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"July 24, Part 6" (七月二十四日⑥ Shichi-gatsu Ni-jū-yokka ⑥?) is the sixteenth chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on July 26, 2008.


The anti-virus software music is played all over Academy City, being heard by among others. A doctor mentions that it seems to be stimulating his five senses. A nearby nurse points out that the Level Upper patients have stopped convulsing.

Meanwhile, Kiyama Harumi notes that the music should destroy the Level Upper network and suppress the AIM Burst. However, she wonders if one person will be able to do anything to the AIM Burst, given that the creature is still formed from the AIM of ten thousand espers. Misaka Mikoto attacks the AIM Burst as it approaches the nuclear plant, but it rapidly regenerates from damage. The uninstallation of the Level Upper network completes, allowing Mikoto to electrocute the AIM Burst until it turns black. However, the AIM Burst continues moving. Harumi explains that, as a mass of AIM, the AIM Burst can only be defeated by destroying its core. The AIM Burst begins speaking, mentioning negative concepts such as "greed" and "suffering and then finishing with the word "help". Mikoto tells Harumi to get away for her own safety and then sends lightning at the AIM Burst. The AIM Burst puts up a barrier, but Mikoto intensifies the lightning until it destroys the creature through heat. It tries attacking Mikoto, but she blocks all of the attacks. Finally, Mikoto destroys the AIM Burst's core with her railgun.

Mikoto collapses in exhaustion. Though Mikoto is unable to stop her fleeing, Harumi decides to surrender to Anti-Skill since she wouldn't be able to escape them without the power of the network. Harumi says that she'll continue trying to help out the children no matter what. As she is being arrested, Harumi says that she got the knowledge of how to make Level Upper from Mikoto, adding that the two of them are in similar situations. While wondering what Harumi meant, Mikoto is tackled by Shirai Kuroko. After "taking care of Mikoto's body", Kuroko tells a concerned Uiharu Kazari that the Level Upper patients are regaining consciousness and it's all thanks to her.

Uiharu rushes to the hospital and finds Saten Ruiko standing on the roof. Saten sees Uiharu's injuries and hugs her, apologising for what she did. Uiharu sneezes, breaking the tension. The two of them laugh together.

Kuroko discusses what still needs to be done about the Level Upper case. Mikoto is left wondering about Harumi's last words; "You and I are the same... We both carry a hopeless fate on our back".

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