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"July 21, Part 1" (七月二十一日① Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ①?) is the nineth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on November 21, 2007.


Thanks to the information Shirai Kuroko obtained from the delinquents, Uiharu Kazari is able to download a copy of Level Upper. They are skeptical as to whether it can actually increase an esper's level. Uiharu thinks that it would allow her to get revenge on Kuroko for various things but accidentally says this out loud, angering Kuroko. Uiharu then says that, before the website was banned, it had over five thousand downloads and there have also been people performing direct cash transactions, with this number increasing after the ban. Kuroko asks about the trading locations and Uiharu quickly provides her with a list. Kuroko decides to investigate these on her own, since they can't bring this to their superiors without actual proof, and tells Uiharu to explain things to Kiyama Harumi.

Uiharu calls Harumi and asks if music software could really increase an esper's level. Harumi explains that Level Upper involves using devices to intervene with the brain, but it would be difficult for it to work through audio alone. She says she'll contact Uiharu if she finds anything. Uiharu then tries calling Saten Ruiko but is unable to. She remembers that Saten was trying to show her something the previous day and wonders if it was Level Upper.

Saten is walking on her own while thinking about how she could never get an esper ability despite working hard. She comes across Koujun Kikuhiko, a boy who is trying to buy Level Upper but is being extorted by the dealers. Kikuhiko protests and is beaten up. The dealers' leader, Trick, tells his subordinates to test out their abilities on Kikuhiko. Saten tries reporting this to Judgment and Anti-Skill but her phone is out of battery. The Level Upper dealers spot her, and a frightened Saten claims she was only passing by and runs off. Saten tries to convince herself that she wouldn't be able to help, but eventually turns back. She tells the dealers to stop and that Anti-Skill is coming soon. Trick doesn't fall for this and says someone powerless has no right to point fingers at others.

Kuroko comes to the rescue, announcing herself as Judgment. One dealer underestimates her and is easily defeated. A second dealer uses telekinesis to throw objects at Kuroko, who teleports and knocks him out with her bag. Trick is not intimidated and talks about how his gang has been chased by Judgment in the past, leading to him wanting revenge. Kuroko teleports behind Trick, only to find that he's seemingly disappeared. Trick delivers a powerful kick that Kuroko just barely blocks with her bag. Kuroko tries attacking with one of her metal darts but it misses. Trick charges in with a knife, forcing Kuroko to teleport away (though some of her hair is cut). He taunts Kuroko, who isn't sure what his power is.

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  • Trick Art - Trick, Level 0 (Level Upper User)




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