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"A Certain Student's Epilogue" (とある学徒の後日談集エピローグ Toaru Gakuto no Epirōgu?) is a special chapter after Chapter 16 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on February 27, 2009. The chapter was first published in the third manga volume of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga. It depicts various users of Level Upper (whose memories were shown in Chapter 15) as they return to their normal lives.


A baseball player visits his baseball club, thinking that he'll be the only person there. He finds his friends discussing strategies as to how to defeat espers in baseball; as a result, he regains his hope and love for baseball.

During an examination, a girl who was manipulated by her friend displays a higher control of her esper abilities than before. She offers to teach her friend. Her friend tells her that if she does that, she will surpass her again; the girl replies that it won't happen as easily because now she realizes that she will have to work harder - she now recognizes her friend as a rival. She says that they will "grow stronger together", causing her friend to blush.

Kaitabi Hatsuya walks past the students he used to always lecture (about never giving up) and this time ignores them. They notice this difference, as well as the fact that he now wears a headband. He tells them that he was cheered up. Kaitabi recalls experiencing the power of Mikoto's railgun and, inspired by that power, wills himself to try harder to reach the same high position. One student, reluctantly 'inspired', gets up and tells the other student to go back to school. She tells Kaitabi that the shirt he's wearing (to match Sogiita Gunha's shirt) doesn't suit him so he should stop wearing it.

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