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"July 24, Part 1" (七月二十四日① Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ①?) is the eleventh chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on January 21, 2008.


Saten Ruiko and her friends demonstrate the abilities they've obtained from Level Upper. Saten is overjoyed at becoming a proper esper.

Three days later, Misaka Mikoto is hyping herself up to eventually beat Touma. She heads off, planning to do what she can for today. Meanwhile in the Judgment headquarters, Shirai Kuroko is having her wounds treated by Uiharu Kazari. Uiharu says that Kuroko is getting more wounds every day, to which Kuroko replies that she had no choice due to the criminal espers. Kuroko notes that they have three things to do: stop the spread of Level Upper, aid the recovery of its unconscious users, and arrest Level Upper's creator. She then asks Uiharu to reapply one of her bandages, mentioning that she doesn't want Mikoto to see her in this state. Uiharu says that nobody worries about her, causing Kuroko to angrily strangle her. Mikoto suddenly walks in asking if she can help, so Kuroko teleports Uiharu above her (making them hit their heads together) and quickly dresses herself. After getting her head patched up, Mikoto repeats her offer of help. Kuroko and Uiharu explain what they know. Mikoto suggests that Level Upper may be using synesthesia to stimulate all five senses.

Uiharu calls Kiyama Harumi to tell her this theory. She also sends her Level Upper's music score for analysis. Harumi agrees, mentioning that she can use the supercomputer Tree Diagram for the analysis. Uiharu says she'll come over to meet Harumi before hanging up. While on the bus, Uiharu receives a call from Saten, who reveals that her friend Akemi has fallen unconscious. A miserable Saten explains how she was afraid to use Level Upper alone and brought her friends into this. Uiharu gets off the bus and runs while listening to Saten explain her feelings of envy towards espers. Saten has a flashback of how she wanted to become an esper and received a good luck charm from her mother. She asks if this was punishment for wanting an ability. Uiharu yells that she will be okay and reassures her that they will always be friends. This cheers Saten up. However, when Uiharu reaches Saten's apartment she finds Saten collapsed on the floor.

Mikoto and Kuroko hear the news and rush to the hospital. The doctor Heaven Canceller approaches and asks if he can talk to them.

At the same time, Uiharu meets with Harumi. Uiharu believes that this is all her fault. Harumi reassures her and leaves to get coffee. Uiharu notices a document about synesthesia ticking out of a filing cabinet.

Heaven Canceller shows the two girls pictures of brain wave patterns and explains that the comas are a result of the Level Upper users having their brain waves forcefully straightened. He reveals that one of his duties is to use human brain waves as a key for a lock, and one of the registered person's brain waves is the same as the unconscious users.

Uiharu investigates and finds more documents about synesthesia and the use of music to interfere with brain waves. Harumi approaches from behind, telling her that it's not okay to look at other people's research.

At the same time, Mikoto and Kuroko learn that the person Heaven Canceller was talking about is Harumi.

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