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"August 19, Part 2" (八月十九日② Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ②?) is the 27th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on December 26, 2009.


The chapter opens with Nunotaba Shinobu being re-hired into the S-Processor Cranial Nerve Application Analysis Laboratory, where the scientists are transferring all of their data to another location. Shinobu is asked to wait in a room.

At the same time, in the S-Processor Pathology Analysis Research Laboratory, Misaka Mikoto is fighting Frenda. Mikoto questions Frenda as to her intentions, but Frenda shrugs it off, saying it's all for money and detonating a bomb to block the entrance to the room. Dolls fall down on top of Mikoto as Frenda lights fuselines on the floor, but Mikoto raises the floor with magnetism to cut off the fuselines. Mikoto rushes at Frenda, who drops a flashbang to blind and deafen her. Frenda then launches several missiles at Mikoto and seemingly kills her. However, Mikoto is able to sense her surroundings with her ability and evades the missiles by moving along the walls and ceiling. She approaches Frenda from behind and threatens her. Frenda distracts her by speaking nonsense, then throws a bomb that fills the room with gas. She claims that this is an explosive gas called Ignis, to stop Mikoto from using her power (for fear of igniting the gas).

Being limited to hand-to-hand combat, Mikoto is at a disadvantage against the more skilled Frenda. Frenda thinks to herself that she merely spread ordinary steam and bluffed that it was explosive gas. She eventually decides to end the battle, exposing her shoe knife and talking about the special feeling she gets when she kills someone. Her words remind Mikoto of the Sisters, causing her to become enraged and attempt to strangle Frenda. Frenda breaks out but drops her flares, one of which ignites a fuseline. She jumps out of the way, but the ignition allowed Mikoto to realize Frenda's bluff.

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  • What is Nunotaba's purpose in rejoining the Level 6 Shift Project?




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