"July 24, Part 5" (七月二十四日⑤ Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ⑤?) is the fifteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on June 27, 2008.


The memories of several people are shown: an elite baseball player who could no longer compete due to esper abilities being allowed in baseball; a girl who was asked by an underclassman to teach her, only to hear the underclassman laugh about her behind her back; Kaitabi Hatsuya trying to encourage others, but despaired after seeing the power of the #7 Level 5. These memories are what make up the AIM Burst. The AIM Burst attacks, forcing Misaka Mikoto on the defensive. She tries attacking it but it regenerates. However, the AIM Burst doesn't follow her around and instead appears to be attacking randomly. At the same time, the various people who fell into comas (due to using Level Upper) start convulsing.

Anti-Skill officers are taking cover behind pillars. Though unsure what the AIM Burst is, they shoot at it. The AIM Burst grows larger and counterattacks, sending all but Tessou Tsuzuri flying. Tsuzuri loses her nerve and stops fighting, thinking that it must be a hologram, but Mikoto saves her at the last moment. Mikoto asks her to evacuate the civilians and, when told that nobody lives in the area, asks her to prepare to retreat instead. She discards this plan after seeing the AIM Burst regenerate again, then Tsuzuri points out that there's a nearby nuclear plant.

Kayama Harumi awakens to see the AIM Burst and laughs mirthlessly, joking to herself that she'd receive a commendation for presenting this to the scientific society. Believing that she has lost all hope of curing the children, she attempts to commit suicide with a handgun. Uiharu Kazari jumps at Harumi to stop her, accidentally choking her with her handcuffs in the process. Harumi removes Uiharu's handcuffs and explains the situation: the AIM Burst is a collection of AIM that has taken over the Level Upper network, and it is likely influenced by Harumi's memories. After a short bonding moment with Uiharu, Harumi suggests using the uninstaller chip to break the network and make the AIM Burst disappear. Uiharu runs towards the highway, ignoring the calls of Tsuzuri (currently dragging her colleagues to safety) to stop.

Mikoto is still fighting against the AIM Burst. She notes that the creature seems to be in pain regardless of her attacks.

Uiharu is knocked around by the effects of the AIM Burst's attacks and is nearly killed by one, but Tsuzuri protects her with a shield. Tsuzuri leads her to an Anti-Skill vehicle and Uiharu plugs in the uninstaller. A strange song is broadcast over the radio, being heard by ITEM among others.

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No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


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  • Multi-Skill - AIM Burst (an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields of those in the Level Upper Network).
  • Unknown - Sogiita Gunha, Level 5.



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