko decides to use a harsher method and tracks down the three delinquents from earlier. She asks them about Level Upper, but two of the delinquents are angry over being beaten by Mikoto and decide to take their revenge on Kuroko (since she wears the same uniform). The third delinquent recognizes Kuroko and tries to warn his friends, but not in time to stop them being beaten by Kuroko. Kuroko asks again, and the delinquent agrees to help.

Adapted From

The scene where Mikoto encounters Touma is adapted from Chapter 1, Part 5 of Index Volume 1.

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  • The lack of power in the hospital is due to the lightning that Mikoto used against Touma in the previous chapter.

Cultural References

  • Touma mentions both Index Librorum Prohibitorum and Stiyl Magnus (though not by name), and refers to the latter as a magician. This is one of the rare instances of magic being mentioned in Railgun.

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