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"August 16" (八月十六日 Hachi-gatsu Jū-roku-nichi?) is the 25th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on October 27, 2009.


Misaka Mikoto dreams of the moment she agrees to donate her DNA map and she shouts to her younger self to stop, saying that the researchers are lying to to get her DNA to make clones. Her dream develops into her being grabbed by the Sisters, who blame her for their creation.

Mikoto wakes up on a bench outside and sees Nunotaba Shinobu standing over her, who realizes that Mikoto has found out about the program. Mikoto asks how the scientists can continue this experiment, so Shinobu explains that they only see Sisters as guinea pigs rather than people. Mikoto realizes that Shinobu spread the bank cards around the alleys to delay the experiments (which ultimately didn't work) and questions her as to why she sees the Sisters as human.

Shinobu explains that she was called back when the Sisters were reused for the Level 6 Shift Project. At one point she talked to Misaka 8912, who asked her whether or not the outside air is sweet or spicy (after hearing that the outside air is good). When she experienced the outside world for the first time, Misaka 8912 described the multitude of sensations she felt in a very poetic (yet methodical) way, much to the awe of Shinobu.

Back to the present, Shinobu tells Mikoto that that was the moment she believed the clones were more than just guinea pigs. Mikoto replies that she doesn't look at clones like humans and she doesn't think of helping people who accept being killed, but she can't accept the people who use "other people's DNA Maps for stupid experiments". She jumps up, telling Shinobu that this is her problem and that she will fix it.

The next scene cuts to scientists talking to Keitz Nokleben about simultaneous terrorist attacks being performed at various research facilities. They determine that the culprit is an esper acting through the communication lines, so Keitz orders all of these lines to be cut off. This prevents Mikoto from continuing her attack, though she still manages to destroy 70% of the facilities.

Mikoto then attacks the facilities personally over the next few days, but is exhausted by the constant effort. The scientists figure out that she is likely responsible due to the electronic security systems being useless, though they have no concrete proof. Keitz thinks about what to do.

Mikoto ends up exhausted in her room, but she refuses to sleep due to the thought that other Sisters could end up being experimented upon. Shirai Kuroko enters her room, concerned over her recent behaviour. Mikoto brushes her off and walks out. Kuroko realizes that Mikoto is caught in something horrible, but is disappointed in the fact that Mikoto can't rely on her.

After further destruction by Mikoto, there are only two facilities left. Keitz brushes off the concern of one of the scientists, revealing that he's sent two applications to the higher-ups about the issue: one to transfer the rights of the experiments, and the other enlist the dark side group ITEM to guard one facility.

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  • Biomedical Genetic Research Facility
  • Geomagnetic Anomaly Research Laboratory
  • Movement and Cognitive Research Institute
  • Rangaku Medical Research Center



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