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"A Certain Pair's Job Training [Second Half]" (とある二人の新人研修ジョブ・トレーニング[後篇] Toaru Futari no Jobu Torēningu [Kōhen]?) is a special prequel chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on November 27, 2008.


The second robber holds Uiharu Kazari at knifepoint, stopping Shirai Kuroko from acting. The robber orders any other Judgment members to come out by threatening Uiharu, forcing Konori Mii to reveal herself. The robber insults his unconscious accomplice for getting beaten by a child, then orders Kuroko to help him remove an ATM. Kuroko doesn't know what to do, since if the robbers take Uiharu with them when they flee, Anti-Skill won't be able to capture them.

Suddenly, a post office worker activates the security system shutters, sealing everyone inside the post office, and also activating a security robot. Kuroko tries to approach the robber by hiding behind the robot, but Konori notices the robber take something out and so she pushes Kuroko down. The robot explodes, hitting Konori with shrapnel (though Kuroko remains unharmed). The robber starts beating up Kuroko, though Kuroko manages to touch Uiharu and teleport her out of the post office. Uiharu tries to get Kuroko to escape too, but the teleporter reveals that she still can't use her ability on herself. Uiharu tries to get passers-by to help. Most are reluctant to do so, but one short-haired girl takes notice.

The robber notices Kuroko's calmness and deduces her plan: to prevent him from getting any other hostages until Anti-Skill arrives. He reveals his power by throwing a small ball at the security shutter and making its speed remain constant, allowing the ball to tear a hole through the shutter. He then orders Kuroko to teleport the money out of the ATM, promising to let her get away if she obeys. The robber even suggests that they work together from now on, but Kuroko bluntly refuses. The robber throws multiple balls at Kuroko. However, all of the balls are destroyed by a mysterious attack, distracting the robber enough for Kuroko to subdue him.

Outside the bank, Uiharu and the same short-haired girl are among the crowd that has gathered. Uiharu lets out a sigh of relief while the girl walks away.

After the attempted robbery is over, Uiharu gives Kuroko medical treatment. Uiharu says that she's learned, from watching Kuroko, how believing in oneself is necessary to protect the city and its peace. In another room, Konori is also being treated for her injuries. Konori wonders to herself whether students like Kuroko are needed to deal with esper criminals. Kuroko comes in and apologises for getting Konori hurt through her mistakes. She says she needs more practice and asks Konori to teach her. Konori accepts, then says that Kuroko should start by learning how to write an apology report.

Back in the present, Saten Ruiko is impressed at the story of how Kuroko and Uiharu met. Uiharu buys a crepe and prepares to eat it, only for Kuroko to get a call about Judgment work and drag Uiharu away. Kuroko says she'll go to the scene of the incident while Uiharu should gather information on the suspect from the security cameras. Saten looks at the two and comments on how the life of a Judgment member seems like youth, though she personally wouldn't want to be one.

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